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  • Applets disable Apple phone pull up and down rebound animation


    Problem Description: in the small program, there is no interface to directly close the pull up rebound animation of IOS. How to solve this problem? Problem solving: using absolute fixed positioning (absolute positioning is OK, but fixed is recommended for the outermost layer of the layout) can solve this problem. The layout with positioning can’t […]

  • How to use Vue technology to remember scroll bar perfectly and realize drop-down loading? This article teaches you in detail


      scroll bar Common in mobile app when scrolling and clicking to enter Problem description When we are developing a web app, we often encounter a problem, that is, when we go from a scrollable list page to the next detail page, and then return to the list page, it is difficult to restore the […]

  • It is forbidden to scroll the scroll event of the component and to disable scrolling


    Problems encountered:The rebound (bottoming) of listview on the outermost layer of the home page conflicts with the rebound (bottoming) of the GridView component of the commodity classification inside, which leads to drop-down refresh and pull-up loading bugs solve the problem:Configure the physics property to: neverscrollablescrollphysics () class Nav extends StatelessWidget { @override Widget build(BuildContext context) […]

  • Using kotlin to develop Android application (13) – list control recyclerview


    List control recyclerview The recyclerview control is a more advanced, flexible version of listview. A simple case Add recyclerview to your layoutOpen the application module. <androidx.recyclerview.widget.RecyclerView android:id=”@+id/recyclerView” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”match_parent”/> Get control in activity dataset = MutableList( DATASET_COUNT, { i -> “Element # $i” }) recyclerViewAdapter = CustomRecyclerViewAdapter(dataset) layoutManager = LinearLayoutManager(this) recyclerView = findViewById(R.id.recyclerView) with(recyclerView) { […]

  • The listview and refreshindicator components are commonly used to implement pull-up loading and more drop-down refreshing of list pages


    The most common app is the list page, pull up to load more, drop-down to refresh, in theFlutterinListView Is one of the most commonly used scrollable components, which I mainly use hereListViewRealize list loading, and cooperate withRefreshIndicatorComponent to achieve drop-down refresh; will also use the nested use of listview. Creating stateful widgets import ‘dart:convert’; import […]

  • Summary of solutions to IOS common problems (1)


    1. Click input on ios10 and the screen will turn white -moz-transform: translateZ(0); -ms-transform: translateZ(0); -o-transform: translateZ(0); Transform: translatez (0); / * solves the problem that the input box will turn white instantly after adding JS*/ 2. IPhone 11 input scrolling focus follows Remove line height 3. The page below is covered with white when […]

  • Vue to achieve network image waterfall flow + drop-down refresh + pull-up load more


    1、 Thought analysis and effect drawing Using Vue to achieve a waterfall flow effect, loading network images, at the same time, pull-down refresh and pull-up to load more functions. Then, according to the realization of these effects, the following ideas are put forward According to the order of loading data, label display effect is added […]

  • Vue realizes network picture waterfall flow + pull-down refresh + pull-up load more


    1、 Thought analysis and effect drawing Use Vue to achieve a waterfall flow effect, load network pictures, and have more function effects of pull-down refresh and pull-up load. Then aiming at the realization of these effects, the following ideas are put forward: According to the order of loading data, label display effect is added successively; […]

  • Wechat applet package pull-up load and pull-down refresh components


    Wechat applet encapsulationPull up loading、Drop-down refreshassembly Effect GIF diagram Drop-down refreshPull up loading Custom pull-up loading and pull-down refresh component encapsulation scroll.wxml <video/> <scroll-view class=”message scroll-view client-pool-list” scroll-y=”{{true}}” lower-threshold=”1″ bindtouchstart=”touchstart” bindtouchmove=”touchmove”> <view class=”pull-refresh {{pull.isLoading ? ‘chu’ : ‘jin’}}” id=”pull-refresh”> <image class=”icon-refresh z-index-1″ /> <view class=”fs24 pt20 f-color-666 z-index-1″>{{pull.pullText}}</view> </view> < slot > < / slot […]

  • Flutter learning notes (25) — listview realizes pull-up refresh pull-down loading


    For reprint, please indicate the source:Flutter learning notes (25) — listview realizes pull-up refresh pull-down loading   We have written about the use of listview before: flutter learning notes (12) – list component. When there is a lot of data in the list, you need to use a long list, such as the order list […]

  • Dao Qiang Kai


    html:   <ion-header> <ion-toolbar> <ion-title> shares </ion-title> </ion-toolbar> </ion-header> <ion-content> <ion-refresher slot=”fixed” (ionRefresh)=”doRefresh($event)”> <ion-refresher-content pullingIcon=”arrow-dropdown” Pulling Text= “drop-down refresh” refreshingSpinner=”circles” Refreshing Text = “drop-down refresh 11”> </ion-refresher-content> </ion-refresher> <ion-grid> <ion-row *ngFor=”let item of aboutData.stockData” [routerLink]=”[ ‘/stock-details’]” [queryParams]=”item” > <ion-col size=”3″ > {{ item.symbol}} </ion-col> <ion-col size=”6″> {{ item.name}} </ion-col> <ion-col > {{ item.lasttrade}} </ion-col> </ion-row> </ion-grid> […]