• Front end interview day 3 + 1 – 603


    Today’s knowledge point (December 09, 2020) – day 603(I’m going to ask questions, too) [html] How to solve the problem of wechat browser video click automatic full screen? [css] What’s the difference between the value preserve-3d of the property transfrom of CSS3 and the value perspective? [js] Tell me about your understanding of built-in objects […]

  • Front end interview day 3 + 1 – 369


    Today’s knowledge (April 19, 2020) – day 369 [HTML] implement a stick footer layout [CSS] use CSS to draw a burning candle [js] Geolocation.getCurrentPosition () for what? In which browser is not compatible? [soft skills] do you know the difference between pass, sass and last? In the Analects of Confucius, Zeng Zi said:“I think twice […]

  • Front end interview daily 3 + 1 – day 611


    Today’s knowledge point (December 17, 2020) – day 611(I’m going to ask questions, too) [html] Do you think there is anything wrong with HTML tags? Why? [css] What is the function of the @ extend instruction in sass? [js] Is null an object? [soft skills]Do you know what a cold start is? In the Analects […]

  • Front end interview day 3 + 1 – 569


    Today’s knowledge point (November 5, 2020) – day 569(I’m going to ask questions, too) [html] What are the mandatory requirements of XHTML? [css] Why sometimes setting the width of an element doesn’t work? [js] How is closure formed? [soft skills]What is the difference between pipelining and non pipelining in version 1.1 HTTP protocol? In the […]

  • Front end interview day 3 + 1-461


    Today’s knowledge point (2020.07.20) — day 461(I’m going to ask questions, too) [html] For example, after HTML5 came out, which HTML tags were discarded? [css] Talk about your understanding of the clarity and fuzziness of images on the web side [js] Can onStorage events also be used in sessionstorage? [soft skills]Tell me about your understanding […]

  • [nodejs official account development record] half hour to develop WeChat official account


    Make an advertisement first!! (I don’t know if I can)Tencent ivweb team widely recruit front-end, a large number of HCIf you are interested, please contact me at VX: chenxy712 or send your resume to my email address: [email protected] preparation in advance Recently, demand is a bit undeveloped. Lu has been a WeChat official account. First, […]

  • Android serial 10 – dynamically add pages and create a news app


    1、 The size of dynamic programming interface 1. We create a new folder large in the res folder_ Fragment is used to write an interface, activity_ main.xml File, used to store some high-resolution interfaces such as tablet computers. In other words, the small screen uses the normal activity_ Main file and large screen use large_ […]

  • SQL with as usage


    1、 The meaning of with as With as phrase, also known as subquery factoring, can define an SQL fragment that will be used by the whole SQL statement. It can improve the readability of SQL statements, and it can also provide data in different parts of union all. For union all, a union all statement […]

  • Front end interview day 3 + 1 – 289


    Today’s knowledge (January 30, 2020) – day 289 [HTML] how can the mobile terminal save the picture by long press (the QR code on the picture is dynamic)? [CSS] using CSS to realize tab switching [JS] tell me about your understanding of PostMessage. What are its application scenarios? [soft skills] illustrate your understanding of front […]

  • Front end interview day 3 + 1 – 511


    Today’s knowledge point (2020.09.08) – day 511(I’m going to ask questions, too) [html] Tell me about your understanding of H5’s sharedworker, and what are its application scenarios? [css] How to cancel the right margin of the last Li label of the same level Li? [js] How to design a page API? Talk about your method […]

  • 7. Cloud parking (source code)


    1. Cloud parking (opening)2. Cloud parking (hardware)3. Cloud parking (business)4. Cloud parking (platform)5. cloud parking (WeChat official account)6. Cloud parking (others)7. Cloud parking (source code)8. Cloud parking (Zhenshi camera)9. Cloud parking (Qianyi camera)       Parkcloud — cloud parking web platform Parkserver — business processing program Parkservice — interactive program with camera Parksimulate — […]

  • Front end interview daily 3 + 1 – day 572


    Today’s knowledge point (November 8, 2020) – day 572(I’m going to ask questions, too) [html] How do you distinguish HTML from HTML5? [css] How to make the child element not inherit the: hover effect of the parent element? [js] Where does the string come from the split method and the length attribute? [soft skills]How do […]