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  • Computer network — deep understanding of HTTP and http


    1. HTTP status code name classification give an example 1XX Message status 100 continue 2XX Request successful 200 request successful202 the request succeeded, but no resource entity was returned 3XX redirect 301 permanent redirection302 temporary redirection 4XX Client error There is a syntax error in the 400 request403 request rejected by server404 the server could […]

  • Analysis of HTTPS


    HTTPS related brief introduction HTTP is encrypted by SSL to generate HTTPS, which makes the network communication more secure Three encryption methods are used in HTTPS, namely symmetric encryption AES, asymmetric encryption RSA and hash algorithm (irreversible), AES transmission (efficiency consideration), RSA communication AES and HTTP (efficiency verification) There are three main problems solved by […]

  • Wechat payment in Java (2): API V3 wechat platform certificate acquisition and refresh


    1. Preface stayWechat payment in Java (1): API V3 version signature detailsIn this article, Pangge explained the signature of the V3 version API of wechat payment. When we (your own server) request the wechat payment server, we need to use ourAPI certificateAfter signing the parameters, wechat server will verify the signature according to our signature […]

  • Gitee add Shh public key


    Public key Many servers need authentication, Shh authentication is one of them;Generate the public key on the client side and add the generated public key to the server. When you connect to the server in the future, you don’t need to input the user name and password every time;Many git servers use SSH authentication. You […]

  • Hadoop cluster construction


    Hadoop is an open source distributed computing platform of Apache Software Foundation. Hadoop, which is based on Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS) and MapReduce (the open source implementation of Google MapReduce), provides users with a distributed infrastructure with transparent underlying details. For Hadoop cluster, it can be divided into two categories: master and sale. An […]

  • Automatic project deployment with githooks


    Use express to build a small program background. If you want to deploy it to the server, you need to deploy it manually every time. It takes time to click and click, and you want to save these repetitive operations Before building hexo blog, githooks was used to realize automatic deployment. I think background deployment […]

  • How to generate key pair for SSH free login in Linux


    Recently, because the project is about to go online, the server has been transferred from the test environment to the production environment, and the login method has been replaced by the key authentication from the original password authentication. The purpose of this is to prevent the server password from being brutally cracked. What is SSH? […]

  • Afsecuritypolicy of afnetworking source code


    1. HTTPS and SSL / TSL SSL (secure sockets layer), because the original HTTP protocol used on the Internet is plaintext, has many disadvantages, such as the transmission content will be peeped and tampered. The role of SSL protocol is to encrypt the network connection in the transport layer. By 1999, SSL had become the […]

  • Discussion on RSA and how to crack HTTPS


    This article discusses with you a more interesting question: how to crack HTTPS? As we all know, almost the whole Internet now uses HTTPS, and some browsers will give warnings if they are not. In the interview, we often ask about HTTPS. This article will go deep into the principle of HTTPS and talk about […]

  • Solution of permission denied (public key) in Git push


    1 problem description The above error occurred when pushing. It said, please make sure that there are enough permissions and the warehouse exists, but the warehouse does not exist… This estimate is not, so it’s a problem of permissions. To be exact, it’s a problem of sshkey 2 regenerate SSH key ssh-key -t rsa -b […]

  • Basic science popularization! Detailed explanation of HTTPS in vernacular


    Author:_ Big [email protected]_source: https://juejin.im/post/5eb3c6… I believe you will be familiar with the problem of HTTPS in the interview. Maybe you can only briefly talk about the difference with HTTP, but is the real principle very clear? How on earth is he safe? In this article, let’s use vernacular to uncover the mystery of HTTPS! What […]

  • Read the certificate in cryptography


    Read the certificate in cryptography In the previous article, we talked about digital signature, the role of digital signature is to prevent tampering and camouflage, and to prevent denial. But in order to use digital signature technology correctly, there is a very big premise, that is, the public key used to verify the signature must […]