• Learning elementary unity (1) – welcome to the novice village!


    Loading Install Unity Create and start a unity project Introduction to main menus and windows of unity Receive the first novice task Link Start Welcome to novice village! Let’s introduce our world view.Current level:Lv 1Skill:nothingEquip:nothing 1. Install unity In order to start our adventure, we need to download and install unity first. I used unity […]

  • Kui component library idea (come on, brother, keep updating, deploy gitpages, add issue)


    Click the blue words above to follow us Welcome to my official account, Python. 01 Some ideas Today, I will not update the flash tutorial for the time being. Today, I write an article to introduce the idea of doing a day’s Kui component chemistry library. In fact, there is a vague feeling that I […]

  • Go + typescript + graphql + react to build Jianshu website (I) initialize go backend


    Project address: GitHub I have been learning go for a while, and I am aware of what I can do. Inspired by the community, he took building a website of his own as a lesson, and decided to write down this article at the same time, to clarify his ideas, divergent thinking, not all in […]

  • Maven compiles the project using the specified java version


    Maven compiles the project using the specified java version Global configuration Global configuration refers to configuration in ${maven _home} conf settings.xml. If the default new project usesjdk1.8Build, then<profiles> </profiles>Add the following code between <! — all Maven projects are built using JDK1.8 by default — > <profile> <id>jdk-1.8</id> <activation> <activeByDefault>true</activeByDefault> <jdk>1.8</jdk> </activation> <properties> <maven.compiler.source>1.8</maven.compiler.source> <maven.compiler.target>1.8</maven.compiler.target> […]

  • Generally speaking, why do devdpendencies


    Tangled updependenciesanddevDependenciesWhat’s the difference? Where should I put my bag? Search for information on the Internet and consult with the God group. The answer is: Production environmentdependenciesMedium; The development environment usesdevDependenciesMedium; It’s a rule. You can play together if you abide by it. If you don’t, you can play by yourself; Emmm… God just likes […]

  • GitLab Container Registry


    By integrating gitlab container registry into gitlab, each project can have its own space to store its docker image. 1. Enable container registry If not found under the sidebar of your projectPackages > Container RegistryThis directory, please contact the administrator. If you are using gitlab.com, this feature is enabled by default, so you can start […]

  • Explore the common notes of springboot


    @RestController     Restcontroller is a combination of @ controller and @ ResponseBody @EnableAutoConfigurationSpringboot recommends only one class with this annotationSpring boot will automatically configure the project according to the jar package dependencyWhen there is a dependency of HSQLDB under the project, springboot will create the data source of the default memory databaseIf you create […]

  • Using cloud toolkit to create Dubbo project in idea quickly


    Environmental Science System: win10 professional 1903 Idea version: Ultimate 2019.2.4 JDK: openjdk version “1.8.0_40” 1、 Install the cloud toolkit plug-in 1. Click on the welcome page of ideaConfigureIn the menu (dimension 1) drop-down listPlugins(Note 2) enter idea plug in management panel 2. Enter in the plug-in search box (Note 3)Alibaba Cloud ToolkitPost pressEnterAfter the Enter […]

  • Interview super awkward moment: I have never participated in a full stack project!


    Article reprinted from http://www.qingmengtech.com/blogdetail? Id = 34 Writing a resume is the first step to find a job, and the second step is an interview. Then a resume is a stepping stone to an interview. So the basic purpose of writing a resume is to reflect your professional level and project experience. What kind of […]

  • UML use case model and class diagram exercises


    1.A small online fruit supermarket is responsible for ordering apples, mangoes, peaches and lychees online. Users can register as members, make appointment, order, inquire, cancel and other routine actions.Please design use case model1) Participants2) Use case diagram3) An important use case for description     2. Draw class diagramThere are many departments in a company. […]

  • Custom form system based on Vue and nodejs


    Based on the custom form system of Vue and nodejs, the project address is transmitted to https://github.com/kkxiaojun/vueform brief introduction This system decided to use Vue as the overall framework of the web, nodejs as the server language, mongodb as the preferred data storage scheme. This system includes the current situation of custom form system, system […]

  • Cocoapods finishing (2) — using cocoapods


    Cocoapods finishing (2) — using cocoapods Catalog Pod common commands Pod integration into project Pod removed from project 1. Pod common commands pod search XXXX :Search XXXX framework information (this information is searched from local repo) pod setup :Initializing pod will update the tripartite library information base pod repo update :Update the official tripartite database […]