• The browser arouses QQ to carry on the chat some pit and the solution – small fission


    Small fission wechat ecological user fission Growth Expert Small fission website: www.xiaoliebian.com The first WeChat ecosystem integration fission operation, official account fission, small program fission, community fission, personal number fission explain Calling QQ from the browser for chat is a customer service method that many companies or enterprises will use. However, many times, some mobile […]

  • MySQL big table pagination (with unique secret technique)


      Background of the problem The order table in MySQL (InnoDB) needs to be paged and queried in chronological order, and the primary key is not incremental in time dimension. The order table is more than one million in size. How to effectively realize this requirement? Note: This article does not mainly explain how to […]

  • Practice of Qiankun from building to deployment of micro front end


    Recently, I was responsible for a new projectqiankunWrite an article to share some problems and thoughts in the actual combat. Example code: https://github.com/fengxianqi/qiankun-example 。 Online demo: http://qiankun.fengxianqi.com/ Separate access to online sub applications: subapp/sub-vue subapp/sub-react Why use Qiankun A functional requirement of the project is to embed an existing tool within the company, which is […]

  • Count eight payment channel solutions of blockchain together with nervos


    On Wednesday night, Mr. Jan, chief architect of nervos, shared with you eight payment channel solutions in nervos live studio Nakamoto「high frequency trades」 Spilman Channel Duplex Channel Timelock Channel Duplex Micropayment Channel Poon-Dryja Channel Eltoo Channel Generalized Bitcoin-compatible Channel The whole live broadcast lasted nearly two hours and was full of dry goods. Click on […]

  • Tips | Flink sink schema field design tips


    Each article in this series is relatively short and updated from time to time. Starting from some practical cases, this article aims to improve the posture of small partners A kind of Potential level. This article introduces the Flink sink schema field design tips, reading time is about 2 minutes, do not say much, directly […]

  • 36 * n frequently used JavaScript function fragments in work


    Recently, I saw an article about 36 JavaScript function fragments commonly used in our work. As an interviewer (█▀█), how can you have only one answer? Array Array de duplication Scheme 1:Set + … function noRepeat(arr) { return […new Set(arr)]; } noRepeat([1,2,3,1,2,3]) Scheme 2:Set + Array.from function noRepeat(arr) { return Array.from(new Set(arr)); } noRepeat([1,2,3,1,2,3]) Scheme […]

  • Evaluation of million level data migration scheme


    preface Recently, the company is usingABPBefore refactoring the old project, the database is alsoSQL SERVERSwitch toMySql。 Make complaints about the product before.Windows Server 2008 , SqlServer 2008R2, .Net Framework 4.5, now embrace.net core。 Back to the point. At present, there are10w+,100w+The data are different. We’ll test them later. Database switching, as well as changes in […]

  • Talking about the separation of front end and back end and the choice of authentication


    In the field of web development, the separation of front end and back end has become the standard of fact. But what exactly is the front and rear separation? Why separate the front and rear ends? What is front and rear separation? Why separate the front and rear ends? The separation of front end and […]

  • Tips | Flink uses union instead of join and cogroup


    Each article in this series is relatively short and updated from time to time. Starting from some practical cases, this article aims to improve the posture of small partners A kind of Potential level. This paper introduces how to use union instead of cogroup (or join) in Flink to simplify task logic and improve task […]

  • [electron] package bug summary


    electron-builder Error: Unresolved node modules: bufferutil, utf-8-validate Solution Scheme 1 takeelectron-builderPackage upgrade to the latest version22.9.1 npm uninstall electron-builder // or yarn remove electron-builder npm i electron-builder -D // or yarn add electron-builder -D Scheme 2 [email protected] tonode_modulesDirectory, and manually install the dependency // node_modules/electron-builder npm i // or yarn Scheme 3 Delete localelectron-builderUse globalelectron-builderTo […]

  • Share several solutions that cannot be installed in. Net framework 4.0


    [about. Net framework 4.0 installation failure]————-Scheme 1:http://www.win7xtzj.com/win10jiaocheng/39834.htmlkey word:————-Scheme 2:https://blog.csdn.net/xdhyqd/article/details/44745897Keywords: rename the following files before installingC:\Windows\System32\msvcr100_clr0400.dllC:\Windows\SysWOW64\msvcr100_clr0400.dll ————-Scheme 3. If there is app.config If v4.0 is set in sku, adjust it )Note:Direct installation of 4.5, because. Net 4.5 is highly compatible with 4.0.. 360, computer housekeeper hasIf it still doesn’t work, add the setting of scheme 3 […]

  • Using document flow layout in canvas to quickly generate friend circle sharing graph


    background A common requirement is that when developing wechat applets, the front end needs to generate posters to share. At present, the common solutions are as follows: usehtmlCanvasLibrary, using DOM to generate images The front end uses CTX API to draw one by one, or with the help of some drawing tools utilizepuppeteerBack end service, […]