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  • Wechat applet and user interaction


    Wechat applet and user interaction I. display message prompt box Wx. Showtoast ({property name: property value}) Customize a prompt box, which will be automatically closed when the time is up wx.showToast({ Title: “success”, // required Icon: ‘success’, // icon only supports’ success’ and’ loading ‘ Image: ‘/ images / tan. PNG’, // the local path […]

  • Hot Update in React Native App with CodePush


    Recently, I learned about CodePush hot update in React Native. The teacher talked about two ways to achieve it, and now I’ll record them. Compared with native development, using React Native to develop App can not only save development costs, but also do hot update functions that native development can not achieve. When using native […]

  • FreeBSD 6.2 Setting up Web Server Tutorial Diagram


    1. Install prozilla (Port Download Acceleration) Of course, the installation and download are accelerated first, otherwise the installation below will be slow. Installation uses the following instructions:   #cd /usr/ports/ftp/prozilla   #make install clean In the middle, there will be: This is the example and HTML format of the manual page, will not be used later to […]