• The load time of trust analyzer is too long


    Development environment:vscode+rust-analyzerQuestion:Vscode is stuck all the timefetching metadataStage.method:functioncargo metadata, found Blocking waiting for file lock on package cache function rm -rf ~/.cargo/.package-cache Delete the cache of cargo and run it againcargo metadataI didn’t find out laterblockingRestart vscdoe and load trust analyzer successfully. reference resources rust-analyzer issue616 Blocking waiting for file lock on package cache always […]

  • org.apache.catalina . connector.ClientAbortException : Solutions


    Basic spring boot 2.2.3.release version test, 2.2.5 does not have this problem Java – how to simulate client abort request? Test in a problem project (some advanced versions of springboot do not have this exception, so it must be tested in a problem project) It mainly simulates that the client actively disconnects from the server […]

  • Hot deployment of springboot project and solutions to hot deployment failure


    OnestayIDEAOn the rightSpringBootMethods of hot deployment staypom.xmlinOf In labelAdd the following configuration org.springframework.boot spring-boot-devtools   Then clickIDEAOfFile-Settings   And then find outCompiler, check aboveBuild project automatically, and then clickOKsign out   Then pressShift+Ctrl+Alt+/, pop up small box, selectRegistry   And then find outcompiler.automake.allow.when.app.runningAnd tick it, and then clickclosesign out   After completing the above steps, […]

  • React Performance Optimization — using react Redux


    React rendering mechanism The previous onearticleI have introduced the rendering mechanism of react In short, when the page is opened at the beginning, react will call the render function to build a DOM tree. When the state / props changes, the render function will be called again to render another virtula dom. Then, react will […]

  • Using Arthas to find weird and time-consuming bugs in springboot


    Introduction:The company has a channel system, which is specially used for docking with three-party channels. There is no business logic, mainly for the work of converting messages and parameter verification, which plays a connecting role. Recently, after optimizing the response time of the interface and the code, the time still can’t meet the requirements. There […]

  • How to build a management system of technical public opinion for idle fish


    Brief introduction: we have built a checking system with logs to check and data to rely on from the aspects of logs, monitoring and performance testing Current situation and problems The public opinion management of idle fish, relying on the facilities construction of Ali group, has the following capabilities: Crash exception, performance online aggregation query; […]

  • Summary of mining pit construction in redis cluster


    background To clarify, I didn’t solve the whole process, I just played a role in soy sauce. Because actually I am in charge of this project and the whole process is quite clear. I also told my colleagues in charge that I would take him to do the project review after some time. As a […]

  • Some resource limitations of trust asynchronous library Tokio


    Project address:https://github.com/netwarps/r… preface In rust, async STD and Tokio, as two asynchronous runtime libraries with more users, have their own advantages. While trust IPFs is the implementation of IPFs, the runtime is Tokio, and the underlying network library is based on trust libp2p. In order to try to change the underlying trust libp2p tolibp2p-rsOn the […]

  • Recursive application scenarios, call mechanism, problems and rules


    recursion Maze problem (backtracking) concept In a nutshell: recursion means that a method calls itself, passing in different variables each time,Recursion helps programmers solve complex problemsAt the same time, make the code concise Case recursive call mechanism Printing problems public static void test(int n){ if(n>2){ test(n-1); } System.out.println(“n=”+n); } Recursive call rule: When a program […]

  • [20201204] why to return 2 rows of records.txt


    [20201204] why to return 2 rows of records.txt –//In itpub, http://www.itpub.net/thread-2140116-1-1.html . It took a little time to figure out what the problem was,–//The problem is the consistency read, refer to the link http://blog.itpub.net/267265/viewspace-2213824/ =>[20180907] accessing V $view and consistent reading.txt [email protected]> @ ver1 PORT_STRING                    VERSION        BANNER—————————— ————– ——————————————————————————–x86_64/Linux 2.4.xx       Oracle Database 11g Enterprise […]

  • Why use it in block__ Strong life again, weak object?


    At this time, I was asked a question about block in an interview. I exclaimed “good question” (I haven’t thought about it before). Now I want to think about it again __weak __typeof(self)weakSelf = self; Block(param) ^{ __strong __typeof(weakSelf)strongSelf = weakSelf; // Do stuff }); First, when there is no weakself, block will make a […]

  • Oracle stored procedure 8: Pit 2 when stored procedure (end)


    Previously, I wrote an article to summarize the pit that Oracle stored procedure stepped on when it was used to store 8 stored procedure(https://www.cnblogs.com/kingstarer/p/13379053.html) At that time, there were only three big pits. In fact, I encountered many small pits Because during this period, our project team decided to rewrite the old system with Java […]