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  • Blockstack-7: how blockstack solves the problem of centralized storage


    In order to enable users to control their own data, and strictly associate their own data with user identity. Blockstack provides a decentralized storage system (GAIA) and a blockchain naming system (BNs). Gaia is not a decentralized system at present; the so-called decentralization is just the decentralization defined and understood by blockstack itself, which is […]

  • Linux remote login


      Linux is generally used as a server, and the server is generally placed in the computer room. It is too troublesome to operate the Linux server in the computer room. Generally, it is a remote login to the Linux server to operate.   There are two ways to log in to Linux remotely Through […]

  • How to publish your project to central warehouse


    1 In the past, we used to launch open source projects in GitHub because we were lazy and never built them to the central repository. Contact me recently because other people want to use it. Hope it can be sent to the central warehouse. I think it’s MVN deploy. It’s not that easy. Among them, […]

  • Bgwd deploy is a simple and convenient tool for front-end deployment projects?


    bgwd-deploy A simple and convenient front-end automatic deployment tool When it comes to deployment, many people think of Jenkins docker, etc., but the cost of learning and using may be prohibitive to many people Why don’t you try my three stepProject GitHub addressNPM addressExplanation of project code Step 1 npm i bgwd-deploy -D Step 2 […]

  • SSH Remote Login free


    os:mac 1. Generate key and public key file locally cd ~/.ssh ssh-keygen -t rsa Just go back after naming 2. Configure the local SSH config file The directory of the config file is ~ /. SSH / config 3. Add the local public key to the remote server authorized_ In the keys file Put local […]

  • Symmetric encryption + asymmetric encryption to realize data security transmission


    General financial products, when it comes to front-end and back-end interaction, will have strict data security assurance. Prevent hacker attack and information tampering. There are many encryption methods. Generally speaking, there are two kinds: symmetric and asymmetric. Let’s take a look first. What are the two encryption methods? What’s the difference between them? Symmetric encryption: […]

  • PHP interface security mechanism


    1. Overview of HTTP interface security: 1.1. HTTP interface is one of the important ways to connect the various systems of the Internet. Using HTTP interface is very convenient for development and call, and it is also widely used. It can enable data exchange and sharing between different systems. However, because HTTP interface is open […]

  • Signature: tamper proof idea


    introduction Recent studiesjwtLearning is crazy. I seldom dream before. I dream everyday these two days. Dream of writing by yourselfjwt, dream of makinghttp 3.0Norm, dreamGithubKill me. Maybe it’s another level. I read a lot of blogs recently to studyjwt, found a lot of blogs rightjwtThere was a misunderstanding, so I went out of my wayjwtThe […]

  • Java encryption and decryption


    1. Classification of cryptographic algorithm Message programming, Base64: in order to adapt to some systems that do not support non ASCII data, it is necessary to convert the data into ASCII format. Base64 is a conversion method. Base64 is to convert three 8-bit bytes into four 6-bit bytes. After conversion, the high bit of the […]

  • Using ansible to deploy Hadoop under the cluster created by docker


    Using ansible to deploy Hadoop under the cluster created by docker Basic environment MBP, Palallels Desktop, Centos7 key word docker, ansible, hadoop Cluster architecture The cluster consists of four “virtual hosts”, which are created by docker to create containers. It is simple and convenient without creating multiple virtual machines. OS hostname IP Centos7 cluster-master […]

  • Yii pay – Alipay and wechat payment extension package for Yii


    Guanguans / Yii pay – payment extension package developed based on yansongda / pay, which is suitable for Alipay and wechat of Yii. Environmental requirements Yii >= 2.0 install $ composer require guanguans/yii-pay -v to configure Yii2 profileconfig/main.phpAdd: ‘components’ => [ // … ‘pay’ => [ ‘class’ => ‘Guanguans\YiiPay\Pay’, ‘wechat’ => [ ‘appid’ => ‘wxb3fxxxxxxxxxxx’, […]

  • Encryption, decryption


    Tip: due to the limited level, if you find any questions or mistakes, please do not hesitate to put forward and discuss them. I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your early reply Symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption; it is agreed to put the call content in a small container, and the […]