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  • Swift22/90Days – GCD 1


    Swift90Days – GCD 1 I’ve been busy recently, so I’ll post the key code when I study, and I’ll fill in the content when I have a chance in the future. dispatch_async Look at the code and speak: dispatch_async(dispatch_get_global_queue(DISPATCH_QUEUE_PRIORITY_HIGH, 0), ^{ UIImage *overlayImage = [self faceOverlayImageFromImage:_image]; dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{ [self fadeInNewImage:overlayImage]; }); }); The above code […]

  • Written for yourself – CSS implementation gradient prompt box


    When I was writing the page, I encountered a gradient prompt box, and I didn’t finish the small triangle after tossing for a long time. Today, I saw that a great God actually implemented it in many ways, so I chose the simplest method to try, and recorded it with this article for my future […]

  • Android implementation pop-up prompt box


    This example shares the specific code of anadroid to realize the pop-up prompt box for your reference. The specific content is as follows The prompt box is implemented using alertdialog. code: (set in button click event) New alertdialog.builder (mainactivity.this).Settitle (“information prompt”) // set the dialog title .setmessage (“do you need to replace XXX?”) .setpositivebutton (“yes”, […]

  • The page will refresh automatically without pressing enter to submit data!


    If the page needs to be refreshed automatically, but the page has a request Form, then a prompt box usually appears, requiring the user to confirm to submit the data, which is not automatic refresh. For monitoring or stock display, it is very important not to interfere with users. The following can solve this problem: […]

  • Selenium startup item parameter setting


    brief introduction This is a parameter object of chrome, and add is used in this object_ The argument () method can add startup parameters,After adding, this options object can be passed in when initializing the wedriver object For example, the following example from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.chrome.options import Options #Instantiate a startup parameter object […]

  • The combination of virtual reality and reality realized by echarts broken line statistical chart


    1. Demand scenario: realize the broken line statistical chart. If it includes today, today is represented by dotted line, and the rest is represented by solid line2. Implementation idea: cut a line, such as 20210909 today, and divide it into two sections from 20210901 to 20210909, 20210901-20210908-202109093. Specific code implementation: //Method of setting today as […]

  • Several ways for Vue to override element UI style


    1. Remove scoped and promote the style to the global. But in this case, you need to add namespaces to solve the pollution problem. 2. Use the depth selector. When your child component uses scoped but you want to modify the style of the child component in the parent component, you can use > > […]

  • Echarts ring diagram


    I’ve been busy recently. I need to develop a lot of things. I have time to sort it out today. Let’s have a simple ring chart. First, the figure above If you think it’s useful, just have a look I won’t say much about the introduction of echarts. I only explain the configuration items and […]

  • Use echarts to display multiple prompt boxes in Vue


    1、 RenderingsCompare the values of the two coordinate axes. If the left is greater than the right, a prompt “good performance” will be given above the left histogram2、 Try Considering that tooltip is a singleton mode and can only be displayed one at a time, tooltip cannot be used. Instead, consider markpoint. Query the array […]

  • In Vue, add a click event in the echorts tooltip


    Requirements:You need to click the name of the school in echarts # tooltip to jump to the details page; The project is from a specific school in a district of Shanghai (bind a click event in the last level of tooltip)    ‘ The project is implemented with Vue and echarts. Echarts is a new version […]

  • Echarts is used in Vue to display multiple prompt boxes


    1、 RenderingsCompare the values of the two coordinate axes. The left is greater than the right, that is, a prompt “good performance” is given above the left histogram2、 Try Considering that tooltip is a singleton mode and can only be displayed one at a time, it cannot be used. Instead, consider markpoint. Query the array […]

  • A prompt box pops up in the upper right corner of odoo 13


    preface The interface of pop-up prompt box in the upper right corner has been provided in odoo. We only need to call it; The implementation of prompt box is divided into front-end JS implementation and back-end function implementation. The effect of front-end and back-end implementation is the same. Implementation effect diagram   Front end implementation […]