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  • Using vant component area in Vue


    1. Download the official area data file,area.jsarea.tsIfarea.jsIf it does not exist, download itarea.ts, and then converted to JS filehold.tsChange the file name to.jsAnd thenexport const areaList = {}Change toexport default {} 2. Then it is introduced into Vue component of area componentimport areaList from ‘../../assets/js/area.js’ 3. Basic use < van area: area list = “arealist” […]

  • Flutter Weekly Issue 57


    Journalism More convenient and powerful: flutter package ecosystem update course Fish Lottie: how can pure dart achieve a high performance animation framework? plug-in unit frefresh Help you to build pull-down refresh and pull-up loading in the simplest way. image-downloader Flutter plugin that downloads images and movies on the Internet and saves to Photo Library on […]

  • SQL server to achieve a simple provincial and urban linkage


    Today, I studied the method of SQL server to realize the linkage between provinces and cities, and recorded it. 1、 First, create three tables, DIC_ Area, DIC_ City and DIC_ In province, the statement of creating three tables is as follows: 1 create table Dic_Province 2 ( 3 id int NOT NULL, 4 provinceID varchar(6) […]

  • Encapsulation of cascade cascade selector component based on ES6


    Taking the provincial and urban data as an example, the component effects are as follows: Technical highlights: 1. Combined with front-end and back-end communication, realize the hot update and dynamic rendering data 2. Use setter and getter to set accessor property in component 3. The cascading effect is realized by event listening and throwing 4. […]

  • Sublime text 3 first experience


    Why sublime text? Although the computer is equipped with sublime text (hereinafter referred to as “ST”), but I have been using the brackets launched by Adobe before, so to speak, the use experience is still good, but the other day I opened a provincial and urban level three JSON file (nearly 6000 lines), instant GG, […]

  • Three level linkage small case


    This small case is suitable for a small effect similar to three-level linkage with less data. Please refer to https://www.cnblogs.com/xiaoyaolang/p/11896484.html for three-level linkage of provincial and urban areas Please choose Province Please select the city. Please select province first Please choose County Please select a city first