• As a programmer, do you know what software must be installed on win


    preface From the beginning of unpacking a new computer, or reloading the system, we need to download a bunch of software for work or to cooperate with a certain technical ability display. Of course, you have different occupations, and the tools you need are naturally different. This article recommends several software that may be popular […]

  • Stop using = = = everywhere


    By seifeldin MahjoubTranslator: front-end witSource: domnung Take a look at it and get used to it this paperGitHubhttps://github.com/qq44924588… I have collected more articles of high praise in the past and sorted out a lot of my documents and tutorial materials. Welcome to star and perfect, you can refer to the interview site review, hope we […]

  • A tool that can add the annotation of Buddha’s blessing without bug, beast protection, etc


    I’ve seen all kinds of things a long time agoBuddha bless never bug、Animal protectionIt’s very interesting and coquettish. Then recently someone in my open source vscode plug-in:koroFileHeaderI’d like to support this type of annotation. Now that the development is completed, you can try it according to the following usage. Introduction to korofileheader plug-in This plug-in […]

  • Second, react makes a simple calculator


    Readers of this articleFamiliar with JavaScript / nodejs, start of react, front-end framework selection and nodejs interested users Background overview: React, Vue and angular are three popular JavaScript frameworks in the front-end. I am not a professional front-end, pseudo full stack. There are two main reasons for choosing react: first, there is almost no new […]

  • Using Yapi to manage API documents, tests, mocks


    preface With the development of the Internet, API becomes very important. According to statistics, there are tens of millions of developers on the market, more than one billion internet projects, and about 10 billion APIs involved in conservative statistics. With such a large base API, it will be very meaningful to solve some common pain […]

  • Reading go scheduler: suggestions for product managers


    From the perspective of the task types of computer processing, the two positions of programmer and product manager are characterized Programmer, make’s schedule: CPU bound type, parallel can improve efficiency Product manager, manager’s schedule: I / O bound type, concurrent can improve efficiency Therefore, the product manager should try not to disturb the programmers you […]

  • Do you know what the micro service has changed?


    The essence of microservices:A better division of labor and cooperation mechanism, accelerate division of labor, promote cooperation, help us achieve greater dreams!Why? Please see the experience of elder brother veterans in promoting microservice architecture in recent years! Driven by the wave of cloud computing technology, all walks of life have accelerated the pace of digital […]

  • Websocket is not the future warrior to save the world. What about socket.io?


    Today, I saw my friends talking about various web push technologies on Weibo. I felt sad and moved. I thought that I really had a deep relationship with this technology called “web push”. It’s necessary to nag on this topic to review my youth. If this article is a mess, it can give some enlightenment […]

  • As long as you have the skills, programmers can also earn more than 10000 yuan a month


      According to our experience, programmer part-time job can be divided into three types: part-time job crowdsourcing, project whole package and freelancer on-site. Let’s take a look at the current order receiving channels. We mainly divide these channels into three categories: vertical crowdsourcing platform, online technology forum and offline own channels. 1、 Vertical crowdsourcing platform […]

  • Why foreign programmers like to use Apple Mac


    Mac is very popular abroad, especially in the circle of design / Web Development / IT personnel.Ordinary users like Mac to understand. After all, MAC design is beautiful, simple and easy to use, and there is no virus. So why do professionals also like Mac?From my personal experience, I think there are several reasons: 1. […]

  • Views on future “machine learning”


    Views on future “machine learning” ————————Machine learning Xiaobai: Thoughts after sharing machine learning technology On Friday (March 23, 2019), I went to listen to a talk about“Machine learning”Technology sharing ofThe speaker isGeneral manager Liu of XX Media Technology Department The most intuitive feeling of this technology sharing is:Machine learning is likely to be the next […]

  • 7 navigation that programmers should not miss


    As a programmer, if you don’t have your own favorite, you can’t say that. Today’s site for you to share is mainlyNavigation class, this is the best collection of Xiaobian. Please cherish it. Go as soon as you use it, it’s within reach! The biggest feature of the station is that it can be used […]