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  • Nginx entry and cross domain solution


    1. Introduction Baidu Encyclopedia:Nginx is a lightweight web server / reverse proxy server and email (IMAP / POP3) proxy server, which is released under BSD like protocol. Its characteristics are less memory and concurrent capability. In fact, nginx’s concurrency capability is better in the same type of web server. Users in mainland China using nginx […]

  • Graphical HTTP authority Guide (4) | proxy


                                                                                1、 What is web proxy Web proxyThe server is the intermediate entity of the network. The proxy […]

  • Web caching mechanism


    What is web caching Web cache refers to the copy of a web resource (such as HTML page, image, JS, data, etc.) existing between the web server and the client (browser). The cache will save the copy of the output content according to the incoming request; when the next request comes, if it is the […]

  • Principle and usage of getclientips() in laravel framework


    The reason is that $request – > ip() is used to obtain IP current limiting, and it is suddenly killed by mistake in a large area. Investigation access.log Log, almost all requests of $remote_ Addr, all fixed IP. After consulting the operation and maintenance department, we found that he added CDN to the front end […]

  • Introduction to nginx service


    What is nginx Before this, I have also introduced the related content and installation process. It is necessary to have a detailed understanding of its powerful functions and features. As a lightweight HTTP server, nginx has obvious advantages over Apache. In terms of performance, it occupies less resources and can support more concurrent connections, so […]

  • Common instructions of nginx


    Recently, nginx is often used, so I want to take a look at the common instructions of the system HttpCore instruction set server_name Meaning: set the name of the virtual server, the first name will become the name of the main server; the server name can use * instead of the first or last part […]

  • Getting client IP with PHP


    REMOTE_ Addr is the IP address when your client “shakes hands” with your server. If anonymous proxy is used, remote_ Addr will display the IP of the proxy server (proxy can be used in nginx_ set_ header X-Forwarded-For $remote_ Addr; to solve the problem).HTTP_ CLIENT_ IP is the HTTP header sent by the proxy server. […]

  • Suggest collection! 10 suggestions to improve system performance 10 times!


    Translator: a random essay for itSource: http://www.zcfy.cc/article/10…Original text: https://www.nginx.com/blog/10… How fast is a website? Every second it takes to load a page, about 4% of users leave. The first interaction time of the top e-commerce sites is 1-3 seconds, which has the highest conversion rate. Obviously, the importance of web application performance is increasing. It’s […]

  • The fourth stage notes Jingtao_ day07


    Day 07 reverse proxy nginx This document is compiled according to the teaching process. For more details and pictures, please refer to Mr. Liu’s column Jiang GE’s column 《Cgb2008-jingtao day07》 1、 Realize file upload Assign values to properties i. Edit Pro configuration file #Configure local disk root image.fileDir=E:/jt_img #Configure image server address image.urlPath=http://image.jt.com II. Edit […]

  • My server cultivation plan — Hadoop building


    cause A week ago, I suddenly wanted to sort out my server group. I put down a node library that I was studying temporarily and started to study Hadoop (in fact, I started my brain pumping and wanted to build a distributed file system to share data. Later, I chose HDFS because I could do […]

  • Comparison of proxy server and virtual private network


    Why do we compare proxy server and VPN? Before I talk about it, I’ll talk about why I want to compare these two things. Whether it is a proxy server (synonymous with the “proxy” below) or VPN, in fact, people use it for the same purpose, and the final effect is basically the same, that […]

  • What can nginx do? After reading this article, you will understand!


    Author: RayeLink: www.jianshu.com/p/8bf73d1a758c This article only aims at what things nginx can handle when it does not load the third-party modules. Because there are too many third-party modules, it can not be completely introduced. Of course, this article itself may not be complete. After all, I have used and learned about it personally. Welcome to […]