• HTML page META tag content writing specification points


    The META tag is an auxiliary tag in the head area of ​​the HTML language, which is used to describe the attributes of an HTML web page document, such as author, date and time, web page description, keywords, page refresh, etc. It has two properties, HTTP header information (HTTP-EQUIV) and page description information (NAME). Different […]

  • How to delete QQ chat records in Apple Mac


    How to delete MAC QQ chat records? How can I find MAC QQ chat records? In fact, the method is very simple. Although there are some differences between MAC QQ and QQ on windows, the method is similar, but it’s a little troublesome to find if you are not familiar with it. Next, I’ll teach […]

  • How can I check my friend space on QQ for Mac? Introduction to the method of apple computer version Tencent QQ entering QQ space


    When I found a girl on QQ, as a loser, my first reaction was to look at her QQ space photo album first. How does she look and temperament? Even many children’s shoes are trying to get and crack someone else’s photo album password. Are you wooden? Yes, please raise your hand? So as a […]

  • Installation and configuration of QQ software in Linux


    Many friends haveinstallI have Linux and want to use QQ in the Linux environment. Now I will share my successful experience in configuring QQ on red hat 9.0. Select QQ software Tencent has not launched QQ software specifically for Linux, but there are many free software or plug-ins that support QQ under Linux. These software […]

  • How to use QQ and MSN tools on Linux


    I know very well that many beginners think of it immediately when they enter LinuxinstallOn QQ, it seems that Ma Huateng’s QQ is more attractive than Linux. Why doesn’t this guy produce an official version of Linux QQ! It is recommended that you email him to save us so much trouble. Well, let’s stop talking […]

  • QQ browser for Mac version 3.0 experience function details bookmark synchronization mobile iPad can also see


    Friends who have experienced QQ browser for Mac say it’s very economical. The biggest feeling is that it’s good and fast. There should be more people using QQ browser in China now. It can save a lot of traffic. It’s a very practical browser with multiple windows, post bar and microblog. The following is a […]

  • VBS QQ automatic message sending enhanced version


    Please make sure that word is installed on your computer before running. Copy codeThe code is as follows: i=0 set wshshell=createobject(“wscript.shell”) Set objWord = CreateObject(“Word.Application”) Set colTasks = objWord.Tasks do while i<30 For Each objTask in colTasksIf left (objtask. Name, 1) = and then wshshell.appactivate objTask.Name WshShell.SendKeys “{enter}” wshshell.sendkeys “^v” WshShell.SendKeys i wscript.sleep 600 WshShell.SendKeys […]

  • How to log in to multiple QQS in one MAC and play QQ while surfing the Internet


    Logging in to QQ while surfing the Internet is something many users like to do, and some users still hang many QQS. However, this is easy to do in Windows system, but it is not easy in Mac computer. So how can you log in to multiple QQS in Mac computer at the same time? […]

  • General method of installing QQ in Linux system


    Installing wine QQ in Ubuntu kylin 1. Download the wine QQ installation package WineQQ2013SP6-20140102-Longene This post package comes from: http://www.longene.org/forum/vie … 4700&p=12241#p12241,2. Specific installation 32 bit system installation instructions:1. If you have installed the old version before, you need to uninstall it first (through dpkg – L | grep QQ).Uninstall: first Copy code The code […]

  • How to login multiple QQS in MAC system of Apple Computer


    There is a big difference between the software of MAC and windows. If you are not familiar with the children’s shoes of MAC system, do you not know how to log in multiple QQS at the same time? In fact, the method is very simple. Just copy one more QQ application into two QQ applications, […]

  • ASP extract the content of the mobile phone number, QQ, URL of the regular code


    Common regular matching expressions Regular expression — verify mobile phone number: 13 [0-9] {9}The implementation of 86 or + 86 in front of mobile phone number: ^ ((\ + 86) | (86))? (13) d {9}$Simultaneous verification of phone number and mobile phone number: (^ (< D {3,4} -)? (D {7,8}) $| (13 [0-9] {9})Extract the […]

  • How to use wine to install QQ on Linux


    Prepare wine environmentWine version requirements, the more new the better, I use 1.7.55, the latest is 1.8rc2. Delete or backup your ~ /. Wine if you have run wine before. Because it involves a small amount of configuration, try not to let the previous environment interfere with you. Configure wineRun winecfg, at the bottom of […]