• What will happen to HTML5? Prospects of HTML5


    HTML5, known as the killer of flash, is a revolutionary network technology for web application development. HTML 5 provides some new elements and attributes, some of which are technically similar to < div > and < span > tags, but have some meaning, such as < NAV > and < footer >. This label will […]

  • Two pure CSS methods to realize the pop-up effect of hover picture pop-out


    Implementation principle The main graphic elements are composed of background and foreground elements. In the following example code, the background element uses pseudo elementsfigure::beforeIndicates that the foreground element usesfigure imgIndicates that when the mouse hover is suspended to the figure element, the background element will become larger, and the foreground element will become larger and […]

  • Compose and blend (II)


    stayLast articleWe talked aboutcomposeSome methods, such assource-in,XORwait. But these are related to cutting, which we will introduce belowblend。 What is blend I understandblendyescomposeOne step in the process,Last articleI’ve already talked about itcomposeSome methods, butblendIs to mix the colors of two pictures together. The most typical example is the three primary colors. We can imagine the […]

  • Tkinter (09) listbox


    Creation of list box parts and its options import tkinter as tk parent = tk.Tk() w = tk.Listbox(parent, option, …) option explain activestyle The styles of active lines are “underline”, “dotbox” and “None” bg or background background color bd or borderwidth The outer frame width is 2 cursor The pattern of the mouse when it […]

  • D2Det: Towards High Quality Object Detection and Instance Segmentation


    D2det is a two-stage algorithm, similar to fast RCNN. Some improvements are made on the basis of fast RCNN. The overall framework is shown in (a) below: Compared with fast RCNN, the improvements are as follows 1. Dense local regression As shown in (b) above, fast RCNN performs convolution operation on the ROI proposed by RPN […]

  • Front end regular exercises


    Exercises 1. Change get element by ID to hump name var str = ‘get-element-by-id’ const reg = /-\w/g const newStr = str.replace(reg, word => { console.log(word, ‘word12’) return word.substring(1).toUpperCase() }) console.log(newStr, ‘newStr’) // getElementById 2. Judge the telephone number function isPhone(tel) { var regx = /^1[34578]\d{9}$/; return regx.test(tel); } 3. Find repeated words var str […]

  • Introduction to regularization


    I’ve seen many regular tutorials before, but I don’t receive much. I just skim the water and pass by a little bit. In fact, regularization is extremely useful, such as matching innerHTML content and form validation. Here, I combine JS to give a brief introduction to regularization. If there are any mistakes, please point them […]

  • Notes on JS regular expression learning


    It’s a shame to say that after three years of front-end work, the application of regular expression is still very shallow. We all know that the speed of regular expression is basically the fastest, but we just don’t have to remember the grammar and rules. In this project, we used many actions that need to […]

  • Android layout manager – use FrameLayout to display stacked squares and foreground photos


    scene Android layout manager – use LinearLayout to realize simple login window layout: https://blog.csdn.net/BADAO_LIUMANG_QIZHI/article/details/103838995 Frame layout manager FrameLayout     Achieving results       Note: Blog:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Official accountDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. realization Activity_ main.xml Change to FrameLayout     And then through android:foreground=”@drawable/dog”   Set its foreground photo, […]