• Let’s encrypt – use free SSL / TLS certificates


    Free SSL certificates are provided by domestic cloud service providers such as Alibaba and Tencent, but their certificates are only free for one year, and do not support free wildcard certificates. The charged certificates are at least 1K / year, which is certainly unbearable for individual users. Fortunately, we still have themLet’s Encrypt。 adoptLet’s EncryptAlthough […]

  • Serverless: is this really the future( (I)


    Original text|https://www.pulumi.com/blog/i…By Lee Briggs & piers karsenbargTranslator | Donghui Many developers say that no server is the future of computing, while others say it will never succeed. Our own views are not so polarized. We see no server as an option, which is a possible stepping stone from start-ups to medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises. […]

  • On angular error handling


    Error handling is a requirement that we often encounter and must deal with when writing code. Most of the time, the logic to deal with exceptions is to avoid program crash《Implementation scheme of front-end anomaly monitoring platform》Exception tracking has been introduced, which will be briefly introduced in this paperAngularHow to handle exceptions. What is angular […]

  • Serverless: is this really the future( (II)


    Original text|https://www.pulumi.com/blog/is_serverless_the_future_part_2/By Lee Briggs & piers karsenbargTranslator | Donghui In the second article on serverless, we will discuss some broader issues. Once again, we do not want to make mandatory provisions. We would like to put forward some ideas to promote discussion among all stakeholders. Many people who say that all applications will be serverless […]

  • Dubbo + zookeeper (2) Dubbo architecture


    The last time I updated my blog was a year ago. A lot of things happened in this year, which was not smooth or even painful. However, don’t stop learning. Only learning can make you stronger and deal with more instability. 1、 RPC concept Dubbo service is an RPC framework. First of all, we need […]

  • Vue 3 combined provide / inject


    Welcome to my official account, “life code“. Combined supply and injection In the previous chapter, we talked about the optional supply and injection, today we continue to talk about the combined supply and injection. We can also use provide / inject in the composite API. Both can only be used on thesetup()Call during. Imagine the […]

  • Spring boot integrates Dubbo and uses zookeeper as the registry


    Spring boot integrates Dubbo and uses zookeeper as the registry preface In this paper, the whole operation in windows, roughly the same operation with Linux, specific details please Baidu, conditional can Google! Knowledge points to understand Dubbo and zookeeper environments and understanding what they are Spring boot knowledge is limited to package structure, POM, dependency […]

  • ICBC’s practice of building financial micro service architecture based on Dubbo service discovery


    By Zhang YuanzhengSource|Alibaba cloud official account Reading guideDubbo as a distributed micro service framework, many companies in practice based on Dubbo for distributed system architecture. After restarting open source, we not only seeDubbo 3.0 the latest “roadmap” releaseIn addition, we can also see that Ali is starting to promote its e-commerceIntegration of Dubbo and internal […]

  • Master the dependency injection of angular2


    For a better reading experience, seeoriginal text Before you read this article, you need to know what it isDependency injectionThere are a lot of explanations about this on the Internet. You can do it yourselfGoogle. Our article is based onQuickStartBased on the project, explain how to use it in angular2 from the beginningDependency injectionIf you […]

  • Top 10 forecasts of big data market trends in 2014


    Top 10 forecasts of big data market trends in 2014 Big data is the most popular technical vocabulary in 2013. In this year, the big data market has also achieved rapid growth, and more and more enterprises begin to embrace big data solutions. With the growing maturity of the ecosystem, Hadoop is no longer a […]

  • 3、 Source code analysis of Dubbo cluster fault tolerance


    We’ve seen Dubbo’s earlierserviceIntroduction andService exportSource code, let me take a look at the DubboCluster fault toleranceSource code of 1、 Relationship between related components Description of cluster fault tolerance in Dubbo Fail over cluster – failure. When the automatic switch fails, other servers will be tried again Failfast Cluster – after the request fails, an […]

  • Talk about the configuration block and running block of angular


    The configuration block configures the module or service during the registration and configuration of the provider. This is the only place that can be modified before the app starts. In addition, only providers and constants can be injected into the config angular.module(‘myapp’,[]) .config(function($provider){ //** }) Is this code familiar? But do you know what the […]