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  • Figure 1 understand the technical principle of code scanning login


    Now code scanning login is a very common login method. When a user needs to log in to a website, the website will provide a code scanning login method. The user opens the corresponding mobile app, scans the QR code displayed on the website, and then confirms the login in the app. After the website […]

  • How to generate QR code using Java?


    Author: Xu Youyi exile Source: blog csdn. net/weixin_ 39936341/article/details/82910051 1. Download the jar package (QRcode. Jar) The download website is as follows. QR code generated by QRcode website:http://swetake.com/qrcode/index-e.html 2. Manually import jar packages into Maven project mvn install:install-file -Dgroupid = package name -Dartifactid = project name -Dversion = version number -Dpackaging = jar dfile = […]

  • Simple code scanning login in Java language


    Simple code scanning login At present, mobile phone scanning QR code login has become a mainstream login method, especially on the PC web page. Recently, I learned the principle of code scanning login, which is very interesting, so I learned from some examples on the Internet and realized a simple demo of code scanning login […]

  • WeChat official account module development, Sixth


    ​This is the development part of WeChat public official account of dating and dating service, the sixth is also a more important part of WeChat official account function development.If you have any questions, please come to me, guys. My deduction is 2360248-666 Menu settings class WeixinController extends BaseController{ public function _initialize(){ header(“Content-Type:text/html; charset=utf-8”); } public […]

  • Fastposter 2.0.0 new version released e-commerce poster generator


    Fastposter 2.0.0 new version released e-commerce poster generator Fastposter low code poster generator, complete poster development in one minute. supportJava Python PHP Go JavaScriptAnd other languages. v2. The new version of 0.0 released the e-commerce poster generator, which was shocked. future: Add sample Poster Upgrade code directory structure Adjust the storage directory structure (for destructive […]

  • The QR code is generated from the string and downloaded in batch


    Required dependent packages qrcodePlug in library for QR code generation jszipA library used to package compression file-saverThe file saves the downloaded plug-in library thinking QRcode can directly generate character strings into Base64 format of QR code pictures Integrate Base64 of QR code image into jszip object Finally, the zip file is generated and downloaded locally […]

  • Generation code of IOS QR code


    This example shares the generation code of IOS QR code for your reference. The specific contents are as follows 1、 Drawing.   2、 Code. ViewController.m #import “ViewController.h” #import “ScanViewController.h” @interface ViewController () @end @implementation ViewController – (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; // Do any additional setup after loading the view, typically from a nib. } -(void)touchesBegan:(NSSet […]

  • Add Google login verification in thinkphp6 background


    Series articles: Share an easy-to-use tp6 background management system Add Google login verification in thinkphp6 background Share a simple blog Basic environment System environment: windows10 x64 PHP integrated environment:phpstudy PHP dependency management tools:Composer Manual:Thinkphp6 (1) Download the Google authenticator class (1) Code test is valid(2) The code is in tp6 environment, and the generated path […]

  • Talk about QR code


    One dimensional code (bar code) Before introducing the two-dimensional code, let’s take a look at its “big brother” one-dimensional code. The one-dimensional code is also called bar code (it seems to be called this in daily life). It is a parallel line pattern composed of black and white bars of different widths arranged in a […]

  • Identification and analysis of QR code of online uploaded pictures


    Identification and analysis of QR code of online uploaded pictures Identification and analysis of QR code of online uploaded pictures This tool identifies and analyzes the QR code picture link, analyzes and processes it locally in the browser, and will not upload it to the server for processing. https://tooltt.com/urlqrdecode/

  • What is the latest Beijing Universal Studios to climb down and do?


    1、 How to get down the source code of the applet? We won’t introduce more details here. Just jump to the tree of our predecessors and have a look: https://www.cnblogs.com/_error/p/11726356.html   2、 After obtaining the source code, what should I do first? After we intercept the interface through fiddler, we can find some data requested, […]

  • Login to WeChat official account – verify token


    Series articles: Login to WeChat official account – verify token Access to WeChat official account – two-dimensional code pictures 1. LoginWeChat official account platform2. Slide the mouse to “setup and development – Development – basic configuration” at the bottom The token here should be consistent with the token in the callback address. public function token_back(){ […]