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  • Win10 activation


    2020 latest win10 serial number win10 version one click permanent activation (genuine genuine permanent activation) win10 2004 professional 64 bit mirror unique remote maintenance operation play, let you in the computer problems can be easily solved, get more quality, good system play enjoy. Win10 2004 professional 64 bit mirror system in a very powerful security […]

  • Method of windows 10 system activation


    It is generally recommended thatMSDN let me tell youDownload the system from the top, and here’s the Windows Microsoft official website system download address First, let’s take a look at the windows 10 system status. Click theWindows + X + NShortcut to open the settings, and then open the Windows settings panel to find,Systems and […]

  • React using Redux using Pro


    React using Redux using Pro 1. Development environment react + Redux2. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition3. In the process of using react, I may use the state management tool according to the project of the project. Here I choose redux. Let me share how to use Redux in react!4. Create a new action / […]

  • VITU research re presents the challenge to learn more about it


    In traditional finance, securities companies produce a large number of valuable research papers every year, and the popularity of the Internet enables everyone of us to read its contents. We need to trust these studies before making investment decisions, so we have to be able to replicate them. therefore Vitu.AI Whether the idea of encouraging […]

  • Connecting to MySQL database


    Connecting to MySQL database 1. Development tools vs Code2. Computer system Windows 10 professional editionIn order to save the development space, MySQL is often used in the development process. I’m going to talk about how vs Code connects to MySQL database.4. First install the corresponding plug-in:MySQL / MySQL Syntax4-1: after installation, click MySQL in the […]

  • Promise use


    Promise use 1. Development environment uni app2. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition3. In the process of development, we will use promise. If you don’t know what promise is and why you use promise, then you are really behind! Let me share the usage of promise, hoping to help you!4. Uni app data request, provided […]

  • 2020 latest win10 activation key win10 Professional Edition permanent activation method


    Win10 has the best market share at present. Many of its partners are Amway. When new users install win10 professional edition, they will find that the screen is black, and there is a copy of the logo in the lower right corner that is not genuine. This indicates that your system needs activation code for […]

  • Node connecting to MySQL


    1. Vue + node2. Computer system Windows 10 professional edition3. In the process of open development, we always use a back-end language to operate the database. I choose node, and the database is mysql. I will briefly describe how to connect mysql database with node and return the database data to the front end. The […]

  • How to open smart card service in win7 system — win7w.com


    Win7 system has a built-in smart card service, which most users have never heard of. In fact, smart card service is to manage and access the inserted smart card. So how to open the smart card service of win7 system? Many people don’t know how to start it. Therefore, I’d like to tell you how […]

  • React installation tutorial


    React installation tutorial development environment React.js Computer system Windows 10 professional edition In the development process, we will make different frameworks according to the requirements. This time I use react Let me briefly describe the installation tutorial of react install React.js I we need to have it first node.js Environmental Science, *Global installation npm install […]

  • How to open the sandbox function of win10 system — win7w.com


    How to open the sandbox function of win10 system? In the windows 10 system, there is a sandbox function. Sandbox is a virtual running program software, which can make the specified program run in the virtual environment created and completely isolated from the current win10 system. Then how to open the win10 sandbox and how […]

  • React routing usage


    Use of react routing Development environment react.js Computer system Windows 10 professional edition in use react.js In the process of development, we always use routing. When we use react scaffold for development, there is no built-in route. We need to install it. The method is as follows: NPM install react router DOM — save dev […]