• Top 10 forecasts of big data market trends in 2014


    Top 10 forecasts of big data market trends in 2014 Big data is the most popular technical vocabulary in 2013. In this year, the big data market has also achieved rapid growth, and more and more enterprises begin to embrace big data solutions. With the growing maturity of the ecosystem, Hadoop is no longer a […]

  • 3、 Source code analysis of Dubbo cluster fault tolerance


    We’ve seen Dubbo’s earlierserviceIntroduction andService exportSource code, let me take a look at the DubboCluster fault toleranceSource code of 1、 Relationship between related components Description of cluster fault tolerance in Dubbo Fail over cluster – failure. When the automatic switch fails, other servers will be tried again Failfast Cluster – after the request fails, an […]

  • Talk about the configuration block and running block of angular


    The configuration block configures the module or service during the registration and configuration of the provider. This is the only place that can be modified before the app starts. In addition, only providers and constants can be injected into the config angular.module(‘myapp’,[]) .config(function($provider){ //** }) Is this code familiar? But do you know what the […]

  • In depth analysis of the data quality of the defi smart contract


    With the continuous expansion of the ecology of decentralized Finance (hereinafter referred to as defi), the value of blockchain Oracle guarantee is also growing synchronously, and the two complement each other to achieve a virtuous cycle. With the rapid growth of the application value of defi, it has become an important work to develop innovative […]

  • Database layer of SAP NetWeaver and hybris


    ABAP Netweaver In SAP’s ABAP application based on NetWeaver, application developers use open SQL to access the database. These open SQL will be converted by database interface into native SQL statements supported by various database providers and then executed. The database providers supported by NetWeaver can see in the DBMS field of table dbcon: In […]

  • Dubbo’s cluster fault tolerance model


    When the cluster call fails, Dubbo provides a variety of fault-tolerant schemes, default to failover retry.Relationship of each node: thereInvokeryesProviderA callableServiceThe abstraction of,InvokerEncapsulatedProviderAddress andServiceInterface information DirectoryOn behalf of multipleInvokerYou can think of it asList<Invoker>, but withListThe difference is that its value may be dynamic, such as registry push changes ClustertakeDirectoryMultiple inInvokerDisguised as aInvokerTransparent to the […]

  • Summary of Dubbo’s overall architecture


    Dubbo Origin of RPC During school, we have written many programs, such as writing a hello world service class, and then calling it locally, as shown below. The characteristics of these programs are that the service consumer and service provider are local call relationships. Once you step into the company, especially the large Internet companies, […]

  • Dubbo source code analysis – SPI extension


    SPI extension Preface From the perspective of a framework author, define an interface, and give several interface implementation classes by defaultAllow users of the framework to customize the implementation of the interface。 Now a simple question is:How to get all implementation classes of an interface gracefully? JDK SPI is born to solve this problem gracefully,The […]

  • Dubbo interview 28 questions answer details: core function + service governance + architecture design, etc


    1. What is Dubbo? Dubbo is a distributed, high-performance and transparent RPC service framework. It provides efficient service governance solutions such as automatic service registration and automatic discovery, which can be seamlessly integrated with spring framework. RPC refers to the remote call protocol, that is, the interaction data between two servers. 2. The origin of […]

  • Introduction and basic concepts of Dubbo


    scene The development and evolution of distributed system and RPC introduction: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/103555049 Dubbo introduction Apache Dubbo (including) | D ʌ B ʌ is a high-performance, lightweight open-source Java RPC framework, which provides three core capabilities: interface oriented remote method calls, intelligent fault tolerance and load balancing, and automatic service registration and discovery. Official website:http://dubbo.apache.org/ Note: […]

  • SQL 2005 provider: Named pipeline provider error: 40 cannot open a connection to SQL Server


    ASP.net Connecting to SQL 2005 Database Error Tip: Error while establishing connection with server. When connecting to SQL Server 2005, the default setting that SQL Server does not allow remote connections may cause this failure. Provider: Named Pipeline Provider, error: 40 – Unable to open a connection to SQL Server Solutions: 1. Ensure that the […]