• HTML encoding specification


    ———————-Add wechat to chat with Lao Wang about technology, productsTalk about operations.Organize thematic remote voice discussions regularly.Jinqun plus wechatTechnology wechat group:Add wechat: wonter send: Technology Q medical wechat group:Add wechat: wonter send: Medical Q ———————- Recommended reading: CSS coding specification  HTML encoding specification  JavaScript coding specification    preface As a hypertext markup language to describe […]

  • Chrome version 89 does not support less deep style penetration


    problem Chrome version 89.0.4389.90 does not support less/deep/Style penetration solve We should not only take care of the previous version, but also be compatible with the new version. It is recommended to write two CSS styles .main{ .el-dialog__headerbtn{ top:-5px!important; right:0px!important; } /deep/.el-dialog__headerbtn{ top:-5px!important; right:0px!important; } } be careful:/deep/Only for less and sass::v-deepbe careful:/deep/It’s better to […]

  • Postman – use login interface to save cookies automatically


    uselocalhostAndLocal IPsuch as192.168.0.122The stored cookie is different for postman It is recommended to test with either localhost or IP Write this article to deepen your memory, don’t forget it again!!!

  • Baseline security of Linux server — dry goods


    Business Tags: hospital information integration platform, Internet hospital, Internet nursing, chronic disease follow-up Technical labels: ESB, ETL + CDC, NLP, FAAS, SaaS, Hadoop, microservice Technology wechat group:Add wechat: wonter send: technical QMedical wechat group:Add wechat: wonter send: Medical Q   Implementation plan of Internet hospital (1) preparation before implementation Implementation plan of Internet hospital (2) […]

  • 10 suggestions to be the worst developer


    Yesterday, I saw a very interesting article on devto. A foreign development elder brother published an article about devto10 tips on how to be the worst developerCompared with other positive suggestions on how to become a good programmer, the article is more profound. Now let’s take a look at what these 10 suggestions are! Top […]

  • Segment fault: the way to find bugs


    Problem Description:Double click the content of the website several times, and multiple “please log in and copy” prompts will appear Suggestions:View double click event JS code

  • Idea prompt schannel: next initializesecuritycontext failed solution


    Many articles on the Internet say that git’shttp.sslBackendChange the configuration toopenssl: git config –global http.sslBackend openssl In fact, this is not feasible, because in Git’s system configuration, the default value isopenssl。 The official proposal is: In idea, click Help > find action and enterRegistry, findgit.use.schannel.on.windowsTo configure an item, just uncheck the item.

  • The solution of ora-12514 error report when using PLSQL developer


       The course content is from:https://www.cnblogs.com/AIHEN/p/9365276.html Log in to PLSQL developer times  Ora-12513 errorTo modify the listening configuration file of the local database, the process is relatively simple. Search Oracle installation directory to find listener.ora File, and modify it to TXT format to open(It is recommended to make a backup before modification)The code to be added […]

  • Installation of Python + CUDA + pytorch in window


    1 Overview WindowslowerPython+CUDA+PyTorchInstallation, steps are very detailed, hereby recorded, to help readers avoid detours. 2 Python PythonThe installation of is relatively simpleOfficial websitedownloadexeInstall the package: Because the latesttorchVersion only supports toPython 3.8Therefore, in order to avoid version compatibility problems, it is recommended to installPython 3.8。 Download the one in the middleexecutable installerIt is recommended to […]

  • The closing of the two sessions: the big guys in science and technology circles put forward these AI proposals


    Abstract: on March 10 and 11, the two sessions closed one after another. In recent years, “artificial intelligence” has become an indispensable topic in the two sessions. What are the proposals on artificial intelligence in the two sessions this year? Original: hyperai super nerve Key words: two sessions, science and technology, artificial intelligence The fourth […]

  • Install and verify librealsense on Ubuntu 18.04


    Installation environment OS: Ubuntu 18.04 bionicKernel: x86_64 Linux 4.15.0-20-generic The test passed the virtual machine Ubuntu 18.04 started by VMware station Install realsense SDK reference resourceshttps://github.com/IntelRealS…\_linux.md Previous librealsense needs to be compiled for installation, but for Ubuntu lts kernels 4.4, 4.8, 4.10, 4.13, 4.15, 4.18 * 5.0 * 5.3 * you can use apt to […]

  • Linux nexus installation


    Nexus introduction Nexus is a private library of Maven components in java development, which is an essential support service for team development Nexus installation Let’s go firstNexus websiteFind the latest nexus installation package.nexus-repository-ossdownload [[email protected] nexus3]$ wget https://sonatype-download.global.ssl.fastly.net/repository/repositoryManager/3/nexus-3.16.1-02-unix.tar.gz [[email protected] nexus3]$ tar -zxvf nexus-3.16.1-02-unix.tar.gz [[email protected] nexus3]$ ls nexus-3.16.1-02 nexus-3.16.1-02-unix.tar.gz sonatype-work #Nexus needs JAVA environment. JDK1.8 is recommended […]