• Go gorilla / handlers


    brief introduction In the previous article, we introduced the routing management library in the gorilla web development kitgorilla/muxAt the end of the article, we introduce how to use middleware to deal with general logic. In daily go web development, developers encounter many of the same middleware requirements, gorilla / handlers (hereinafter referred to ashandlers)Collected some […]

  • Processor scheduling hierarchy


    From submission to completion, a job often goes through the following three schedules: 1、 Job scheduling         Job scheduling is also called advanced scheduling. Its main task is to select one or more jobs from the jobs in the backup queue in external memory according to certain principles, allocate necessary resources such […]

  • Design of general programmable order state machine engine for Gaode taxi


    Introduction: order status flow is the core work of the transaction system. The order system often has the characteristics of multiple states, long links and complex logic, as well as business characteristics such as multiple scenarios, multiple types and multiple business dimensions. On the premise of ensuring the stability of order status flow, scalability and […]

  • [flutter 1-3] Android studio error your CPU does not support VT-x


    First address of the article The reason for this problem Android simulator needs calculator processor, which must support one of the following virtualization extension technologies: Extension of Intel virtualization technology (VT, VT-x and VMX) Amd Virtualization (AMD-V and SVM) extension Most processors will support it. Take Intel processor as an example. Open in Bois If […]

  • Five core components and calling process of spring MVC


    Five core components of spring web MVC The dispatcher servlet controller entry is responsible for distributing requestsHandlermapping is responsible for finding the corresponding controller according to the requestThe controller that actually handles the requestModelandview encapsulates data information and view informationThe viewresolver view processor finds the corresponding page through processing DispatcherServlet Dispatcher servlet is a front-end […]

  • Process control: JQ deferred and ES6 promise use novice to pit!


    thank youn͛i͛g͛h͛t͛i͛r͛e͛A big point aboutPromiseincatchMistakes that are not used properly, and paste the articles highly recommendedRookies and higher order errors in promiseThe article explains some of them in detailPromiseMistakes and guidance in use. In addition, the correction is added later. Start with jQuery $. Deferred() When it comes to asynchronous process control, the most commonly […]

  • Legend_Lone


    How to install Ubuntu 20.04 on Windows VMWare Practice environment This paper is based onUbuntu 20.04Platform experiments, the solutions in the following are based on this premise Problem record Question one Example program in Chapter 4 of assembly language programmingcpuid2.sIn the process of compiling and running, there are the following problems: $ as -o cpuid2.o […]

  • Huawei cloud Kunpeng cloud server installation nginx


    ▣ address of blogger:The sound of smile 【www.cztcms.cn】 ▣ other platforms of bloggers:CSDN Brief book Open source China Do you think about it Huawei cloud blog Huawei cloud Kunpeng cloud server is equipped with Huawei Kunpeng processor (916 / 920). Huawei Kunpeng processor is based on ARM architecture, which is different from the traditional x86 […]

  • Net / HTTP of go language standard library


      Go language built innet/httpThe package is very excellent, providing the implementation of HTTP client and server.   Net / HTTP   Go language built innet/httpThe package provides the implementation of HTTP client and server.   HTTP protocol   Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the most widely used network transfer protocol on the Internet. All […]

  • Goblog learning 3


    create form To publish blog posts, the server needs to create a form and add a new route in main(): outer.HandleFunc(“/articles/create”, articlesCreateHandler).Methods(“GET”).Name(“articles.create”) At the same time, add a new created processor: func articlesCreateHandler(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {} In the processor, the HTML format of the form is loaded, and the template is used here. At […]

  • Spring source code analysis of the ‘beanfactorypostprocessor’ call process


    Previous portal: Pre start process of spring source code analysis Beanfactory architecture of spring source code analysis The content of this paper is as follows AbstractApplicationContext#refreshA little bit of the first part BeanFactoryPostProcessorDetailed explanation of calling procedure mybatisHow to use this section to integrate spring? Text: In spring, a total ofBeanFactoryPostProcessorandBeanPostProcessorThere are two types of […]

  • Piziheng embedded: review of domestic risc-v core MCU manufacturers (products released in 2019)


    Hello everyone, I’m a ruffian Heng. I’m a serious technical ruffian. Today, ruffian Heng introduces to youDomestic risc-v core MCU manufacturers (2019)。 Although the risc-v trend has been blowing for several years, 2019 is the first year for it to really enter the mainstream market. Recently, a large number of domestic chip companies have risen, […]