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  • Vue scaffold configuration agent


    Method 1: in Vue config. JS add the following configuration devServer: { Proxy: “remote server address and port number”, } explain: Advantages: simple configuration. When requesting resources, it can be sent directly to the front end (8080). Disadvantages: multiple agents cannot be configured, and it is not possible to flexibly control whether requests go through […]

  • Learning manual of artifact nginx (recommended Collection)


    Nginx is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server, which is characterized by low memory consumption and strong concurrency. In fact, the concurrency of nginx does perform better in the same type of web server. Nginx is specially developed for performance optimization. Performance is its most important requirement. It pays great attention to efficiency. It […]

  • Microservice architecture | 4 Service call


    catalogue preface 1. Basic knowledge of service invocation 1.1 common load balancing schemes 1.2 differences between Netflix ribbon and feign of spring cloud 1.1 comparison of several popular service invocation components 2. Ribbon 3. Feign and openfeign last preface reference material: 《Spring Microservices in Action》Principle and practice of spring cloud Alibaba microservice“Spring cloud framework development […]

  • Ubuntu environment configuration and frequently asked questions


    preface This article mainly records the necessary environment configuration when using Ubuntu development, as well as some problems and solutions encountered in the process of use apt Apt is a very important tool in Ubuntu. It is a software package manager, which can be understood as a software manager. The software installation in Ubuntu is […]

  • 2.21 reporting


    problem The problems encountered this week are mainly environmental problemsThe first is the problem left over by history. The MySQL version problem was not solved in time. At that time, I thought when I encountered a problem, and then there was no problem when running the log system. Later, there was a problem in the […]

  • How does the local computer use the proxy server to automatically set the proxy IP


    How does the local computer use the proxy server How to make the website not know that you are requesting it, you need to set the proxy IP. But: the agency website knows your address. You have learned how to add an agent when requesting an interface. How to set up an agent for the […]

  • HTTP Caching Protocol practice


    1、 What is caching Cache, also known as cache, we call the place where data is temporarily stored as cache pool, and the data in the cache pool is called cache. If you need to find these data in the cache, you can use them directly. If not, go to other data sources. 2、 Why […]

  • Proxy redirection of SAP ui5 requests using HTTP proxy


    http-proxyIs a useful proxy tool library for proxy and redirection of HTTP requests. How to create a proxy server: var httpProxy = require(‘http-proxy’); var proxy = httpProxy.createProxyServer(options); Options creates parameters for the proxy server. Some examples: create a proxy server and listen on port 8000. After receiving the request, it will be forwarded to the […]

  • Git setup download agent


    For some reason, we download git clone GitHub very slowly git clone https://github.com/zoujingli/ThinkAdmin.git Cloning into ‘ThinkAdmin’… remote: Enumerating objects: 663, done. remote: Counting objects: 100% (663/663), done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (483/483), done. Receiving objects: 1% (389/32521), 68.01 KiB | 6.00 KiB/s At this time, you need an agent. Otherwise, the download will have to […]

  • Nginx (II)


    Nginx (II) current limiting 1、 Nginx current limiting What is current limiting Limiting the number of requests from the client to the server is flow limiting. condition Nginx server Project instance [take querying goods as an example, start two instances, port: 5000 \ 5001] Using jemter pressure measurement Nginx realizes current limiting condition Current limiting […]

  • Nginx detailed tutorial


    Nginx 1. Basic concepts summary Nginx is a high-performance HTTP and reverse proxy server It is characterized by less memory and strong concurrency Designed for performance optimization, performance is the most important consideration Reverse proxy Before talking about reverse proxy, let’s first understand the forward proxy. For example, now we want to visitwww.google.comAt present, Google […]

  • Ngine x builds a file server


    preface Nginx is a reverse proxy serverWhat is a reverse proxy server?Forward proxy: refers to that the client forwards the request to the proxy server and then to the interface server by downloading the proxy software of a specific serverReverse proxy: refers to that the server uses the software to play the role of the […]