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  • A prompt box pops up in the upper right corner of odoo 13


    preface The interface of pop-up prompt box in the upper right corner has been provided in odoo. We only need to call it; The implementation of prompt box is divided into front-end JS implementation and back-end function implementation. The effect of front-end and back-end implementation is the same. Implementation effect diagram   Front end implementation […]

  • Prompt box JavaScript plug-in based on jQuery, class bootstrap


    Prompt box JavaScript plug-in based on jQuery, class bootstrap Source code GitHub address: https://github.com/Ethan-Xie/message example Through this plug-in, you can add the function of auto / click disappear to the prompt bar usage Message.css and message.js need to be introduced <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”message.css”> <script></script> Add to elementOnclick = “$. FN. MSG (‘msg ‘, {text:’ warning […]

  • Implement global prompt box in angularjs


    Source code Demo github preface I want to add a global prompt to the project. I found this example in this book: “developing the next generation web application with angularjs”, which is directly used. Here is a brief summary of the code. At the same time, I also found that the global prompt effect on […]

  • Disable automatic filling of v-input in element


    demand In the password modification function, disable thev-inputAutomatic filling function ofThe normal conditions are as follows: requirement analysis Let’s check whether there is a corresponding solution on the official website of element. Enter the input module, and there are corresponding attribute settings in the attribute list The above attribute is for the originalinputInput box, below […]

  • Simple making of WPF bubble prompt box


    This example for you to share the WPF bubble prompt box specific code, for your reference, the specific content is as follows Code directly <TextBox Name=”account” GotFocus=”account_ GotFocus” LostFocus=”account_ LostFocus” Style=”{StaticResource LabelTextBox}” xl:C ontrolAttachProperty.Label= “User name:” foreground = “black” margin = “10,10273271” width = “auto” / > ” First create a textbox in the foreground, […]

  • Using native JS to write microprogram


    (1) Simple ATM /*Steps: 1. Print the directory to the user 2. The variable stores 100 yuan of money left 3. Variable storage = save money: enter the amount of money plus the previous amount of money saved, and the balance prompt box will pop up 4. Variable storage = withdrawal: subtract the withdrawal from […]

  • Uni app development experience sharing 6: page Jump and prompt box


    In the process of developing our uni app, page Jump and prompt box are often the functions we need to use for data interaction and result feedback. Here are some methods and opinions I collected. 1: Page Jump Event jump: refers to the jump of the page through the tap and other events. The jump […]

  • About title pop-up instructions


    brief introduction The purpose of writing this is to facilitate myself to sort out the knowledge points. First of all, I don’t know much about JS, so it makes me very sad to see this part. This person doesn’t want to see this one when he sees something he doesn’t know from top to bottom. […]

  • Showtoast, showloading, showconfirmdialog


    This is a few commonly used global common prompt box method, which may be used many times in my later articles. Here, we will record them in a unified way.The following methods are all written inlib/common/toast.dartMedium. showToast fluttertoastToast library for Android and IOS for flutter.staypubspec.yamlAdd: fluttertoast: ^3.1.3 import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; import ‘package:fluttertoast/fluttertoast.dart’; void showToast( String text, […]

  • Issue 35 using SVG to realize an elegant prompt box


    Using SVG to realize an elegant prompt box Tooltips are often called prompt box (or information prompt box), which can provide users with corresponding prompt information with strong interaction and freedom. Today we’re not going to talk about how to achieve powerful interaction, but to see how to restore their visual effects in the best […]

  • PHP + jQuery China map hot data statistics display example


    A PHP + jQuery implementation of China map hot data statistics display example, when the mouse to the map of the designated province area, the pop-up prompt box shows the corresponding province data information. First, add a div tip to the page to display the map information and map to generate the map. Then we […]