• CSAPP English Learning Series: Preface


    Series articles: CSAPP English Learning Series: Preface CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 1: a tour of computer systems CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 2: data representation CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 8: exceptional control flow CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 11: network programming CSAPP English Learning Series: Chapter 12: concurrent programming Reading CSAPP is based […]

  • C # event


    C # event Remember, I haven’t written a blog this month. Just mix it up event Event refers to something that can happen. It is a member that enables an object or class to provide notification. For example, you open your mobile phone, click “information”, and then the information window will pop up. The “click” […]

  • Kotlin symbol processing (KSP) alpha is now available


    Author / Software Engineer Ting yuan Huang and product manager David winer We are pleased to introduce youKotlin Symbol Processing(KSP), a new tool to help you build lightweight compiler plug-ins in kotlin. KSP provides functions similar toKAPTHowever, the speed is increased by 2 times, the kotlin compiler function can be accessed directly, and the multi […]

  • Mac M1 (ARM) NPM install error handling


    Problem: when front end engineering runs NPM install on M1 processor, an error is reported: 2 warnings generated. npm ERR! In file included from ../src/libsass/src/to_c.cpp:3: npm ERR! ../src/libsass/src/ast.hpp:1614:25: warning: loop variable ‘numerator’ creates a copy from type ‘const std::__1::basic_string<char>’ [-Wrange-loop-construct] npm ERR! for (const auto numerator : numerators) The reason is that node sass does […]

  • What is an operating system?


    This article has been included in my GitHub. Welcome to star and issues. https://github.com/midou-tech/articles My nephew was a freshman. At first, I was very worried about him for two reasons: It has been a school grass since childhoodToo handsome, will you fall in love every day I’m worried that I can’t make my own plan […]

  • 2、 Configuration (notes)


    Combined with springbootAnd using mybatis alone to verify a wave. These questions will be explained later. I’ll read the document first Object factoryUse of plug-insMulti environment configuration https://mybatis.org/mybatis-3…Transaction processor configuration file Configuration Properties Settings Typealiases Typehandlers Objectfactory (object factory) Plugins Environments Environment (environment variable) Transaction manager Datasource Databaseidprovider (database vendor ID) Mappers 1、 Properties 1. […]

  • Go daily library net / HTTP (basic and Middleware)


    brief introduction Almost all programming languages are written inHello WorldAs an example of an introductory program, part of it starts with writing a web server as a practical case. Each programming language has many libraries for writing web servers, either in standard libraries or through third-party libraries. Go language is no exception. This article and […]

  • Work notes – CAS in simple terms


    preface CAS (compare and swap) is a technology commonly used to compare and replace and implement concurrent algorithms. Doug lea uses CAS technology in Java synchronizer to achieve the security of multi-threaded execution. The idea of CAS is very simple: three parameters: the current memory value V, the old expected value a and the value […]

  • GoTalk of one library per day


    brief introduction gotalkIt focuses on the communication between processes and is committed to simplifying the communication protocol and process. At the same time, it: Provide concise and clear API; Support TCP, websocket and other protocols; It adopts a very simple and efficient transmission protocol format to facilitate packet capture and debugging; Built in JavaScript filegotalk.js, […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 3-3-1 file upload


    File upload When Django is processing file upload, the file data is saved inrequest. FILES(more aboutrequestPlease view the information of the objectRequest and response objects)。 This document explains how to upload files to memory and hard disk, and how to customize the default behavior. warning Allowing any user to upload files is a security risk. […]

  • Do you know the startup principle of springboot Java -jar?


    In the telephone interview, the interviewer asked a question: do you know java -jarStarting the spring boot project is different from the traditional jar? The question was probably like this. I didn’t know how to answer it at that time. After the interview, I knew that the interview was expected to hang up. I asked […]

  • Sysstat: an open source and free monitoring tool for Linux system


    [introduction]: system performance monitoring tool for Linux operating system. brief introduction Sysstat contains many tools common to commercial UNIX to monitor system performance and activity: Iostat, which counts the CPU information and IO information of devices and partitions Mpstat, statistics processor related information Pidstat, which counts the relevant information of Linux processes: IO, CPU, memory, […]