• React native installation and environment configuration


    1、 Installing the Java environment The version before Java 8 does not support react native, so Java 8 must be used   2、 Install Android studio (1) Environment variable configuration: ANDROID_ Home: C: \ users \ username \ appdata \ local \ Android \ SDK     PATH:       %ANDROID_HOME%\platform-tools       %ANDROID_HOME%\emulator       %ANDROID_HOME%\tools       %ANDROID_HOME%\tools\bin   3、 Install node.js   […]

  • These four tools help you write bad SQL


    What is your performance on running MySQL? Is the parameter setting reasonable? Is there a security risk in the account settings? Is it clear? As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. Regular physical examination of your MySQL database is an important means to ensure […]

  • A distracted IOS code specification!


    preface The importance of code specification is not explained here. You can see this article that you have begun to pay attention to code specification(Code specification seems to limit your freedom and play. In fact, it indirectly helps you become better.)。 Appropriate code norms and standards are not to eliminate the creativity and elegance of […]

  • MySQL design and development specification


    This specification aims to help or guide Rd, QA, OP and other technicians to make database design suitable for online business. Standardize the database change and processing flow, database table design, SQL writing, etc., so as to provide guarantee for the stable and healthy operation of the company’s business system design code All the following […]

  • Can I find an internship after seven months of self-study?


    Let’s start with the conclusion: Yes! If you haven’t found it in 7 months, it means you’re not diligent enough or you don’t study by yourself. Let’s talk about how my roommate taught himself how to get an offer of 20W + in three months. In April 2018, he began to teach himself Java. Although […]

  • Technology application – DWS space full best practice


    Summary:This paper mainly introduces how to carry out normal vacuum full maintenance and release disk storage in time. 1. Background At present, according to the situation of a project, its DWS has low disk IO performance, large amount of data in the library, many objects and serious data expansion. If the space is released aimlessly, […]

  • How to change the default method and request mode when API post creates a new interface


    How to change the default method and the default request method when API post creates a new interface? For new interfaces, the default method and default request method of apipost are post and multipart / form data respectively. According to user suggestions, after version 3.2.1, apipos supports custom default method and default request method. The […]

  • Prelude to termux


    brief introduction This is a command line interface application on Android. Suggested app download address:https://f-droid.org/packages/com.termux/ Application source code:https://github.com/termux/termux-app More to read:https://www.sqlsec.com/2018/05/termux.html prelude It may have to be done or better done before use. I call it a prelude. After the prelude, you can do a lot of things you want to do. premise The prelude […]

  • HTML encoding specification


    ———————-Add wechat to chat with Lao Wang about technology, productsTalk about operations.Organize thematic remote voice discussions regularly.Jinqun plus wechatTechnology wechat group:Add wechat: wonter send: Technology Q medical wechat group:Add wechat: wonter send: Medical Q ———————- Recommended reading: CSS coding specification  HTML encoding specification  JavaScript coding specification    preface As a hypertext markup language to describe […]

  • Chrome version 89 does not support less deep style penetration


    problem Chrome version 89.0.4389.90 does not support less/deep/Style penetration solve We should not only take care of the previous version, but also be compatible with the new version. It is recommended to write two CSS styles .main{ .el-dialog__headerbtn{ top:-5px!important; right:0px!important; } /deep/.el-dialog__headerbtn{ top:-5px!important; right:0px!important; } } be careful:/deep/Only for less and sass::v-deepbe careful:/deep/It’s better to […]

  • Postman – use login interface to save cookies automatically


    uselocalhostAndLocal IPsuch as192.168.0.122The stored cookie is different for postman It is recommended to test with either localhost or IP Write this article to deepen your memory, don’t forget it again!!!

  • Baseline security of Linux server — dry goods


    Business Tags: hospital information integration platform, Internet hospital, Internet nursing, chronic disease follow-up Technical labels: ESB, ETL + CDC, NLP, FAAS, SaaS, Hadoop, microservice Technology wechat group:Add wechat: wonter send: technical QMedical wechat group:Add wechat: wonter send: Medical Q   Implementation plan of Internet hospital (1) preparation before implementation Implementation plan of Internet hospital (2) […]