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  • A lightweight and high-performance C + + Web Framework


    Speaking of web development, most people think of Java, python, golangBecause they have many mainstream web frameworks, Java has a very well-known spring family bucket, python has a large and comprehensive Django, a small and refined flask, a high-performance tornado, and golang also has a fast and flexible gin, echo and other frameworks. In contrast, […]

  • Is the setstate function of react synchronous or asynchronous?


    Interview is always asked?? 1. Event handlers controlled by react and lifecycle function calls to setstate are not synchronizedNew state.2, setState calls are updated synchronously in events beyond React control. Such as the native JS bindingPieces, setTimeout / setinterval, etc. class Example extends React.Component { constructor() { super() this.state = { val: 0 } } […]

  • JQuery uses jsonp to implement cross domain requests


    $.ajax({ type: “get”, async: false, url: “http://apppay.xyz/apppay.php”, Datatype: “jsonp”, // the returned data type, set to jsonp mode Jsonp: “callback name”, // the parameter name passed to the request handler or page to obtain the name of the jsonp callback function (generally, the default is: callback) Jsonpcallback: “callbackname”, // the name of the custom jsonp […]

  • Learning notes of JavaScript advanced programming | 11.2. About


    followFront end Xiaoao, read more original technical articles time limit Expectation is a substitute for non-existent results. It is a mechanism for asynchronous program execution Relevant code → Promises / A + specification ES6 addedPromiseType, which has become the dominant asynchronous programming mechanism, which is supported by all modern browsers Contractual basis PromiseType passnewOperator instantiation, […]

  • Use of stored procedures (IV) — use declare to define conditions and handlers


    Defining conditions and handlers is to define the problems that may be encountered in the process of program execution in advance, and the methods to solve these problems can be defined in the handler, which can be simply understood as exception handling. This method can predict the possible problems in advance and put forward solutions, […]

  • Bpmn.js Chinese document (II)


    Due to work needs (not very much), a BPMN process designer based on BPMN JS + Vue 2. X + elementui is open-source on the basis of the company’s project. The preview address is miyuefe blog. Welcome to fork and star.The article was first published in the Chinese document (2) of nuggets bpmn.js. Please indicate […]

  • Deep understanding of computer systems – exceptions


    Modern operating systems respond to some unexpected situations (disk read-write data is ready, hardware timer generates signals, etc.) by mutating the control flow. Generally speaking, we name these mutations as exceptional contractual flow (ECF). Abnormal control flow occurs at all levels of the computer system. For example, in the hardware layer, when the hardware detects […]

  • Angularjs promise notes


    What is promisePromise is a method of processing values asynchronously. Promise is an object, which represents the final possible return value or exception thrown by a function. When dealing with remote objects, we can regard it as a proxy of remote objects. If promise is also an asynchronous processing method, we will think of the […]

  • Default behavior of form


    1. action The URL submitted to. If no action is written, the submission form will re request the current page. If the method is written at this time, the corresponding URL will be requested according to the method method. 2. method Request method. The optional values are get and post. If it is not filled […]

  • Analysis of the impact of CPU architecture on redis performance


    catalogue 1、 Mainstream multi core CPU 1.1 multi core CPU cache structure 1.2 impact on redis 2、 NUMA CPU 2.1 UMA (SMP) architecture vs NUMA architecture 2.2 impact on redis This paper mainly analyzes the impact of CPU architecture on the performance of redis based on the architecture and operation mechanism of CPU. 1、 Mainstream […]

  • Reading notes of JavaScript advanced programming (9)


    Recently, I’ve been so busy that I’ve turned a beautiful girl into a national treasure. Finally, it’s over. What I’m left with is still the charm (black eye circle)~If you don’t have much to say, eat first^_^ Chapter 13 events The interaction between JavaScript and html is realized by events.Events are specific interaction moments that […]

  • Spring dynamic proxy


    Before we talk about dynamic proxy, let’s understand two words: Proxy agentInvocationhandler call handler I don’t know much about it. I’ll pick up the JDK document again; Let’s look at the official explanation InvocationHandler is the interface implemented by the invocation handler of a proxy instance. Each proxy instance has an associated invocation handler. When […]