• Docker installation rocketmq


    be careful:If you don’t have a docker environment, you can refer to your CentOS to install docker1. Query the available rocketmqdocker search rocketmq2. Pull the imagedocker pull rocketmqinc/rocketmq3. Start the namesrv service (create a new file path, my name is / www / MQ) docker run -d -p 9876:9876 -v /www/mq/data/namesrv/logs:/root/logs -v /www/mq/data/namesrv/store:/root/store –name rmqnamesrv […]

  • Jsliang job series – 43 – CSS series summary


    One directory II. Review knowledge points  2.1 Foundation  2.2 box model  2.3 mobile terminal III. references  3.1 interview  3.2 layout  3.3 Flex  3.4 mobile terminal  3.5 CSS  3.6 CSS3  3.7 cascading context  3.8 BFC block formatting context  3.9 others II. Review knowledge points Return to directory There are three parts to review the knowledge points. […]

  • Don’t underestimate these official gadgets! It can help you quickly solve the database bottleneck when it is critical


    Do you know the performance of running mysql, whether the parameter settings are reasonable, and whether there are security risks in the account settings? As the saying goes, if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. Regular physical examination of your MySQL database is an important means to ensure […]

  • Delete the current row in the loop


     LOOP AT IT_035ALV INTO DATA(LS_035).        IF LS_035-ANZFB NE ‘OA approved’.*          DELETE  IT_035ALV INDEX sy-tabix.*          DELETE  IT_ 035ALV FROM LS_ 035. “Delete current workspace”          DELETE  IT_035ALV . Best practice of “delete current workspace” – delete the condition row. It is recommended to copy it to another table and do not delete it in recycling        ENDIF.      ENDLOOP.

  • Centos7 record of USB flash disk installation


    1. Download ImageDomestic image stations can be selected, including Alibaba and NetEase. The version of Alibaba image I use is 7.4.178, ISOs2. Using UltraISO clone to mirror to USB flash disk: Start — write to hard disk image3. “Install centos7”. After running for a long time, an error is reported. Enter the command interface for […]

  • [Django] database driven


    catalogue Environment introduction mysqlclient pymysql mysql-connector-python Reference link: Django connection MySQL driver settings There are three types of drivers for connecting MySQL in Django: mysqlclient mysql-connector-pythom Pymysql (suggestion: this package has not been upgraded for a year. I don’t recommend using it). Should Python 3 use MySQL or MySQL client? What’s the difference between the […]

  • W3C tutorial (2): W3C program


    The W3C standardization process is divided into seven different steps.The W3C standardization process is divided into seven different steps.W3C specification approval stepsIn the process of W3C releasing a new standard, the specification is gradually established as a recommended standard from a simple concept through the following strict procedures:In the following chapters of this tutorial, the […]

  • Week 3 Arts template


    Algorithm。 Mainly for programming training and learning Middle order traversal of binary tree https://leetcode-cn.com/probl… First recurse the left subtree, root, in the right subtree var inorderTraversal = function(root) { var nums = []; var traveral = function(node){ if(node === null) return traveral(node.left) nums.push(node.val) traveral(node.right) } traveral(root) return nums; }; After optimization, make sure that you […]

  • How to add eslint verification during git commit


    git Hooks First, we need to understandGit hook Like other version control systems, GIT can trigger custom scripts when specific important actions occur. There are two sets of such hooks: client-side and server-side. The client hook is invoked by operations such as submit and merge, while the server hook acts on networking operations such as […]

  • Failed to set version to docker-desktop: exit code: -1


    At first, when I met this problem, I made a simple Baidu search, but I always treated the symptoms rather than the root cause, which was very annoying Execute under CMD / shell netsh winsock reset Here is the permanent solution* 1. Download nolsp (VPN, etc.) http://www.proxifier.com/tmp/Test20200228/NoLsp.exe Or Baidu network disk Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/14nxz… Extraction code: iq5s 2. […]

  • There are many self-taught hackers. It’s important to master the methods. I’ll give you some suggestions on how to get started and advanced hackers


    Author cosine Lazy people are thinking Recommendation 1:Hacker sevenLevels   Hackers are tempting for many people. Many people can find that this field, like any other field, is more in-depth and more awed. Knowledge is like the ocean. Hackers also have some levels. For reference, I know that CEO IC of Chuangyu (a member of […]

  • Summary of rongyun integration error codes


    Summary of rongyun integration error codes Recently, rongyun im SDK was integrated, and the error code was encountered in the process. At this time, you need to go to the SDK header file to find the corresponding error code and check the reason. The following are sorted out for you. I hope it can help […]