• Solution: error in XX from uglifyjs keyword ~ const


    ERROR UglifyJs keyword «const» When the scaffold compiler configuration was used in another project, I reported this error. When I solved it, I took a detour. Record it. 1. The most easily found solution (not recommended) { test: /\.js$/, loader: ‘babel-loader’, //exclude: /node_ After the modules /, // annotation, the Es5 conversion is performed first, […]

  • Using docker to install MySQL in Linux Environment


    preface A few days ago, when I was running a project, the background couldn’t get up. After reading the error information, I found that my MySQL version was too old to use. Because I used xampp, and the version followed the xampp version. The solution given on the Internet is to run the command: MySQL_ […]

  • Vue Learning Guide: Chapter 12 (detailed) – Vue routing Chapter 2 (route on demand loading (lazy loading))


    Dear friends, due to the busy work recently, Xiaobian has stopped working for a period of time, and the Chinese New Year is approaching. I wish you all success in your career, success in your studies, happiness and health, and happy every day in 2020. From today on, I will take time to complete the […]

  • Solution to e11000 duplicate key error collection in mongodb


    Because I set the uniqueness of the field phone before, I used this model to create a collection, so the collection thought that the phone was unique, but sometimes it didn’t transmit the mobile phone number, so the uniqueness conflict, resulting in an error. report errors: Related model part: phone: { type: String, unique: true, […]

  • Flink state best practices


    This article mainly shares and exchanges some experience and experience in the process of using Flink status. Of course, the title is named “best practice”. I hope that the content of the article can bring some dry goods to the readers. The content of this paper is to review the related concepts of state, and […]

  • [handling] how to stack other overlay widgets on a widget


    The original text is here About the author: Jose, who just graduated from University, now leads a team to maintain the material library of flutter,Material is a design system that helps the team build a high-quality user experience. Suppose you have a widget in your UI and you want to overlay a floating widget on […]

  • Django learn to step on the pit (2) deploy on centos7


    This paper is a record and summary of my learning process The server is Alibaba cloud student machine, and the system is centos7.3 64 bit Update Yum and install required dependencies Yum requires Python 2.7, so it’s best to do this before installing Python 3 yum update yum install yum-utils yum groupinstall development yum install […]

  • Configure lnmphp7.3 + phalcon3.4 + swoole4.5 environment


    Machine environment centos7 64bitIt is recommended that the machine memory should be at least 3gb, otherwise it will be stuck for a long time when installing Phalcon. About 5 minutestargetConfigure php7 environmentcontain nginx php7.3 mysql4.7 phalcon3.4 swoole4.5 easyswoole redis4.4 memcache beanstalk1.10 Switch Yum source to alicloud CentOS 7 Yum source #Delete the repo file or […]

  • Mysql database daily use specification


    You ask God for help because you believe in him; God doesn’t help you because he believes in you. Introduction: About MySQL database specification, I believe you have read some documents. This article gives you a detailed classification and summary of the database related specifications, from the database table naming design specification to the index […]

  • Those HTML elements that are discarded


    With the development of the Internet, many new technologies are emerging to replace the old ones. Why not use some HTML elements or discard some HTML elements? With the development of the Internet, many new technologies are emerging to replace the old ones, and we are also familiar with them. In the Internet technology, we […]

  • Esparser 1.0 release: concentrate on it and use it out of the box


    EsParser PHP’s operation class library, through writing SQL to transform DSL to query elastic search Composer use { “require”: { “qieangel2013/esparser”: “dev-master” } } composer install require __DIR__.’/vendor/autoload.php’; //$sql = ‘select * from alp_dish_sales_saas where sid in(994,290) limit 1,10′; //$sql=’update alp_dish_sales_saas set mid=3 where adsid=15125110′; //$sql=’delete from alp_dish_sales_saas where adsid=15546509’; //$sql=”select *,concat_ws(‘_’,category_name.keyword,dish_name.keyword,sku_name.keyword) as dfg from […]

  • Solve the problem of CentOS docker without network


    Cause of the problem The main problem is that packet forwarding is not enabled by default Enable forwarding – mode 1 Temporary methodecho 1 >/proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forwardPermanent modevi /etc/sysctl.confadd to:net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1Save exit, execute:sysctl -p Turn on Forwarding – mode 2 (it needs to be executed to turn on firewall) implementfirewall-cmd –add-masquerade –permanent Then restart the firewallfirewall-cmd […]