• Pangu framework integrates TLog to realize microservice link log tracking


    With the prevalence of microservices, many companies have split the system into many microservices according to business boundaries. Therefore, the business link runs through many microservice nodes, which makes it very difficult to locate the logs of a request and the logs of upstream and downstream services.In order to solve this pain point, there are […]

  • JMS practice of message middleware (ActiveMQ)


    1. The role of message middleware As a message passing middle layer, it is convenient for information senders and receivers to communicate. 2. The benefits of message middleware 1. Information decoupling: The information sender and receiver communicate through middleware without direct communication. 2. Asynchronous: The message is processed by the middleware, and neither the sender […]

  • Python microservice framework Nameko first experience


    1 Introduction Considering the performance and efficiency of Python, the Python web side has been tepid, and the microservice ecosystem of JAVA and Golang has been prosperous and widely used in enterprise-level application development. This article will introduce a Python microservice framework: "Nameko" 2. Introduction to Nameko Nameko is a small, concise, asynchronous communication microservice […]

  • This article takes you to understand the simplest message queue implementation


    Looking at the company recentlyredis queueWhen it is found that the bottom layer is usinggo-zeroofqueue. Check out this articlequeuedesign, and hope to learn from itmqminimal design practice. use combined with othermqThe use experience, the basic use process: createproducerorconsumer start upmq Produce messages/Consume messages corresponds toqueue, which is roughly the same: create queue // Producer creates […]

  • Springboot integrates ActiveMQ to realize two modes: queue and topic (if you can’t understand it, hit me)


    1、 Foreword Recently, Xiaobian was learning the message queue, and then selected ActiveMQ to learn. So he explored for a long time to sort out his learning experience! We all study together, hoping to be useful to youI wrote some of my own understanding in the notes. Pay attention!! 2、 Downloading and using ActiveMQ download […]

  • Bowen dry goods | using Apache pulsar in kotlin


    About Apache pulsarApache pulsar is a top-level project of the Apache Software Foundation. It is a native distributed message flow platform for the next generation cloud. It integrates message, storage and lightweight functional computing. It adopts a separate architecture design of computing and storage, supports multi tenancy, persistent storage, multi machine room cross regional data […]

  • Rethinking API platform [eolink translation]


    API is the foundation to promote the digital transformation of modern enterprises. It not only connects internal applications, partners and customers, but also provides a variety of new products, versions and functions to the market quickly and continuously. But at present, centralized API delivery is still the main method. The external API delivery process of […]

  • Producer consumer model and simple implementation of golang


    Introduction: introduce the producer consumer model and the demo of the simple implementation of go. 1、 Producer consumer model Producer consumer model: a module (function, etc.) is responsible for generating data, which is processed by another module (the module here is generalized, which can be classes, functions, coroutines, threads, processes, etc.). The module that generates […]

  • Did you use the channel under dotnet core?


    Today, I want to share with you an official good thing of Microsoft: channel.   preface Today, I would like to share with you a feature solution of Microsoft’s official producer / consumer solution: channel. Channel inSystem.Threading.ChannelsNamespace, when core 2.1 is used, it needs to be installed from nuget. % dotnet add package System.Threading.Channels Since core 3.0 preview 7, […]

  • You must avoid a hole when using HTTP client


    preface As software developers, we know that all seemingly normal systems, I do not know how many pits are buried. Today, I’d like to share with you a pit caused by the improper use of HTTP client in the process of actual combat. The author traced the problem all the way through the appearance, and […]

  • Why can it become a report artifact? These five technical hard goods have to be satisfied


    People who are often tortured by statements must have heard such a sentence: “new people don’t know the taste of worry, love to meet needs, love to meet needs, dizzy for making statements, one can do it for a week“ As a report developer who has worked on data for more than ten years, I […]

  • Blog recommends using Apache pulsar and scala for event flow processing


    This article is translated from event streaming with Apache pulse and scala by giannis. Translator information: Yao Yuqian @ Shenzhen juexing Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the field of medical big data. Keen on open source and active in the Apache pulsar community. Giannis polyzos, the author of this article, is a senior engineer […]