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  • Excellent project recommendation of Google flutter clock competition


    With Google’s blessing, flutter can now be the first choice for cross platform applications. As early as in the early days of flutter, there was a strong sign. As the first group, I experienced it《Flutter: seamless transition from Java》However, it only stays in the experience, not in-depth. At the end of last year, Google held […]

  • Vscode C + + program windows


    vscode 1.42.1 OS: windows 7 x64 1. vscode, cpp extension This article directly skips vscode installation, CPP tools installation 2. MinGW installation and configuration downloadMinGW – Minimalist GNU for Windows setup script Installation dependent environment 3. Configure environment variables 4. Commissioning to configure launch.json { “version”: “0.2.0”, “configurations”: [ { “name”: “g++.exe build and debug […]

  • JWT refreshtoken practice


    JSON web token (JWT), according to the definition of official website, is an open standard based on JSON (RFC 7519) for the purpose of passing statements between network application environments. The token is designed to be compact and secure, especially suitable for single sign on (SSO) scenarios of distributed sites. JWT statement is generally used […]