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    SQL server stored procedure:https://www.w3cschool.cn/sqlserver/sqlserver-hw2328n6.html

  • Electronic (2) – inject JS and CSS into WebView


    One of the company’s internal desktop software is written based on the electronics Vue. The person who was responsible for developing this client left the company a few days ago, and I became a temporary file pick-up optimization person. As a person who writes Vue but contacts the electronics for the first time, he spent […]

  • The beginning of multithreading


    Create thread To understand multithreading, you must first know how to create a thread. There are three ways to create a thread: inherit the thread class, implement the runnable interface, and implement the callable interface. //Create thread mode 1: inherit thread class, override run() method, call start to start thread public class TestThread1 extends Thread […]

  • C ා WinForm program progress bar


    Control bar control: ProgressBar Can not automatically change according to the process of your program, you need to calculate and adjust the amount of change  private void progressBar1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)        {                this.progressBar1 . maximum = 100; / / sets the maximum length of the progress bar                this.progressBar1 . value = 0; / / sets […]

  • Using Leader Selection in kubernetes to realize high availability of components


    In kubernetes, generally, Kube schduler and Kube controller manager are deployed in multiple copies to ensure high availability, but there is only one instance that is really working. Here we use itleaderelectionTo ensure that the leader is in the working state, and after the leader is down, select a new leader from other nodes to […]

  • Nginx introduction and basic command line operation


    Introduction to nginx Nginx is a high-performance web server. From 2001 to now, because of nginx’s deep mining of hardware and operating system kernel characteristics, it can maintain high concurrency and high throughput at the same time. Nginx also adopts module design, and there are a large number of third-party modules that can expand the […]

  • Process, thread, concurrency, parallelism


    process Processes have independent virtual address space, so they can’t share memory. If they want to communicate with other processes, they must use some explicit inter process communication (IPC) mechanism. Process control and IPC cost a lot. Multi process execution process The transition from one process to another is managed by the operating system kernel. […]

  • On line alarm realized by supervisor + nail


    1. Background In order to ensure the stability of the online project, it is necessary to pin the failed process of supervisor repeatedly, so that the relevant technical personnel can deal with it in time.The results are as follows: 2. Basic knowledge Here is a literacy program for readers who have never been exposed to […]

  • Nginx architecture and Fundamentals


    Application scenarios of nginx There are three main application scenarios of nginx Static resource service Reverse proxy service API services Static resource service Nginx can provide services of static resources through local file system, such as pure static HTML pages. Reverse proxy service The operation efficiency of many application services is very low. QPS, TPS […]

  • The love hate entanglement between Linux system process and thread


    Original address: http://embed.21ic.com/softwar… When a program begins to execute, its part in memory is called a process during the period from the beginning of execution to the end of execution. Linux is a multitasking operating system, that is, at the same time, multiple processes can be executed at the same time. In fact, the single […]

  • The problem of spark executor being killed by yarn


    For spark tasks, the executor always hangs up during runtime. At first, I felt that the amount of data was too large, and the executor memory was not enough. However, after estimating the amount of data, we don’t think there should be insufficient memory. Therefore, we first try to observe the memory distribution of executor […]

  • Overview of browser architecture


    Overview of browser architecture Browser is essentially an application software running under the computer operating system Foreword knowledge Multitasking In short, the operating system can run multiple tasks at the same time.The real parallel execution of multi tasks can only be implemented on multi-core CPU. However, in practical application, because the number of tasks is […]