• Resumption of small program of knowledge competition activities for the 30th anniversary of Pudong Development and opening up


    1、 Activity introduction Form:Online knowledge competition Object:Employees of Lujiazui * * unit Title:The system randomly selects 20 questions from the question bank of 200 questions Competition results: 1. 5 points for each question, 20 questions, full score 100 points. According to the answer score and answer time, the higher the score, the higher the ranking, […]

  • Skills of NSQ consumers in dealing with graceful shutdown


    Original text from: 〔Skills of NSQ consumers in dealing with graceful shutdown』 NSQIt is a real-time decentralized message processing platform, which aims to provide a large number of message transmission. The team can design a decentralized architecture according to different tasks to digest a large number of messages. And I recently developed an open source […]

  • [Linux] common debugging methods


    Debug method SH – x shows the execution process and solves most problems The set command sets the location of the start / end of debug, specifically for complex scripts Single step execution, comment out irrelevant code sh -x test.sh ++ pwd + logfile=/home/d5118267/shell_script/omnibaseTables.log ++ date ‘+%F %H:%M:%S’ + Cdate=’2021-09-03 02:04:15′ + echo ============================================ + […]

  • [byte true question] realize serial operation with JS


    subject Please implement the serialize method serialize([ log(1), log(2), sleep(3), log(4) ]).done(() => { console.log(‘done’) }) //Output: 1 2 3 4 done function log (x) { return () => console.log(x) } function sleep (y) { return () => new Promise((resolve) => { setTimeout(() => { resolve(y) }, 0) }) } Topic analysis The serialize input […]

  • Reader: Western France, how can memorized recursion be changed into dynamic programming?


    title: Tags: [algorithm, dynamic programming]date: 2021-05-18categories: [dynamic programming] I emphasized it repeatedly in the topic of dynamic planningFirst learn recursion, then learn memorization, and finally learn dynamic programming。 The reason has been explained very clearly. I believe you have understood it. If you don’t understand, it is strongly recommended to read that article first. Although […]

  • Papamelon #2 a + B


    Title Link A+B Problem solution This question is mainly used to get familiar with the input and output of OJ Both integers entered are in the rangeint32Range, but not necessarily after adding:), pay attention to the problem of overflow #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a, b; while (cin >> a >> […]

  • de1ctf_ 2019_ Weapon (blasting _io_2_1_stdout)


    (this is the first pile of topics that I really did by myself. Although it took nearly three hours, I would like to commemorate it with this article.) I won’t let go of the routine check of the problem and put the program into IDA   The logic of the program is very simple, and […]

  • Leetcode PHP solution — D135 20. Valid parents


    D135 20. Valid Parentheses Title Link 20. Valid Parentheses Topic analysis This question is also a classic, that is, the bracket matching question. Give a string containing small, middle and curly braces to judge whether the left and right braces match. Pay attention to the order of occurrence, not string. Also note that empty strings […]

  • From zero to Google programmer: my interview experience


    Author: Yi Xiao Her GitHub: https://github.com/lilyzhaoyilu Hello, I’m Yi Xiao, who is also a familiar dog head in the 91 algorithm group. Recently, the application and interview are basically over, just passedGoogle HC。 My undergraduate study is business, so it isLiberal arts transcodingand0 basic transcodingA member of. Here I would like to share with you […]

  • How to comprehensively investigate technical candidates through 5 questions


    Senior IOS Development Engineer teaches you 5 questions to comprehensively investigate candidates Hello, everyone, this is the third program of our Bole Xiang “code” column. Today, I share with you how a 7-year senior IOS development engineer can comprehensively investigate candidates through 5 questions. Let me have a look https://www.bilibili.com/vide… Thank you for your attention […]

  • Tree array summary


    Tree array summary preface In the past three weeks, I mainly reviewed the line segment tree and tree array.However, the line segment tree can’t write after a black problem of pressure position collapses. On a whim, I decided to write a summary of the review content during this period.The konjaku has limited strength. Please understand […]

  • PAT 1086 Tree Traversals Again


    1086tree traversals again (25 points) An inorder binary tree traversal can be implemented in a non-recursive way with a stack. For example, suppose that when a 6-node binary tree (with the keys numbered from 1 to 6) is traversed, the stack operations are: push(1); push(2); push(3); pop(); pop(); push(4); pop(); pop(); push(5); push(6); pop(); pop(). […]