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  • Ubuntu install kibana


    Preconditions This environment is operated on ubuntu21.04 by default. If you have referred to the previous article, it has been installedElasticSearch。 Then you can jump directly to. Elastic PGP public key and source We need to download and install the public key before installation, otherwise we can’t use apt to install elasticsearch. wget -qO – […]

  • Server password free login


    Server password free login There are too many servers, which are used every timeip+The way of entering password on the port is cumbersome, so password free and port login are adopted. Normal login method: ssh -p 27479 [email protected] SSH -p port number user name @ server address Change to password free login: Local operation:Local public […]

  • Set up git server and set password free login


    Some codes don’t want to be transferred to Kaiyuan warehouse GitHub or code cloud, so setting up your own git server will be a good choice. preparation First of all, you need to have a Linux ECs. Ubuntu is recommended. Installing Git is very simple. And you need to have an account with sudo permission, […]

  • Git add public key


    ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “[email protected]” Change the email address to the one when you registered this GitHub ~/.ssh/id_ rsa. Pub will have an ID here_ Rsa.pub file Copy this public key Select Settings Just copy the public key hereFill in the title casually, it doesn’t matter

  • Ubuntu starts SSH service


    Install SSH ubuntu sudo apt-get install openssh-server start-up service sshd start View SSH running status service ssh status Turn off firewall sudo ufw disable Start SSH command automatically after startup sudo systemctl enable ssh Turn off SSH boot auto start command sudo systemctl disable ssh Single start SSH sudo systemctl start ssh Single SSH shutdown […]

  • Instant messaging security (IX): why use HTTPS? In simple terms, explore the security of short connections


    This article is shared by the elab technical team. The original title “exploring HTTPS” has been revised and changed. 1. Introduction For im developers, the most commonly used communication technologies in IM are socket long connection and HTTP short connection (usually a mainstream im will be the combination of these two communication means). From the […]

  • Windows login to Ubuntu via SSH


    Generate windows public key Execute in CMD of windows: SSH keygen -t RSA, and enter directly during the execution. After execution, it will be displayed in c:\users\xxx\ The following three files are generated in the SSH folder: id_ RSA is the local private key id_ rsa. Pub is a public key known_ Hosts is a […]

  • In depth long article: detailing IOS code signature


    preface When reading the virtual memory, if the corresponding content does not exist in the physical space, the file backed page in event will be triggered. You can see it in the virtual memory when you use the system trace of the instrument to detect the startup time. This event will read the corresponding content […]

  • Explain in detail how HTTPS ensures security??


    (multi text alert) Introduction to HTTPS What is HTTPS HTTPS (full name: Hypertext Transfer Protocol over secure socket layer) is an HTTP channel with security as its goal. In short, it is a secure version of HTTP. That is, the SSL layer is added under http. The security foundation of HTTPS is SSL. Therefore, SSL […]

  • 4、 Public and private keys, encryption and digital signatures


    catalogue 1、 Explanation of terms  1. What are public and private keys  2. What is encryption and digital signature2、 Explanation of Alipay SDK payment process  1. Some keywords  2. Alipay payment process  3. Simple demonstration of the server‘s signing of the order information and the payment result verification The content of Alipay SDK involved in […]

  • Big data era: how to log in SSH without password?


    Hadoop cluster is composed of many node servers. When we start Hadoop cluster, Hadoop namenodes need to connect and manage these node servers (mainly datanodes). At this time, the system will ask the user to enter the password. The prompt content is the same as that when SSH connects to localhost in the previous article. […]

  • Python- call run system command


    os. The Popen method can get the returned content HeadText = os.popen(‘sed -n 1p \”{}\”‘.format(DirFile)).read() os. The system method executes the run command Command=”sh /home/TradeInfo/new/trade_plan/py/CopyTradeplan.sh” os.system(Command) Python calls SSH command #!/usr/bin/python3 import os Keyfile = “/root/.ssh/id\u RSA” \u the private key of the client. No matter which end generates the private key and public key, […]