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  • Android access scanning function (cameraX + zxing)


    How to integrate: 1. In the root directory of build Add jitpack dependency to gradle: allprojects { repositories { maven { url “https://jitpack.io” } } } 2. In project build Add yxing dependency to gradle: implementation ‘com.github.amggg:YXing:V1.0.6’ Function: 1. Scan QR code and barcode.2. Generate QR code with logo QR code and barcode.3. Identify the […]

  • PHP realizes a two-dimensional code while supporting Alipay and WeChat payment.


    Realization idea Generate a QR code and add the URL connection to be processed After the user scans the code, judge the code scanning terminal in the corresponding script and call the corresponding payment If the corresponding app can be aroused after scanning the code,Alipay to useMobile Website Paymentmode,Wechat to useJsapi paymentmode Effect display Tips:Because […]

  • [here comes the big guy] [award-winning live broadcast] HMS core discovery | Didi’s overseas travel business challenges and Practice


    Didi travel has accelerated the road of globalization since 2018. By the end of 2020, it has provided one-stop mobile travel and local life services to more than 550 million users in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Russia, with an annual passenger capacity of more than 10 billion. Application going to sea faces problems such […]

  • White whoring 11 super fire front-end necessary online tools, and finally have time to go to work and fish


    Hello, I’m your cat brother, a super cat who doesn’t like fish and meow~ preface Cat brother is a cat star who haunts GitHub all year round, so he has found many good front-end open source projects, which I share with you here. Official account:Front end GitHub, focus on mining excellent front-end open source projects […]

  • Foreign friends website development source code Chapter 12


    Recently, there are many things in work and life, so there is no update. This is the twelfth article of the development source code of foreign dating websitesI hope you like it.If you have any questions to consult, you can add my deduction 236-0248-666 ​Private message list class WechatController extends SiteController { public function __construct() […]

  • Fastposter 2.4.0 newly released low code poster generator


    Fastposter 2.4.0 newly released low code poster generator Fastposter low code poster generator, complete poster development in one minute. supportJava、Python、PHP、 Go、JavaScriptAnd other languages. V2.4.0 newly released e-commerce poster generator fixbug: Banner disorder problem Unnecessary annotation cleanup feature: Change Base64 support mode Support date based storage Improve documentation performance testing Install docker Automatic document deployment Source […]

  • Load invisible pictures through glide


    Today, I met a need to generate pictures and QR codes when I click to share. That is, generate a bitmap from a layout file with pictures and QR codes. Of course, this layout file is generated in the background and is not visible. At this time, you will find that there is no response […]

  • Go zero payment service II


    Because there is too much code, it is written in two chapters.Go zero payment service I API interface Writing API files syntax = “v1” info( Title: “order payment” Desc: “order payment” author: “charlie” email: “[email protected]” version: “1.0” ) type ( createOrderReq { Amount float64 `form:”amount”` PayType int64 `form:”pay_type”` AutoRenewal int64 `form:”auto_renewal”` Bit int64 `form:”bit”` } […]

  • PHP realizes official account landing function


    The official account must be certified.Principle by generating two-dimensional code with parameters+Random stringStore in LibraryThen, after the user scans the attention, wechat pushes the tape in the messageRandom string, complete login compared to the library Paste core code only Generate QR code push <?php include(‘./curl.php’); include(‘./file.php’); $appid = “APPID”; $secret = “SECRET”; $get_ token_ url […]

  • Go zero payment service I


    There’s a lot of code, so I wrote it separatelyGo zero payment service II Wechat payment Because it is wechat code scanning payment, it is used hereNativeplace an order. MerchantNativePayment order interface, wechat background system returns link parameterscode_url, the merchant background system willcode_urlValue generates a QR code picture, and the user initiates payment after scanning […]

  • Fluent realizes QR code scanning


    This example shares the specific code of flutter to realize QR code scanning for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Configure Android access: 1. File configuration path Android \ app \ SRC \ main \ androidmanifest.xml 2. Add code: <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.CAMERA” /> <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”/> <uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”/> Introduce a new rack package in the […]

  • Plugins commonly used in fluent


    audio_ Recorder: any # recording and playing flutter_ Sound: ^ 1.1.5# recording dropdown_ Menu: ^ 1.1.0 # drop down menu simple_ Permissions: # permission acquisition easy_ Alert: # pop up amap_ Location: any # Gaode map Location: any #gogle location acquisition barcode_ Scan 0.0.8# QR code recognition_ mobile_ Vision: ^ 0.1.0 # QR code identification […]