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  • Setting SSH key in centos8


    The two most popular SSH authentication mechanisms are password based authentication and public key based authentication. Using SSH keys is usually more secure and convenient than traditional password authentication.environmentClient: centos8 Server: centos8 Create SSH public and private keyGenerate a new 4096 bit SSH key pair by entering the following command: [[email protected] ~]# ssh-keygen […]

  • Encrypt files using GPG – via shell or PHP


    Background: customers provide private keys and ask us to transfer encrypted files to them through PHP. environment macOS Sierra 10.12.1 php 7.0.8 Install GPG environment macOS: $ brew install gpg CentOS $ yum install gnupg php To install the gnupg extension, please refer to my old article:Using phpize to install PHP extensions Import the private […]

  • Secure data transmission between front end and back end


    lead It’s not the first time that I’ve written this topic. Recently, a friend asked me, “why can’t the back end solve the problem by doing step by step as you said, taking the” password transmission security in web applications “published five years ago Encryption and decryption are far from being true. I think most […]

  • Popular explanation of anti forged e-mail mechanism SPF, dkim and dmarc


    This blog has changed the normal style of my previous writing, because there are a lot of professional materials on the Internet. I try my best to introduce them in easy to understand language, and I give up some of the professionalism. Please forgive me. Welcome to my technology blog:wi1dcard.dev Let’s talk about “preventing attackers […]

  • Transaction of BTC


    BTC deal Each transaction has at least one input (txin) and at least one output (txout) except coinbase. The transaction model of bitcoin is utxo (unspend transaction output), that is to say, only the unused bitcoin output is recorded, and each transaction costs one or more previous outputs. Transaction important information { “version”: 1, “locktime”: […]

  • How to use gitlab in vscode


    How to use gitlab in vscode Like the majority of coders, I managed to catch up with a holiday. I went home to arrange a meal, but before I got hot, I received an online emergency bug that needed to be repaired. I had to find a solution, pull the project guide branch to check […]

  • Generating RSA key pair


    Using OpenSSL extension of PHP to generate RSA certificate, public key and private key pair <?php usage method <?php $openssl = new OpensslServer(‘certs’); $openssl->generate(); $openssl->cert(); openssl Technical documentation This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article

  • The communication mechanism of HTTPS


    What is HTTPS? HTTPS = http + encryption + authentication + integrity protection. In short, HTTPS can be seen as an extension of HTTP, adding some other things on the basis of HTTP.Encryption, authentication and integrity protectionIt’s obvious that these things are added to ensureData security。 Disadvantages of http: Communication uses plaintext (unencrypted) and content […]

  • Kubernetes certificate with unclear distinction


    Kubernetes certificate with unclear distinction Kubedm generated a bunch of certificates, which are not so magical, to dig deep into its underwear. [email protected]:/etc/kubernetes/pki# tree . |– apiserver.crt |– apiserver-etcd-client.crt |– apiserver-etcd-client.key |– apiserver.key |– apiserver-kubelet-client.crt |– apiserver-kubelet-client.key |– ca.crt |– ca.key |– etcd | |– ca.crt | |– ca.key | |– healthcheck-client.crt | |– healthcheck-client.key […]

  • Realization of server SSH login without secret in Windows system


    catalog principle Implementation steps 1、 Generate public and private key 2、 Edit the configuration file on the client side 3、 Copy public key to server 4、 Restart SSH service 5、 Close and then open CMD to log in It’s troublesome to input password every time you log in to the server, so you can skip […]

  • Detailed explanation of RSA algorithm


    What is RSA In the previous article, we talked about AES algorithm. AES algorithm is a symmetric encryption algorithm. In this paper, we will introduce a very common asymmetric encryption algorithm RSA. Asymmetric encryption algorithm, also known as public key cryptography algorithm, encrypts and decrypts plaintext ciphertext by generating public and private keys. RSA’s name […]

  • Principle and application of SSH


    This document describes the principle and application of SSH, which is a very practical enterprise level technology, I hope to help you. 1、 Introduction to SSHSSH is short for secure shell, also known as secure shell protocol. The main purpose of SSH is to achieve secure remote login. 2、 How SSH worksSSH has good security. […]