• Growingio Ye Dingding: technology should be able to achieve others and enjoy higher freedom


    2007-2009 freelancer Ye Dingding In 2006, Netease Hangzhou Research Institute was established in Hangzhou. Ye Dingding, who graduated from Zhejiang University in, stood out from many applicants and became a member of Hangzhou Research Institute. But only a year later, he chose to resign and become a freelancer Founder:The common mode of technological leapfrogging growth […]

  • A free interview with millions of people


    A free interview with millions of people The title at the beginning was not called this, but an interview with “million year salary agile coach.”. I still like the present one after examining several titles. Because I am also a million year salary now! So let’s take a look at the secret between two million […]

  • Freelancer mentality


    Why do you need a freelancer mentality Whether you are a freelancer or an office worker now, you need to have a freelance mentality. The sudden situation in 2020 has brought many enterprises (or individuals) into crisis. It also made Bob fall into deep thinking. How to build a healthy income structure to deal with […]

  • Visual studio 2019 professional activation method


    Visual Studio 2019 Professional Download address > https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/zh-hant/thank-you-downloading-visual-studio/?sku=Professional&rel=16# After downloading, it is a 1.3m small file (vs_ Professional.exe ), double click the network to download the installation program If you want to install the extension, I choose python3, which will automatically configure the environment variables and other operations. Generally speaking, it is a good software, […]

  • Six necessary skills for freelancers


    How to define freelance Freelance = free + professional Freelance is a compound word, many people will first look at the importance of freedom, here I want to emphasize the occupation.Career is your product (as an individual), which is the basis of your survival. For example, if someone is a programmer, your product (output) is […]