• The third parameter of setTimeout


    SetTimeout is a function we often use. Its third parameter, well, I haven’t used it before. I found it by reading other people’s blogs a few days ago. At first glance, it’s wrong. Then I searched it, and there was really setTimeout Let’s take a look firstMDNThe setTimeout () method sets a timer that executes […]

  • IOS dynamic graph loading notes


    In the usage scenario, the effect of gift giving in the live broadcast. After clicking send gift, you need to display the dynamic graph GIF The current implementation scheme is to obtain the URL of the GIF graph from the server interface, and then start the display. After the display is completed, remove the picture […]

  • Front end multi data rendering optimization


    preface When I made a request some time ago, I came across the function of a custom list. All his data display is stored through the JSON string, which is also parsed through JSON. At first, he had a data upper limit, but later, after raising the upper limit, there were problems such as Caton,Therefore, […]

  • Game theory Nim Game 2 (hh2048 question sheet)


    [main idea of the title]: Simple nim# output the number of schemes in the first step [idea]: The NIM part is an ordinary NIM. The difficulty is to output the number of schemes in the first step. Suppose x is the value after XOR. x = a1 ^a2 ^ a3 ^ a4 ^ a5 。 […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 23 – configuration file


    configuration file Recall the last lesson Where did we find the configuration file last time~/.vimrc Understand various configuration switches Modify configuration file and apply This time I want to know something about the color scheme colorscheme vi ~/.vimrc.oldFound incolorschemeattribute Can choosebluetry :colorscheme blue Intelligent prompt Color schemecolorschemeHow did you get the hint? If there is […]

  • iOS15. 0 navigation bars notes


    I always think uinavigationbar is difficult to do. Apple changes almost every year. From IOS 7, 11, 13 to 15 this year, it works every year and has to adapt every year. The test results of uinavigationbar based on ios15 surprised me. I felt that many things were completely different from what I thoughtIt’s different. […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 24 – Custom Colors


    custom colors Recall the last lesson This time we studied the color scheme eurekacolorsLocation of Downloaded and applied color scheme Made their own color scheme Now I want to change the color of the color scheme Is it successful??? First, you have to have your own color scheme #Find the location of colors cd usr/share/vim/vim81/colors […]

  • IOS componentization scheme of big V


    I’m afraid I can’t find the IOS componentization scheme of big V in the future. Make a record hereOriginal addresshttps://casatwy.com/iOS-Modulization.html Introduction to IOS application architecture On the organization and calling scheme of view layer in IOS application architecture On the design scheme of network layer based on IOS application architecture On IOS dynamic deployment and […]

  • Redis MySQL cache is inconsistent, double write


    Redis cache inconsistency, double write However, in terms of updating the cacheAfter updating the database, update the cache or delete the cache.Or firstIn fact, there is a lot of controversy about deleting the cache and updating the database.At present, there is no comprehensive blog to analyze these schemes. So the blogger wrote this article trembling […]

  • Methodology of technical scheme design and case sharing


    Introduction: how to reflect the depth of technical scheme design is a problem of common concern. This problem is not an example. Therefore, this paper mainly shares some personal views and opinions of the author. The article is mainly divided into three parts: The first part mainly analyzes why the technical scheme does not reflect […]

  • Shanghai embedded express delivery order number recording scheme


    1. Company introduction Shanghai embedded Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in R & D and sales of embedded related products, automation system and information system integration. We can provide customers with embedded, Internet of things related product development, automatic production line transformation and other services, as well as a complete set […]