• DLL file generated by webapi


    1. Download the plug-in fiddler Get the code by https://www.cnblogs.com/my2020/p/12458110.html Drag the left side into the right side and click “run code” to check whether it is feasible         2. Open vs and create a new console program         3. Paste the code in fiddler for modification and debugging […]

  • Why should every reptile engineer learn from Kafka


    This article will not cover the specific operation of Kafka, but tell you what Kafka is and what important role it can play in reptile development. A simple need Suppose we need to write a micro blog crawler, and the requirements given by the boss are as follows: It’s very easy for you to develop […]

  • Sublime text common environment and plug-in configuration


    Sometimes after the system is reinstalled, a lot of software needs to be reconfigured, and they are not willing to retain these configurations in some “not too pure” way, so record the commonly used configurations here. Python running environment In fact, sublime comes with Python That’s not much Tools – Build System – New Build […]

  • Wechat applet canvas generates share image to album


    The entry of the applet focuses on the following three: QR code Search bar Chat forwarding However, there is no big user of traffic – the circle of friends; although the small program can’t share it with the circle of friends, it doesn’t castrate the function of long press recognition QR code; therefore, what is […]

  • Sublimetext: some cool but useful plug-ins


    HighlightWords Features: text highlighting tool Project address: https://github.com/seanliang/highlightwo Introduction: it can highlight multiple different strings, support regular, support white space characters. Available from the st command line. Typical use: select the string to be highlighted and use the shortcut keyctrl-alt-hAuto highlight; continue to select other highlighted strings and use shortcut keyctrl-alt-hIncrease the highlight. Text-Pastry Functions: […]

  • Reading notes of computer operating system


    Computer operating system operating system Concurrency refers to the occurrence of multiple events in a period of time. Parallelism refers to the occurrence of multiple events at a certain time. Therefore, parallelism requires multiprocessors The introduction of virtual storage technology enables an application to run in memory space far smaller than it In order to […]

  • [sparrow is small] record the whole development process of simple markdown reader


    [sparrow is small] record the whole development process of simple markdown reader [TOC] Preface Project address:https://github.com/didikee/MDReaderTest article address:[2017 Android interview questions [fundamentals and details]] (https://github.com/digikee/anenjoy. The program in this article is relatively simple, even simple. I don’t want to occupy the icon of the application list, just hope you are opening it.mdIt’s not that there […]

  • SQL Server 2008 [stored procedure] deadlock query and kill


    1. In the use of database, deadlock may occur, causing the program to be unable to use normally Create procedure [dbo].[sp_who_lock] (@Bkillpid bit = 0 — 0: query 1: end corresponding deadlock ID (may cause data exception)) as begin declare @spid int declare @blk int declare @count int declare @index int declare @lock tinyint set […]

  • Flask web development: basic structure of program


    This series of notes is my notes reading Miguel Grinberg’s “flask web development”, with the title synchronized with the book. I hope to promote my understanding of knowledge by recording technical notes. This chapter corresponds to chapter two: the basic structure of the program. Initialization From flag import flag App = flask (ᥧ name ᥧ) […]

  • Operating system – Operating System Basics


    Concept of process Process: executing program Create process: apply for PCB first – > generate process entityEnd process: end process entity – > release PCB Zombie process More zombie processes still occupy memory, only PCB has no process entity Orphan process Init is like an orphanage Process state switching https://blog.csdn.net/AKUANer… Parallel and concurrent Memory management […]

  • Will taro 2. X really unify cross platform development in China?


    The first thing you need to know is: What is taro? Taro’s syntax is very similar to that of real. I won’t introduce it here. You just need to know what it is It’s just a framework, but it can be written once and used across platforms At present, Tencent cloud, Alibaba cloud and other […]

  • Introduction to wechat applet


    Wechat applet framework structure: At present, we find that the structure and characteristics of wechat applet framework are similar to those of the previous Vue, but how to communicate with the back-end server, how to establish the database and communicate with the database still need new exploration.Relevant interface of wechat applet network communication1. Wx.request initiates […]