• (Wuhan) PHP development, full time recruitment


    Welcome to the community markdown editor! PHP Development Engineer 1. Cooperate with H5 engineers to complete the research and development of web front and back end, and mobile page development (semi-native framework, apicloud). Responsible for communication with product manager, research new technology to meet the needs of products, promote products to be more perfect and […]

  • Factories in design patterns


    Factories in design patterns Intro There are several factory patterns in design patterns. Let’s talk about the usage and examples of these factory patterns. Factory patterns include simple factory, abstract factory and factory method, which are all creative patterns,The so-called creation pattern means that these design patterns are used to create objects. Simple factory First […]

  • How does computer vision bring difference to enterprises?


    Introduction:Computer vision is very popular in collecting intelligence from documents, products and multidimensional products. Here’s how computer vision works on these documents. Computer vision has brought a new dawn to the enterprise, a good beginning has just begun! The ability to view, process and manipulate visual input is difficult to replicate on a machine, which […]

  • How can I make GitHub open source project 5300 + star


    preface The open source documentation tool I developed has risen to 5300 + star on GitHub, and has been welcomed by some developers. So I want to write an article to share with you the technology and related skills I used in the whole creation process. task management Whether it is to do their own […]

  • What is the OC curve?


    Today, let’s talk about the OC curve, which is used to reflect the relationship between the probability of a batch of products being received and the unqualified rate of the batch of products. The curve is as follows: The horizontal axis is the overall defective rate (unqualified rate) of the batch, and the vertical axis […]

  • IntelliJ idea is 20 years old. The 2-day anniversary is free for developers


    Hello, I’m your Batman. Caption: brother a joined the industry in 2015 and first used IntelliJ idea in September 2017. From the initial rejection and conflict to now, he can’t put it down. In a flash, IntelliJ idea is 20 years old. Wish it better and better. In recent years, I have shared several articles […]

  • Real combat


    react-yqy Technology stack: react + redux + webpack + react-router v4 + ES6/7/8 + immutable + antd-mobile Running projects git clone https://github.com/ZengTianShengZ/react-yqy.git cd react-yqy npm i npm start NPM run build (release) explain This project is mainly used for the study of react, but it is intended to make it into a product, which can […]

  • Agile mistakes! Mistakes in sprint review


    Scrum is designed as a simple but adequate framework for complex product delivery. Scrum is not a panacea or a complete methodology. Instead, Scrum provides minimal boundaries within which teams can self organize to solve complex problems using empirical methods. This simplicity is its biggest advantage, and it is also the source of many misunderstandings […]

  • Technology and business: how do I grow in business?


    Author: Mu Ye Application real time monitoring service (arms) is an application performance management (APM) product, which includes three sub products: application monitoring, Prometheus monitoring and front-end monitoring, covering distributed applications, container environment, browsers, applets and apps Performance management can help users realize full stack performance monitoring and end-to-end full link tracking diagnosis, making application […]

  • Focus on smart city life service, Baidu and beta intelligence press “accelerator”


    Small and medium-sized enterprises are the new force and important cornerstone of national economic development. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia and the southern flood situation have brought severe tests to the small and medium-sized enterprises this year. Survival or destruction, this is the reality that most enterprises face every day in 2020. The tuyere is easy […]

  • Hongbang 6th JD Zhilian cloud training & Certification Course


    First of all, congratulations on the successful completion of our training and certification course! On the red list of small partners can now reply in the background[red list]Unlock the mysterious surrounding gift bag of the community~ Interested partners / registered partners can scan the QR code below to enter our learning group Not only do […]

  • DAX tutorial: basket analysis 2.0


    By Davis ZhangCompile VKSource: towards Data Science The purpose of this paper is to use DAX to analyze the customer purchase behavior in power Bi, and to deeply understand the product potential. A few years ago, Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari published a blog called basket analysis https://www.daxpatterns.com/basket-analysis/ This interesting article details how to use […]