• Learn react17 (I) – method calls between components (TS) through vue3


    When learning react, I always use Vue in my work. I want to analyze the writing of react through the use of Vue, It is found that there are many ways to write vue3, and different ways to write it from react17 So this article came into being. I hope you can correct any mistakes […]

  • JSP from simple to deep (5) — the mixture of scriptlets and HTML


    In the previous tutorial, we have used the “out” variable in a scriptlet to generate HTML output. For more complex HTML, if we still use the “out” variable, we will lose many advantages of JSP programming. In fact, we can easily mix scriptlets and HTML. Suppose you want to generate a table in HTML. Generating […]

  • Code Coverage with CircleCI + Codecov


    Original:http://blog.amowu.com/2015/11/code-coverage-with-circleci-codecov.html In recent casesRedux + ReactBecause itPure FunctionSounit testing It’s easy to write, and I’ll take the opportunity to playCode coverage(Code Coverage)。 Unit test I won’t tell you how to write unit tests here. There are many great God’s good articles on the Internet. In short, I useMocha + Chai: Mocha is a test framework […]

  • Python caught multiple exceptions


    In actual development, the methods of capturing multiple exceptions are as follows: #coding=utf-8 be careful: When capturing multiple exceptions, you can put the name of the exception to be captured intoexceptAnd use tuples to store only Get the information description of the exception try: print(a) except NameError as result print(result) Catch all exceptions: try: elseDetailed […]

  • Information anxiety


    Information anxiety In the Internet age and the information age, we will receive a lot of information every day. It’s better to accept information, because it’s the need of spiritual life. However, there are many people, resulting in information anxiety. For example, when we see a message that something bad has happened in a foreign […]

  • Playing with __ attributes__ (IV)


    objc_designated_initializer usage method @interface MyObject:NSObject – (instancetype)init __attribute__((objc_designated_initializer)); @end It can also be written in IOS – (instancetype)init NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER; This property specifies the initialization method of the class. Specifying the initialization method is not for the user. But to the internal reality. For example, the following situation Example explanation @interface MyObject:NSObject – (instancetype)initMyObject NS_DESIGNATED_INITIALIZER; – […]

  • The difference between hash, chunkhash and contenthash


    hash The project level hash will change as long as any file in the project changes chunkhash Each entry corresponds to a different chunkAs long as the entry file or the file imported by the entry file (and the file imported by the import file, etc.) changes, chunkash will change. That is to say, if […]

  • Oracle log archive mode management


    1、 View current archive mode archive log list;   2、 Archive / no archive switch shutdown immediate; — Or shutdown normal startup mount; alter database archivelog; — Or NOARCHIVELOG alter database open;   3、 Turn on automatic archiving alter system archive log start;   4、 View default archive location show parameter db_reco;   5、 Archive […]

  • C #: IntelliSense seems to have done something wrong.


    When the type of shape parameter group isobject[]In the normal form of the method and in a singleobjectThere may be potential polysemy between the extended forms of formal parameters. This is the reason for polysemyobject[]Itself can be implicitly converted toobject。 However, this ambiguity does not cause any problems because it can be solved by inserting […]

  • Installation method of tar file under Linux system


    1. WillinstallCopy the file to your directory. If you log in as root, copy the software to / root. #cp xxx.tar.gz /root   2. Unzip. #tar xvzf xxx.tar.gz Or double – click to unzip   3. Check compilation. #./configure   4. After the check passes, a makefile file for compilation is generated. At this point, […]

  • Solution of small files generated by HDFS


    Using flume to write data to HDFS, a large number of small files less than 1KB appear.     Hazard: occupying memory of namenode: * n * 150 bytes (using har Archive: Hadoop Archive – archivename * *. Har – P / input path / output path) Increase the number of slices # n maptask […]

  • Pit encountered by the shuttle when starting


    Recently, I want to write an app. I saw a lot of people using fluent and checked the information. This is the framework produced by Google. Google’s products must be high-quality products, so I started to build the environment without hesitation, but I didn’t expect.. The environment is so tortuous that I can record it. […]