• BakerySwap. JS how to operate?


    1 compilation contractEnter the project directory at the terminal and execute the following command to compile bakeryswap and the test token contract provided by the development package: ~$ cd ~/bakeryswap.js~/bakeryswap.js$ bin/build-contracts The results are as follows: Insert picture description here 2 deployment contractFirst, start the development of private chain at another terminal: ~$ ganache-cli -d […]

  • Function recursion


    WeChat official account is searching for the program yuan Xiaozhuang. It pays attention to how to develop a family breadwinner by python. introduce Functions can be defined or called nested. Nested definition refers to defining another function inside a function when defining a function; Nested call refers to calling another function inside a function in […]

  • Technology sharing | MySQL patrol


    Author: Wang Xiang A member of aikesheng DBA team, responsible for the operation and maintenance of the company’s DMP products and the handling of customer MySQL problems. Good at database fault handling. Have a strong interest in database technology and python. Source: original contribution *It is produced by aikesheng open source community. The original content […]

  • Linux disk quota related settings


    1. ChecksystemWhether disk quota is supported (kernel 2.4 and later supports disk quota by default):[ [email protected] ~]# grep CONFIG_ Quote / boot / config – [tab key completion] CONFIG_QUOTA=yCONFIG_ Quotactl = y # which means disk quota is supported;/dev/sda3      /mnt/samba      ext3      defaults,usrquota,grpquota        1 2[ [email protected] ~]# mount -a[ [email protected] ~]# quotacheck –avugThe quotacheck command checks […]

  • [QT] custom component_ Dynamic curve


    Component collection Warehouse characteristic Y-axis range, label format and number of ticks can be set X-axis time span, time format and number of ticks can be set It can display any number of curves, set the corresponding curve color and whether the numerical points are displayed Curve update interval can be set Optionally hide curves […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 53 – # batch replacement


    Find details Recall the last lesson We reviewed the relevant content about search /Forward,?reverse nKeep the direction,NChange direction Can set Ignore uppercase and lowercase Do you want to find it from scratch Highlight There are also some ways to use regular expressions Beginning and end of line^$ Prefix and suffix\<\> Character list[a-z]、[A-Za-z_] Include carriage returnone\_stwo […]

  • Redis bloom filter


    I. Introduction to bloom filter Bloom filter is a data structure similar to set proposed by bloom in 1970. It is actually a long binary vector and a series of random mapping functions. Bloom filter can be used to retrieve whether an element is in a set, but the retrieval result is not very accurate. […]

  • 5 minutes to master bloom filter


    Bloom filter Bloom filter is a filter made ofDigit groupandMultiple hash functionsForm a probability data structure and return two resultsMay existandIt must not exist。 An element in a bloom filter consists of multiple elementsStatus valueJointly determine. Bit group storageStatus value, hash function calculationStatus valueThe location of the. According to its algorithm structure, it has the […]

  • Community knowledge base | FAQ collection of FAQs issue 3: number of topics, broker settings and other related questions


    At ordinary times, in the pulsar communication group, we find that we will encounter similar problems repeatedly in the process of contacting and using pulsar. In order to solve these “high-frequency questions” more efficiently and thank the friends who raised high-quality questions, we have specially established a FAQ knowledge base to collect and answer your […]

  • Processing of difference between commodity invoice price and purchase order price of SAP mm moving average price


    Processing of difference between commodity invoice price and purchase order price of SAP mm moving average price   In SAP system, if the moving average price is adopted for a commodity, generally speaking, the price difference between the purchase order and the invoice will not be included in the price difference account. Of course, the […]

  • Use the crawler to obtain the current number of blog posts and words


    Because the personal blog has no function of blog post statistics, I wrote a crawler to get the current number of blog posts and words. The specific idea is to get the whole article list first, and then traverse the articles to count the number and words import requests This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must […]

  • What data in SAP retail allocation rules will not be brought into the allocation table?


    What data in SAP retail allocation rules will not be brought into the allocation table?     In the sap retail system, business personnel can first maintain allocation rules for store groups / materials / material groups, and specify the quota of each commodity purchase quantity when distributing goods in relevant stores. Then, when creating […]