• General method of installing QQ in Linux system


    Installing wine QQ in Ubuntu kylin 1. Download the wine QQ installation package WineQQ2013SP6-20140102-Longene This post package comes from: http://www.longene.org/forum/vie … 4700&p=12241#p12241,2. Specific installation 32 bit system installation instructions:1. If you have installed the old version before, you need to uninstall it first (through dpkg – L | grep QQ).Uninstall: first Copy code The code […]

  • How to login multiple QQS in MAC system of Apple Computer


    There is a big difference between the software of MAC and windows. If you are not familiar with the children’s shoes of MAC system, do you not know how to log in multiple QQS at the same time? In fact, the method is very simple. Just copy one more QQ application into two QQ applications, […]

  • ASP extract the content of the mobile phone number, QQ, URL of the regular code


    Common regular matching expressions Regular expression — verify mobile phone number: 13 [0-9] {9}The implementation of 86 or + 86 in front of mobile phone number: ^ ((\ + 86) | (86))? (13) d {9}$Simultaneous verification of phone number and mobile phone number: (^ (< D {3,4} -)? (D {7,8}) $| (13 [0-9] {9})Extract the […]

  • How to use wine to install QQ on Linux


    Prepare wine environmentWine version requirements, the more new the better, I use 1.7.55, the latest is 1.8rc2. Delete or backup your ~ /. Wine if you have run wine before. Because it involves a small amount of configuration, try not to let the previous environment interfere with you. Configure wineRun winecfg, at the bottom of […]

  • CSS realizes QQ browser function


    code Knowledge points 1. Combination fullpage.js Full screen scrolling 2. The linear gradient() function in CSS is used to create an “image” with a linear gradient.       background-image: linear-gradient(direction, color-stop1, color-stop2, …);     value describe direction Use the angle value to specify the direction (or angle) of the gradient. color-stop1, color-stop2,… Lets you […]

  • Imitating QQ homepage with electron


    The pop-up window and weather effect of QQ homepage are very good. Recently, I thought about using electronic to imitate such effect, mainly the pop-up control, and also considered the reuse of windows. Now I will show the effect after completion. Note: the style is just adjusted casually, but I don’t have so much time […]

  • Forcing grid to modify system text on QQ login interface


    Although the QQ version is constantly updated, the style of QQ login interface is basically unchanged. Anyway, Xiaobian looks at this interface and is a little tired of kicking. Then can you change it? Of course, it can be changed. Besides, the method is very simple. Let’s introduce it in detail. Let’s have a look! […]

  • How to solve the problem that the computer can log in QQ but not browse the web?


    I believe that many people have encountered this problem, clearly can log in QQ, but the web page is unable to open, and this situation is often accompanied by an exclamation mark on the network card icon. Here’s a way for Xiaobian to make sure it’s easy to use. First, input CMD in the start […]

  • Software camouflage to modify various QQ icons


    This friend below! Yes, that’s you. Your message editor replied: “in fact, it’s not difficult to change.” The editor in chief saw it and gave it a good beating. “Can our readers just ignore the simple questions?” Well, it’s a small mistake. We shouldn’t take all the things we think are simple. Since you have […]

  • How QQ Mailbox Leaks: The Principle and Practice of JSON Hijacking Vulnerability Attack and Defense


    Note: The author published this article earlier, some methods may not be the best solution, but attacks against this vulnerability are still visible, such as the early QQMail mail leak vulnerability. Until now, when you open an external chain makeup in some mailboxes, there will still be security warnings. The following is an introduction to […]