• A simple process management tool


    New arrival, please take care of it!Hello, my name is Sean. Today I share a simple process management tool.The code is relatively simple, mainly involving shell, Python and some knowledge on Linux.Through simple configuration, it can manage many programs in a unified way, and also can operate a certain process. It has the functions of […]

  • How to open the sandbox function of win10 system — win7w.com


    How to open the sandbox function of win10 system? In the windows 10 system, there is a sandbox function. Sandbox is a virtual running program software, which can make the specified program run in the virtual environment created and completely isolated from the current win10 system. Then how to open the win10 sandbox and how […]

  • Using electron + jQuery to develop desktop application from scratch


    In the first two chapters, I wrote the basic usage of electronic. I originally wanted to write a complete program with jQuery. However, considering that JS is really not easy to write, and the program I am writing now does not want to open source, so it has not been written. In the past two […]

  • Installing tolua on Mac OS X++


    1. Download tolua + +:http://www.codenix.com/~tolua/ 2. Installing scons with brew brew install scons 3. Unzip the tolua package and edit the config_ posix.py File, delete the reference of lualib library. This is the special feature of MAC system 4. Execute the scons installation command scons scons install You can see the tolua + + program […]

  • 1. Spark architecture


    explain This article only discusses spark running in cluster mode. The reading time is 10 minutes. Location of spark in Hadoop component set Spark is a computing framework for big data cluster. Its location in big data components is as follows. It is explained here that spark is a replacement of MapReduce, not the entire […]

  • Using goeasy to realize real-time communication of websocket in uniapp


    Series articles: Wechat small program uses goeasy to realize websocket real-time communication Using goeasy to realize real-time communication of websocket in uniapp As the most popular mobile terminal development technology recently, a set of code can be packaged into Android / IOS app and small programs of various platforms, which is not the most convenient, […]

  • Android serial 23 – Cross program broadcast, orderly broadcast


    1、 Broadcasting across programs Broadcast is a kind of cross process communication mode; Let’s write a project to send an orderly broadcast Start with a broadcasttest3 project Then write a class to receive broadcast, inherited from broadcastreceiver package com.example.broadcasttest3; import android.content.BroadcastReceiver; import android.content.Context; import android.content.Intent; import android.widget.Toast; public class AnotherBroadcastReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver { @Override public […]

  • Proficient in Tomcat: Java Web application development, framework analysis and case study.pdf


    Pay attention to “full stack of Java back end technology” Reply to “interview” for a complete set of interview materials What is Tomcat? Tomcat is an application server. It is an open source lightweight web application server. It is widely used in small and medium-sized systems and occasions with small amount of concurrency. It is […]

  • Hadoop’s “Hello world” — wordcount


    After installing and configuring the Hadoop environment, you need to run an instance to verify whether the configuration is correct. Hadoop provides a simple wordcount program, which is actually a program for counting the number of words. This program can be regarded as “Hello world” in Hadoop. MapReduce principle In fact, MapReduce uses the idea […]

  • Open download! 15 minutes to build your own small program (with detailed code)


    Introduction:Zero base development of your own Alipay applet, tutorial in hand not lost, from entry to mastery, and detailed code inside oh ~ “15 minutes to build your own app” exclusive e-book online! Develop your own Alipay applet based on zero base, and teach you from the entry to the master book.Todo to do items […]

  • Event driven microservices overall design


    Event driven microservices overall design In “the best way to call between microservices”, I talked about two ways of calling between microservices. When microservices first emerged, most of them were RPC calls. I also wrote an RPC architecture. For details, please refer to “go microservices of clean architecture”. However, event driven microservices are becoming more […]

  • Distributed system testing: Ideas


    This paper is based on the on-the-spot record of the topic “deep exploration of distributed system testing” shared by Liu Qi in the 26th issue of pingcap newsql meetup.The article is longer, in order to facilitate reading, will be divided into three parts, this article is the first. Today, we mainly introduce distributed system testing. […]