• Personal learning series: simple implementation of Dubbo based on springboot


    As Dubbo became an Apache foundation incubation project on February 15, 2018, it is no longer a project maintained by Ali. Then there seems to be a fault. Most of the articles on the network are tutorials for the development of Dubbo in Ali phase, which leads to a long time to find Apache’s Dubbo […]

  • The simplest micro front end solution (MPA + routing distribution)


    Why micro front end architecture Developing a spa application will face a problem. With more and more functions, the volume of the main JS file of the project is getting larger and larger, which affects the initial loading speed, and the user experience is getting worse.To solve this problem, we need to introduce a “micro […]

  • Display real-time FPS value in IOS development


    OttoFPSButton Preface In project development, sometimes you need to view the real-timeFPSValue as a reference for performance. advantage Display FPS value in real time. It can be dragged to any position to trim without affecting debugging. Design sketch Use Drag the ottofpsbutton directory to the target project, andAppDelegate.mAdd the following code to it #import “OttoFPSButton.h” […]

  • Write react with Babel and webpack ES6 syntax


    Note: This is the original translation Write react with Babel and webpack ES6 syntax Environmental Science react & react dom $ npm i –save-dev react react-dom webpack & webpack-dev-server Webpack: package JS into a bundleWeb pack dev server: developing web server $ npm i –save-dev webpack $ npm install webpack-dev-server -g babel npm install –save-dev […]

  • End of 2019 summary of SAP project practice


    End of 2019 summary of SAP project practice   By the end of the year, it’s time to summarize.   As early as late December of last year, the author has a practical plan for looking forward to the sap project in 2019. At that time, the author had three expectations or goals for SAP […]

  • . net core 3.0 webapi & & MySQL 8.0 build details


    Microsoft in2019year9month24The day was released.dotNet Core 3.0andC# 8.0, many newFeatures, please click me for details. undoubtedlydotNet Core 3.0And a month laterdotNet Core 3.1aboutdotNetIs an important milestone. aboutMySQLNow, more and more commercial companies useMySQLAs your main database, thoughMySQLIt’s coming8.0With more perfect data capability and better performance, there are still many companies using it in new projectsMySQL5.7。 […]

  • Could not find iPhone 6 simulator


    Recently, there is something wrong with the old project that needs to be dealt with. After running the startup command, the following error is reported, indicating that the iPhone 6 simulator cannot be found. react-native run-ios Owaiss-Mac:pdm owaisahmed$ react-native run-ios Found Xcode project pdm.xcodeproj Could not find iPhone 6 simulator Error: Could not find iPhone […]

  • Command line is too long when IntelliJ idea runs a project


    When the IntelliJ idea project is running, you receive the following error prompt: Error running ‘Application’: Command line is too long. Shorten command line for Application or also for Spring Boot default configuration. At this time, you need to adjust the configuration of the running project, and change the short command line in the configuration […]

  • SSM (Spring + springmvc + mybatis) framework integration


    1. Data preparation SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; — —————————- — Table structure for `admin` — —————————- DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `admin`; CREATE TABLE `admin` ( `a_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `a_name` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `a_pwd` varchar(20) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`a_id`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; — —————————- — Records of admin — —————————- — —————————- — Table […]

  • Using jQuery plug-in in react


    Using jQuery plug-in in react Background: Although now react, Vue and other frameworks have opened a new chapter in front-end development, But for some more complex pages, for example, you want to generate them in the project Organization chart and personnel reporting relationship need to be used before JQuery plug-in. For example: jsplumbspacetreelenchart First, install […]

  • Gitlab open API code statistics, let your efforts be seen by the boss


    This article first appeared on the blog of the front-end team of Zhengcai cloud: gitlab open API code statistics, let your efforts be seen by the boss Preface Dunhuang systemIt is the whole process management system of project development developed by our front-end team of the cloud, aiming to manage all the processes of project […]

  • Vue learning summary


    1、 Vue Foundation Introduction, installation and import of Vue The use of Vue Vue member get Loops in Vue and modifying difference expressions Summary of methods, computed, filters, watch in Vue Components in Vue Slot instruction in Vue Some of the Vue compilations don’t work. It will flash when the Vue rendering is resolved 2、 […]