• Exchange 2013 learning note 5: resource mailbox


    1、 New resource mailbox 1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click. 1.2. Click “to”, select “resource”, and then click “new”. 1.3. Select “conference room mailbox”. 1.4. Input the name, alias and capacity of the meeting room respectively, and then click “save”. 2、 Add resource […]

  • Appearance mode of PHP design pattern


    Series articles: Appearance mode of PHP design pattern Appearance mode The facade class provides a unified interface for the calling end. The facade class knows which subsystem is responsible for processing the request, so it can proxy the request of the caller to the appropriate subsystem Appearance pattern masks the details of subsystem, so skin […]

  • How does the apple mac connect to the projector? Mac external monitor setup tutorial


    Many users who use the MAC external monitor or connect the projector for the first time may encounter many problems, such as how to connect the projector, and the projector display screen is inconsistent with the MAC screen after connection. Here, the developeppaer editor specially makes a tutorial on the setting of MAC connected projector […]