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  • The KEGG path parses and corresponds to the map number and Ko number


    yesterdayKEGG path parsingDidn’t you say to add the corresponding relationship between the map number and the KO number later? I’ll add it today. Yesterday’s code is a class, which contains several functions. To correspond to the map number and Ko number, you only need to add a function to judge whether the map number has […]

  • Front end validform JS attribute, usage and introduction to Ajax submission


    Download and reference validform JS and CSS Link:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1GFg79JuIDoSdeoO8HjKFhA Code extraction: bxtc Put the three static files in the downloaded folder (as shown in the figure) into the directory specified by yourself. Since validfrom is based on jQuery, you need to introduce jQuery first. Also reference the CSS provided with the validform Please check the style […]

  • Digital comparison of Java


    requirement: Enter the specified number of numbers, then compare the size and output the maximum and minimum values. realization: import java.util.Scanner; Interface inumbercase {// set an interface to handle numbers public double[] caseNumber(int count); // Count is the number of input numbers } class NumberCaseImpl implements INumberCase{ @Override public double[] caseNumber(int count) { double [] […]

  • Actual combat of springcloud microservice — building an enterprise level development framework (VII): Customizing general response messages and unified exception handling


       in the normal development process, it is inevitable that we need to deal with all kinds of exceptions, so here we customize unified exceptions in the public module. Spring boot provides @ restcontrolleradvice annotation for unified exception handling. We use gitegg_ Create a new gitegg Platform Boot sub project in the platform, which is […]

  • C# WinForm custom exception handling method


    A simple unified exception handling method. If there is an exception at the bottom of the system, write the record file. The top of the system captures the exception at the bottom and displays the prompt information. /// ///Custom exception class /// public static class ExceptionExtension { /// ///User defined error messages /// public static […]

  • Quick reference guide for git commit using gitmoji


    catalogue preface 1. Reference method: script method 1.1 use vs code to edit multiple lines of text and quickly write script files 1.2 add executable permissions to scripts 1.3 modify the environment variable path so that the script can be executed under all paths (Global execution) 2. Access method: configure the personalized prompt information of […]

  • Automatically create script text header prompt


    Automatically create script text header prompt What is the most important? Find out what really needs to be done #!/usr/bin/bash # ================================================================================================== # # SCRIPT_NAME :AUTO_HEADER # USAGE :./AUTO_HEADER PROGRAM_NAME; eg: ./AUTOHEADER hello.sh # NOTE : # BUGS : # DATE :Sun Dec 26 11:56:27 AM CST 2021 # AUTHOR : # E-MAIL : # […]

  • Angularjs uses the instruction to verify the form


    preface Usually, useangularFor form validation, the validation rules are generally written separately asserviceAnd then called by dependency injection. In individual cases, such as user registration form, different prompt information needs to be given according to user inputserviceSlightly inappropriate, so you can use instructions. Simple form The following is a simple form with four prompt messages, […]

  • Adding goods – Global exception handling – deleting


    Page analysis URL analysisPage JS analysis Business realization Creation of sysresult VO object The main purpose is to interact with the page package com.jt.vo; import lombok.AllArgsConstructor; import lombok.Data; import lombok.NoArgsConstructor; import lombok.experimental.Accessors; //The main purpose of sysresult is to interact with the page. Ajax / JSON @Data @Accessors(chain = true) @NoArgsConstructor @AllArgsConstructor public class SysResult […]

  • [item stepping on the pit] py executenamy error: not all parameters were used in the SQL


    scene Use executemany to perform batch operations My execution code is as follows: with closing(ds.get_connection()) as conn, closing(conn.cursor()) as cur: cur.executemany(sql, tup_list) # cur.execute(sql, tup_list[0]) conn.commit() The data are:sql:INSERT INTOfootball_player_top_data(id,competition_id,season,team,goals,penalties,assists,created_at) VALUES (%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATEteam=%s,goals=%s,penalties=%s,assists=%s,created_at=%s tuplist: [(63861, 2, ‘2019-2020’, 1612, 1, 0, 0, ‘2020-05-29 15:01:32’, 1612, 1, 0, 0, ‘2020-05-29 15:01:32’), (63978, 2, ‘2019-2020’, […]

  • Go language learning


    1How to import customized packages in. Go language An error is reported when importing a custom package at run time   The prompt message says in C: \ go \ SRC \ mathclass (from $goroot) and   C: The package mathclass cannot be found in the \ users \ administrator \ go \ SRC \ […]

  • Comparison and summary of two front-end frameworks react and Vue


    React and Vue are the two most mainstream front-end frameworks at present. In recent interviews, I was always asked about the similarities and differences between react and Vue. I’ll sort them out this time. Screenshot of star comparison on GitHub design idea React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React recommends JSX + […]