• 5、 OpenGL texture


    Audio and video development: summary of OpenGL + OpenGL es + metal series articles Texture can package objects to display different patterns. This paper begins to understand the texture and master how to set the texture Main contents:1. Texture recognition2. Texture settings3. Texture coordinates4. Pyramid case 1. Texture recognition Texture is a kind of graphic […]

  • Best testing practices for Agile Teams: automated pyramids


    Automated testing and agile software development often appear in pairs, but automation in agile is often easier said than done. Most developers have recognized the benefits of test automation: it speeds up testing, reduces costs, increases coverage, and so on. However, many people never exceed the initial investment required to start. Like the Neanderthals in […]

  • S2-mlp V1 & V2 of vision MLP: spatial shift MLP


    S2-mlp V1 & V2 of vision MLP: spatial shift MLP architecture for vision Original document:https://www.yuque.com/lart/pa… Two articles on s2-mlp will be summarized here. The core idea of these two articles is the same, that is to replace spatial MLP based on spatial offset operation. Understand the article from the abstract V1 Recently, visual Transformer (ViT) […]

  • Pure CSS to achieve rotating pyramid


    CSS is a magical thing. In the process of learning, you will find the beauty of painting and art. Pyramid is one of the eight wonders of the world. It has exquisite design and precise calculation, which makes the world marvel. How to draw a pyramid with CSS? There are not many ugly words. Let’s […]

  • The best Feynman learning method in history, maybe you have always understood it wrong!


    When it comes to Feynman learning method, I think you must feel very familiar with it? Feynman learning method, the ultimate learning method, is widely spread on the Internet. How to understand? And many authors speak very fully from the three aspects of what, why and how. What is Feynman learning method? It is very […]

  • Feynman learning method — the most effective learning method in the world


    Feynman learning method is recognized as the most efficient learning method in the world. The principle of Feynman learning method comes from the learning pyramid, which is the research result of Maine national training laboratory. The learning pyramid is shown in the figure below: Learning pyramid divides learning into active learning and passive learning. Research […]

  • Espnet / espnetv2: empty convolution pyramid | lightweight network


    The core of espnet series lies in the cavity convolution pyramid. Each layer has different division rates. It can integrate multi-scale features without increasing the amount of parameters. Compared with the depth separable convolution, the depth separable cavity convolution pyramid has higher cost performance. In addition, the multi-scale feature fusion method of HFF is also […]

  • How do I create JavaScript?


    FusionCharts suite XT is a comprehensive cross platform and cross browser JavaScript chart package, including FusionCharts XT, powercharts XT, fusionwidgets XT and fusionmaps XT. Support ASP, asp.net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on rails, JavaScript, and even simple HTML pages. It is your trusted JavaScript chart solution. At present, 450000 users around the world choose FusionCharts […]

  • SEPC: using 3D convolution to extract scale invariant features from FPN, the rising point artifact | CVPR 2020


    This paper proposes that Pconv can effectively integrate the internal relationship between scales by 3D convolution of feature pyramid and regularization with specific Ibn. In addition, this paper proposes SEPC, which uses deformable convolution to adapt to the irregularity of the correspondence between actual features and maintain scale equilibrium. Pconv and SEPC significantly improve the […]

  • Foveabox: difference in details, another densebox + FPN anchor free scheme | IEEE tip 2020


    As an anchor free paper in the same period as fcos and fsaf, foveabox is also based on the densebox plus FPN strategy in the overall structure. The main difference is that foveabox only uses the target central area for prediction, and the regression prediction is the normalized offset value. In addition, multiple layers of […]

  • Implement promise


    Using promise is excellent. It’s so useful that I think I should study promise well and even implement a simple version. Before implementation, let’s look at the purpose of promise Using promise callback hell The first use of promise is to solve the problem wellCallback black holeSuppose you want to implement a user presentation task, […]

  • SAPd: fsaf upgrade, reasonable loss weighting and pyramid feature selection | ECCV 2020


    Aiming at the optimization problem of anchor point detection algorithm, this paper proposes SAPd method, which uses different loss weights for anchor points in different locations, and carries out weighted common training for different feature pyramid layers, which eliminates most of the artificial rules and more follows the weights of the network itself for training  […]