• Reading notes of “in depth understanding of computer system” (CSAPP) — Chapter 1 roaming of computer system


    This chapter begins to learn computer system by tracking the life cycle of Hello program. A source program starts when it is created by the programmer, runs on the system, outputs simple messages, and then terminates. Along the life cycle of the program, we will briefly introduce some of the key concepts, technical terms and […]

  • Differences between x86, AMD64, x86-64 and x64


    Encyclopedias AMD64, or “x64,”,Is a 64 bit computer processor architecture.It isBased on the existing 32-bit x86 architecture, developed by AMD, applicationAMD64Instruction setOur own products are Athlon(Velociraptor) 64、Athlon 64 FX、Athlon 64 X2、Turion(Turion ) 64、Opteron(Opteron )、Sempron(Flashing Dragon)、Phenom(Phenom )And the latest phenom II and Athlon II processors.   Amd ultra micro semiconductor company American AMDsemiconductorThe company specializes incomputer、signal […]

  • PI Zi Heng Bi monthly No.21


    Bimonthly: the 21st issue Here we share some interesting projects / tools and some hot news in the embedded field. The Lunar New Year is divided into 24 solar terms. We hope to release one issue on time on the day of each festival. This journal is an open source projectJayHeng/pzh-mcu-bi-weekly)Welcome to issue, contribute or […]

  • Dandelion · jelly technical weekly Vol 27: ordinary react 17


    Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.27 This busy October is finally coming to an end. After four RC versions, react 17 was officially released a few days ago, and CRA 4.0, which was released a few days ago, has completed the support of react 17. Although there are no new features, the seemingly “ordinary” react […]

  • A poor loser implements issueops with FAAS


    This article teaches you how to achieve enough automatic development and test delivery. For readers, it is better to meet the following conditions: Poor enough Lazy enough issueops? I’ve heard of chatops and gitops, but I haven’t heard of issueops. As the name suggests, issueops is to do something about OPS when discussing issues, and […]

  • Spring MVC implementation process is not clear?


    MVC summary 1. Overview Or the previous three routines What is 1.1? SpringProvides a set of view layer processing framework, which is based onServletIt can be realized throughXMLOr annotation to configure what we need. He provided interceptors, file uploads,CORSAnd other services. 1.2 why? OriginalServletIn large projects, we need to go through multiple encapsulation to avoid […]

  • Lightweight binlog synchronization toolkit binlogportal


    Reasons for using binlog Recently, we need to reconstruct an old system. We need to synchronize the modification of orders from several services to the reconstruction table in real time.There are two choices, Before the MySQL operation of each service, the modification information is sent to the queue or service. This solution needs to modify […]

  • Three kinds of factory design patterns are enough


    preface The interview was asked about three factory modes, and the answers were very vague. So I spent the morning sorting out and summarizing. In order to facilitate your practice, I wrote the code in theIt’s in. JavaThe three factory design patterns are similar in product and factory correspondence, many to one, one to one, […]

  • Targetframeworks output multi version class library, the target framework of SDK style project


    https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/dotnet/standard/frameworks#net-5-os-specific-tfms https://docs.microsoft.com/zh-cn/dotnet/standard/frameworks#net-5-os-specific-tfms   Targetframeworks output multi version class library, the target framework of SDK style project   When targeting a framework in an application or library, you need to specify the set of APIs you want to provide to the application or library.  Use the target framework moniker (TFM) to specify the target framework in […]

  • Stand up for iPhone 12, apple watch and iPad air stand in the C position of Apple’s launch


    Segment fault reported on September 16 that the apple press conference was just held as scheduled. Different from the past, according to the Convention of Apple press conference, the new iPhone will be released at this time every year. However, this year, the iPhone 12 series, which is widely expected, has not surprised the whole […]

  • Responsibility chain model of design pattern


    Chain of responsibility Intro In the chain of responsibility (chain of responsibility) mode, many objects are connected by the reference of each object to its subordinate, forming a chain. The request is passed on the chain until an object in the chain decides to process the request.The client who makes the request does not know […]

  • Guzzleswoole V1.1.0 makes guzzle perfectly compatible with swoole coroutine


    Let guzzle support the swote collaboration, the purpose of this project is so simple and clear! This project does not contain the function of guzzle. Please refer to guzzle 6. X in the project. Theoretically, it can support upgrading the version of guzzle without updating the guzzle swoole! Composer:”yurunsoft/guzzle-swoole”:”~1.1″ V1.1.0 Version Description: explain As we […]