• This time, visit health codes all over the country on the desktop


    Background introduction During the epidemic, in order to facilitate access to the health code,Cross space-time appIt integrates the function of arousing wechat applet, and puts the entry in the long-click menu of the system desktop application icon (in Apple operating system, it is called quick action; in Android system, it is called app shortcuts). However, […]

  • Five bugs everyone has written!


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. The little partner of computer major must have learned C language during school. It is the ancestor of many high-level languages. In-depth study of this language will have a deeper understanding of computer principles, operating system, memory management and other underlying related knowledge. Therefore, during the live broadcast, I repeatedly stressed […]

  • Three methods of c# loading word


    This experience content share three different methods of loading word documents through c# program. namely: 1. Load local word document 2. Load word document in read-only mode 3. Load word from stream [program environment] Windows 10 Visual Studio 2017 Word class library – spire Doc for . NET Word version-2013 (. Docx) [reference assembly] Before […]

  • Centos7 mini version installation and deployment Hadoop high availability cannot automatically switch roles solution!


    Solve the problem that the Hadoop ha cluster namenode cannot fail over automatically (switch active) I’m learningHa automation configuration, according to Hadoop official website:https://hadoop.apache.org/docs/stable/hadoop-project-dist/hadoop-hdfs/HDFSHighAvailabilityWithQJM.htmlAfter configuration, all nodes start normally. useAfter the kill – 9 process number kills the namenode currently in the active state, other namenodes in the standby state do not automatically switch to […]

  • Interviewer: how to prevent java source code from being decompiled? I can’t answer..


    Source blog:https://www.cnblogs.com/dartagnan/ Interviewer: how to prevent java source code from being decompiled? I can’t answer.. As an interpretive language, Java’s highly abstract characteristics mean that it is easy to decompile and decompile. Naturally, there are measures to prevent decompilation. Today I read a related article and benefited a lot. I know each other and my […]

  • How can the theme activity answer applet obtain the mobile phone number, and each mobile phone number can only participate once


    background Well, some time ago, I didn’t answer the project requirements of a small program for online answer in a knowledge contest. Among them, one activity rule is as follows: information entry: each participant shall fill in the company name, name and mobile phone number (wechat authorization verification method, each person is only allowed to […]

  • Thinking — C simulation exception


    exception handling Not in CexceptionTherefore, we can use the return value of the function to determine the error type. But sometimes I hope that the errors can be handled uniformly at the top level to make the code more concise. In fact, the first thought may begotoStatement, butgotoYou cannot jump to a label of another […]

  • Jenkins automated Publishing


    Publish Java website project Publishing framework 1634711617448.png Approximate steps 001 distributed build See [Master / slave] for detailed steps 1634712393035.png 002 git parameterization 0001 set Branch 1634712872062.png 0002 set publishing node (17 server) 1634712932678.png 0003 new project 1634713601564.png 1634713757320.png 0004 push existing folder to new project #Push the Tomcat Java demo master project of 18 […]

  • [go] init function


    reference material Five minutes to understand golang’s init function 1. Golang program initialization The initialization of golang program is executed before the main function, which is executed by theruntimeThe initialization sequence is as follows: Initialize the imported package (the initialization order of the package is not executed according to the import order (“top to bottom”),runtimePackage […]

  • Philosophy of Linux


    Everything is a file (including hardware) Everything is a file is the basic philosophy of UNIX / Linux. From ordinary files to directories, character devices, block devices, sockets, pipeline devices, etc., they are saved and maintained in the form of files in UNIX / Linux. Small, single purpose program Linux provides many programs and tools, […]

  • How to nest H5 pages in uniapp applet


    Our demand is to upload ID card, but wechat applet can’t upload ID card photos if the subject is not the government. The review can’t pass, so I made a bypass review for this problem My idea is to make an H5 upload ID card page, and then nest this page with web view In […]

  • Linux cache and buffer


    Before we know the difference between cache and buffer, we need to know that the memory management mode of Linux operating system is different from that of windows. Linux will make full use of memory and let as much memory as possible participate in work (CACHE) to improve performance. So we often see that the […]