• How do technical people grow up?


    By Xiao Yi, senior technical expert of Ali culture and entertainment Introduction:In the twinkling of an eye, half of 2020 has passed. It’s time to make a mid year summary. In this article, Xiao Yi, senior technology expert of Ali entertainment, summarizes his growth and harvest in the past six years in Ali, and shares […]

  • The Hadoop command line interface runs its own classes


    Transferred from:http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-11767650-id-1673086.htmlBecause I also encountered this problem, so I reprinted it directly… Recently, when learning Hadoop, you can use the command line to manage Hadoop simply. For example, you can use: View the HDFS root node of Hadoop hadoop fs -ls / Create folder lgG hadoop fs mkdir /user/root/LGGOperate through the command line interface.Of course, […]

  • Two compilation problems encountered


    Recently, I encountered two compilation problems, which took a lot of effort. container_ Of question I defined container in one place_ Of macro, but repeated compilation errorsMacro is defined as follows: #define container_of(ptr, type, member) ({\ const typeof( ((type *)0)->member ) *__mptr = (ptr);\ (type *)( (void *) ( (char *)__mptr – offsetof(type,member) ) );}) […]

  • Webpack compile Vue style “export ‘default’ (imported as’ mod ‘) error


    Recently, the code of the scaffold’s compilation layer was upgraded. Vue gave feedback that there was a warning in the compilation style, and recorded the problems and solutions error message WARNING in ../vueSample/js/index/_pages/app.vue?vue&type=style&index=0&lang=stylus& 1:469-472 “export ‘default’ (imported as ‘mod’) was not found in ‘-!../../../../../node_modules/mini-css…. Problem webpack configuration { test: /\.styl(us)?$/, use: envAttributs(‘styl’, [ ‘stylus-loader’ ]) […]

  • Problems and solutions in the implementation of Tetris with jquery


    Record the problems when writing this game. When the key is pressed, it is forbidden to trigger repeatedly Demand: when the key is pressed, the speed will be reduced by 300 on the basis of the current value, speed – = 300There is a problem: when the key is pressed and held, speed will continue […]

  • What do Google interview questions look like? Be hanged after watching


    Google interview questions constructed: the knight’s dialerhttps://medium.com/@alexgolec… As an engineer and interviewer of Google, today is the second time that I have published an article to share the interview suggestions of a technology company.Here is a statement: This article only represents my personal observations, opinions and suggestions. Don’t take it as an official suggestion or […]

  • Step on the pit all the way, forced to talk about C # code debugging skills and remote debugging


    1: Background 1. Tell a story Every time a project is pre delivered, there will always be various wonderful pits. I think it’s necessary to sort out and how to solve them quickly, so that later generations can avoid them. This article talks about what I heard and met I’ll go. The local environment code […]

  • Cross domain access of front end and interface


    1 business scenario In the current product development, the front-end and back-end are completely separated. In the debugging stage, the ports of the static server and the interface server are different. When the front-end and back-end communicate, cross domain processing is needed here, which can be processed by the back-end. When the user calls the […]

  • Version upgrade of kubernetes based on alicloud hosting


    preface Because the k8s version of Alibaba cloud’s knative is greater than 1.15, and our current cluster environment is 1.14.8, we need to upgrade the pre release environment. There is nothing to write about the upgrade version of kubernetes cluster based on aliyun hosting, which can be implemented under the guidance of the official documents […]

  • Technology and business: how do I grow in business?


    Author: Mu Ye Application real time monitoring service (arms) is an application performance management (APM) product, which includes three sub products: application monitoring, Prometheus monitoring and front-end monitoring, covering distributed applications, container environment, browsers, applets and apps Performance management can help users realize full stack performance monitoring and end-to-end full link tracking diagnosis, making application […]

  • Afnetworking source code analysis and interview test site extension


    Recently, I reread the source code of afnetworking 3. X. it’s a review of the old to learn the new. Also combed some excellent code details and interview test points, listed down, found that this library is small and exquisite, it is a treasure house for beginners. What do you think of open source library? […]

  • Windows Server 2012 build SQL server always on full record


    Windows Server 2012 build SQL server always on full record Environmental information: Windows Server 2012 R2Sql Server 2012 The whole process is divided into three steps 1. Configure the pre control and add the machine to the domain. 2. Configure windows fail over cluster 3. Configure SQL server always on high availability group (Ag) Full […]