• How to use uwsgi and fork in Python multiprocess multithreading


    Story background During this period of time, I am working on a nginx + uwsgi + Python project. One requirement is that the configuration can be changed and take effect in the process of service running, which can be understood as hot overload. Before, these configurations are the basic configurations written in the configuration file […]

  • Process scheduling in Linux system


    Process scheduling is essential for operating system to realize multi process.It is said that process scheduling is the most important part of the operating system. I think this statement is too absolute, just like many people often say “XX times higher efficiency of XX function than XX function”, which is divorced from the actual environment. […]

  • From Kafka to NiO


    Before talking about NiO, let’s briefly review the kernel state and user state Kernel space is the running space of Linux kernel, while user space is the running space of user program. In order to ensure the kernel security, they are isolated. Even if the user’s program crashes, the kernel will not be affected.Kernel space […]

  • Snoole TCP learning


    Recently, I have been learning about spool. Just a small part of an old project (a script) has used TCP protocol. Take this opportunity to refactor it. Scene Description: The role of the script can be summarized in one sentence: push the local data source to another server. There are some unreasonable aspects in the […]

  • Process? Thread? Silly? Unclear


    Today, I’m going to learn about the browser. I want to make my knowledge system more systematic to learn about processes and threads What is a process? What is a thread? What is the use? Let’s refer to the architecture of Chrome browser to understand the relationship and use of the two Let’s take a […]

  • How to measure Linux performance and avoid the most typical error: memory


    In this series, we will discuss how to measure Linux performance correctly. Linux performance is a very broad topic, so we will focus on the four main resources that usually improve system performance — CPU, memory, disk storage and network. On the memory side, let’s look at physical memory and virtual memory. Virtual memory is […]

  • Linux container technology principle and use


    1.1 isolation and sharing Running multiple logically isolated server processes in a common development environment or a single server. No one’s operating environment wants to affect another. That is, a physical machine needs to virtualize multiple environments or containers. By providing a way to create and enter the container, the operating system makes the application […]

  • SQL basic note 2 view stored procedure


    SQL basic note 2 view stored procedure   View CREATE/ALTER/DROP VIEW ViewName as SELECT(…) You can continue to create a view on the basis of the view, that is, you can put the previously created view as a table name in the select statement of the new view Using view to format data (that is, […]

  • PHP knowledge


    How to configure load balancing in nginx: Configure an upstream in nginx, and then configure all related server IP. Then the polling scheme is adopted, and in the configuration item of nginx, the proxy pass points to the upstream, so that the load balancing can be realized. What is CGI? CGI is a general gateway […]

  • Oracle stored procedure 8: Pit 2 when stored procedure (end)


    Previously, I wrote an article to summarize the pit that Oracle stored procedure stepped on when it was used to store 8 stored procedure(https://www.cnblogs.com/kingstarer/p/13379053.html) At that time, there were only three big pits. In fact, I encountered many small pits Because during this period, our project team decided to rewrite the old system with Java […]

  • In depth analysis of redis high availability series: persistent AOF and RDB


    Welcome to official account brother: “code farmer rich brother”, dedicated to share the back-end technology (high concurrent architecture, distributed cluster system, Message Queuing Middleware, network, micro service, Linux, TCP/IP, HTTP, MySQL, Redis), Python and other original dry cargo and interview guide! Free video benefits recommendation: 2T learning video tutorial + e-book free: bat interview intensive […]

  • Technical principle of docker container


    Process isolation The core function of container technology is to create a “boundary” for the process by constraining and modifying the dynamic performance of the process. For most Linux containers such as docker, cgroups technology is the main means to create constraints, while namespace technology is the main method to modify the process view. The […]