• Interview questions (2020) common interview questions of wechat applet


    Interview questions (2020) common interview questions of wechat applet Blog description The information involved in this article comes from Internet collation and personal summary, which means personal learning and experience summary. If there is any infringement, please contact me to delete it. Thank you! 1. Main files of wechat’s applet Wxml — template file JSON […]

  • GitHub daily – taro real battle Netease strict selection of three terminal projects


    Hi, I amMartinIt’s also called Lao Wang. Recommend one todayReactActual combat projects, using Jingdong’sTaroThree terminal e-commerce application of framework development. The project is a bit old.MartinI recommend it because it is a complete systemTaroMulti terminal e-commerce project. We can learnLayout of e-commerce applet page、Multi terminal development ideas and skillsTo further improve the incomplete projects. It […]

  • Why is there no back end of wechat applet made by. Net


    Now there is almost no back end of wechat applet made by. Net on the Internet, only PHP and Java. Why? Can’t it be done? It is said on the Internet that we use the web API of asp.net MVC framework to do the back-end of wechat applet, but we hardly see any cases. Is […]

  • The role of JDBC type in mybatis


    background See colleagues using JDBC type in code, I am very confused. knowledge This is for the security of the program. In some special cases, when the passed in parameter name is empty, the program will not have problems. When the name is empty, mybatis does not know what JDBC type to convert to. In […]

  • How to continuously monitor external signals?


    I do PLC development, mainly control hardware. For example, the x-axis motor moves forward and stops when it meets the sensor SB1. The SB1 must be in a continuous monitoring state, and the program cannot read the SB1 state in a periodic manner. Otherwise, when the last behavior of reading SB1 ends and the next […]

  • MySQL error reporting solution in Python connection docker


    usePythonOr withmysqlCommand to connect in the hostDockerInMySQLReport the following errorCan’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2 “No such file or directory”) First of all, in thedockerUse in containermysql -u root -pIt can be accessed, but not on the host AddprotocolAfter the parameter, use themysql -u spok –protocol=tcp -pAccess LetPythonThe program also usestcpAgreement, […]

  • Wechat applet code upload, audit and release applet


    1. Open wechat developer tool Administrator scan code – > fill in the project directory, appid (must be the registered appid) and project name of the applet   2. Modify the ID in app.js (the ID of the customer logging in to the background management system), and modify the navigation bar title in app.json   […]

  • Packaging and automatic upgrade of electron applications


    The HelloWorld program of Vue + electron was successfully built last time. This time, the process of electronic application packaging and automatic upgrade is sorted out. 1. Application packaging useelectron builderPackaging only needs to be configured in vue.config.js. It should be noted that by defaultelectron builderThe packaged installation program can’t modify the installation directory, so […]

  • A person develops an app, small program first?


    After the launch of the sixth wechat app, I dare to talk about the content of app development. Maybe it’s the programmer’s innate pursuit of perfection. He always thinks that it’s irresponsible to “blow” with others when he doesn’t understand something. From this point of view alone, I think people in other positions should learn […]

  • [open source] histogram and trend chart based on wechat applet canvas API


    wechat-chart Histogram and trend chart based on canvas API GitHub address usage let Line = require(‘../../utils/line.js’); let line = new Line(); line.draw({ renderTo: ‘lineCanvas’, The data structure of series: data, // data is shown below Pagepadding: 12, // pixel values of left and right padding of the page setCanvasSize: o=>this.setData({lineCtxH eight:o.height }), // set the […]

  • Open to download《 15 minutes to build your own small program (with detailed code)


    Introduction:Zero base development of your own Alipay applet, tutorial in hand not lost, from entry to mastery, and detailed code inside oh ~ “15 minutes to build your own app” exclusive e-book online! Develop your own Alipay applet based on zero base, and teach you from the entry to the master book.Todo to-do small program, […]

  • Uni app supports PC version!


    Uni app already supports IOS, Android, H5, wechat, Alibaba, Baidu, byte skipping, QQ, fast app and 360. Now, uni app finally officially supports PC widescreen! The uni app widescreen adaptation scheme includes: Page window level adaptation scheme: leftwindow, rightwindow, topwindow Component level adaptation scheme: match media component Processing of content scaling and stretching and control […]