• Cascading method of dropdown menu of element


    The documents provided on the official website only provide one layer I saw a friend asking dropdown how to cascadeNow post the code belowThe practice of three couplets and four couplets is consistent <el-dropdown trigger=’click’ :hide-on-click=’false’> <span class=”el-dropdown-link”> <el-link type=”primary” style=’margin-left:10px;’>{{title}}</el-link> <!– <i class=”el-icon-arrow-down el-icon–right”></i> –> </span> <el-dropdown-menu slot=”dropdown”> <template v-for=”item in menu”> <el-dropdown-item v-if=’!item.childer’>{{item.title}}</el-dropdown-item> […]

  • In depth interpretation of Huawei cloud fine-grained text sentiment analysis and its application


    Absrtact: This article mainly introduces some basic tasks of sentiment analysis, including text, voice, image generation and recognition, focusing on two aspects of Huawei cloud’s fine-grained sentiment analysis. Guide: first, briefly introduce some basic concepts of text sentiment analysis, and then introduce Huawei cloud’s two works in fine-grained sentiment analysis, one is attribute level fine-grained […]