• JavaScript serialization 24 regular expressions


    1、 Regular expression 1. Basic concepts (brief) Three functions: matching, extracting and replacing Composition of regular expressions: ordinary characters and metacharacters Metacharacter Metacharacter describe \d Match a numeric character, equivalent to [0-9] \D Matches a non numeric character, equivalent to [^ 0-9] \w Match any word character including underline, equivalent to [a-za-z0-9] \W Matches any […]

  • Regular expressions (notes)


    Online regular testing tool:http://www.regexpal.com/ grammar Regexp: regular expression describes a pattern of string matching that can be used toCheck whether a string contains a seed string、Replace the matching substringperhapsTake a substring that meets a certain condition from a stringEtc. Common characters Normal characters include all printable and nonprintable characters that are not explicitly specified as […]

  • Dagger navigation update for Android studio 4.1


    In projects that use dagger, do you have any doubts about understanding Dagger’s dependencies? Does the dependency come from an @ inject decorated constructor, @ bonds, or a @ supplies decorated method? Is it finite? It’s not easy to figure out. Can’t one click access to relevant information or even more content? Certainly. abreast of […]

  • Meet here document


    Basics The full name of heredoc isHere DocumentIn Chinese, it can be calledembed document。 In fact, there are many names for it, such as here document, hereis, here string and so on. Embedded documents are an alternative to shell I / O redirection. We already know that shell I / O redirection is a transfer […]

  • [skill] master regular expressions from zero


    preface No matter why you need to master regular expressions (such as crawler, text retrieval, backend service development orLinuxScript, if you have never contacted regular expressions (like me) before, you can easily get lost in a mountain like formula, so that regular expressions you write on projects are likely to make complaints about the mess […]

  • Regular expression circular body syntax


    This paper introduces the syntax of “cyclic body” in regular expressionsCirculatory bodyIt’s defined by the author. The correct description isqualifier。Through different qualifiers, it can provide different matching times. Its basic syntax is:Expression qualifierCombination. 0x00 loop body:Expression * Meaning: willExpressionLoop matchingZero or more times。 For example:Hello* Analysis: ExpressionbyCharacter o Loop statementby*(zero or more times) Result: can […]