• Detailed explanation of redis stream type commands


    This article was first published on personal blog, and the article link is: https://blog.d77.xyz/archives/d1007463.html preface Recently, the stream data type in redis is used as message queue in the project, which is more convenient than the message queue implemented by other redis. Since it is the first time to use, record the knowledge points for […]

  • 9.4 replicaset and replicationcontroller


    ReplicationController Create a new pod_ nginx.yml apiVersion: v1 kind: ReplicationController metadata: name: nginx spec: replicas: 3 selector: app: nginx template: metadata: name: nginx labels: app: nginx spec: containers: – name: nginx image: nginx ports: – containerPort: 80 Then run as follows kubectl create -f pod_nginx.yml kubectl get rc NAME DESIRED CURRENT READY AGE nginx 3 […]

  • Climb and analyze the hottest video ranking of station B to see what videos everyone likes to watch


    The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. The following article is from rookie learning Python by rookie brother Novices and Xiaobai who have just come into contact […]

  • [Harbin Institute of technology version] dynamic relu: adaptive parametric relu (parameter adjustment record 14)


    Adaptive parametric relu is a dynamic relu, submitted to IEEE Transactions on industrial electronics on May 3, 2019 and hired on January 24, 2020,Published on IEEE official website on February 13, 2020。 Try to solve the fitting again this time, reduce the number of residual modules to 2, reduce the weight of the first full […]

  • MySQL show status command details


    Show status server status item introduction Status name Scope explicate Aborted_clients Global The number of connections interrupted because the client terminated because the client did not close the connection properly Aborted_connects Global The number of failed connections attempting to connect to the MySQL server Compression Session Only compression protocol is enabled between client and server […]

  • (process management) 03. Synchronization mode of process and thread


    Synchronization mode of process and thread: The synchronization methods of processes and threads are basically the same, mainly locks and semaphores 1. Lock Lock is to use the exclusivity and mutex of resources to ensure the synchronization of processes (threads). In short, a process (thread) obtains a lock on a resource, which is equivalent to […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (109): iostat


    Command introduction The iostat command is used to count system IO status information. Syntax format iostat [options] Option description -c   # Show CPU usage only -d   # Show device utilization only -k   # Display status in kilobytes per second instead of blocks per second -m   # Display status in megabytes per second -p   # Displays only […]

  • Common auxiliary classes


    CountDownLatch Subtraction counter import java.util.concurrent.CountDownLatch; //Counter public class CountDownLatchDemo { public static void main(String[] args) throws InterruptedException { //The total number is 6. It can be used when the task must be performed CountDownLatch countDownLatch = new CountDownLatch(6); for (int i = 0; i < 6; i++) { new Thread(()->{ System.out.println(Thread.currentThread().getName()+” Go out”); countDownLatch.countDown(); },String.valueOf(i)).start(); […]

  • Promise concurrency control


    problem It is required to write a method to control the number of promise concurrency, as follows: promiseConcurrencyLimit(limit, array, iteratorFn) limitIs the number of promises executed at the same time,arrayIs an array of parameters,iteratorFnAsynchronous operations performed in each promise. background In development, it is necessary to execute post logic after multiple promise processing, which is […]

  • GitHub 2020 digital INSIGHT REPORT: JavaScript and python won the first and second place, and HTML and CSS are more popular in the global context


    Abstract: open source software has become the cornerstone of human digital society and the crystallization of the joint efforts of all mankind. Open source collaboration has played a great role in promoting the development of human digital civilization. As the most important open source collaboration platform in the world, GitHub has been bred by countless […]

  • Leetcode22. Python implementation of bracket generation


    Title Requirements: Idea: The number of n is both the number of left parentheses and the number of right parentheses Define a res list to return all results Recursively, give the recursive function an empty string, mark the number of remaining left parentheses and the number of remaining right parentheses. If the number of remaining […]

  • 【C++】 6_ New features of C + + 11 – Standard Library


    Containers – structure and classification Container array Tr1 implementation: [no ctor, no dTOR] template<typename _Tp, std::size_t _Nm> struct array { typedef _Tp value_type; typedef _Tp* pointer; typedef value_ type* iterator; // Actually, iterator is a native pointer // Support for zero-sized arrays mandatory value_type _M_instance[_Nm ? _Nm : 1]; iterator begin() { return iterator(&_M_instance[0]); } […]