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  • Maven actual combat (HD complete with bookmark)


    Maven actual combat (HD complete with bookmark) Download addresshttps://pan.baidu.com/s/1IbkkR4Ec4ECP-JyatweYpQ Under the code scan, the two-dimensional code concerns the official account number 100078 and gets the share code.The catalogue structure of this book is as follows: Chapter 1 Introduction to maven 1.1 what is Maven 1.1.1 what is build 1.1.2 Maven is an excellent build tool […]

  • Maven warehouse priority


    Warehouse classification Main classification of warehouse: Local warehouse: local disk, no need to start service, default path~/.m2/repository Remote warehouse: a warehouse service process is started to provide the ability to store and pull jar packages Image warehouse: it can be understood as cache, which is consistent with the specified source warehouse Other concepts: Private server: […]

  • Maven, have you thought about these seven questions?


    Send you the following java learning materials. There is a way to get them at the end of the text Maven can be seen everywhere in the current project. During the interview, you are often asked some questions about Maven in the project, but usually there are no problems with Maven project. Maybe you don’t […]

  • Build a private Maven warehouse through cloud effect product warehouse packages


    Cloud effect product warehouse packages (new version)Cloud effect product warehouse packagesIt is an enterprise level private warehouse service produced by Alibaba cloud. It provides enterprise level private warehouse services based on maven, gradle, NPM and other software package management tools for managing enterprise level dependency hosting. The warehouse supports the management of Maven products and […]

  • Build a maven private warehouse with Nexus


    Build a maven private warehouse with Nexus Hello, I’m classmate Tian, a programmer. Today, I will take you to build a maven private warehouse. Many companies build their own Maven private warehouse. Today, we will take you to build their own private warehouse using nexus and upload java to their own warehouse using idea. 1. […]

  • Idea operation Maven advanced chapter:


    Idea operation mavenAdvanced: After the above study, we have roughly understood:Maven BasicsWhat is Maven – why use it——Foundation construction: Maven can be said to be an indispensable tool for java development:ok!, Next, learn more about Maven’s advanced articles! Modular construction engineering [application] Maven inheritance [dependency] and aggregation What is aggregation? Project development is usually divided […]

  • Maven common operation commands


    background Recently, when building an automated release pipeline based on maven, I found that when there are many projects and there are many dependencies between projects, understanding Maven’s command use is really a powerful addition. Specially arranged a set of Maven common commands and tips for you. It is recommended to collect or even print […]

  • Build NPM private server


    Reference documentshttps://help.sonatype.com/rep… Preconditions Build nexus 3 I Create NPM warehouse 1. Create NX deployer role2. Create a deployer user whose password is also deploy3. Create the hosted, proxy and group of NPM respectively, as shown in the following three figureshosted proxy group 2、 Client Npmrc configuration registry= [email protected] always-auth=true _auth=”ZGVwbG95ZXI6ZGVwbG95ZXI=” _ Auth is the base64 […]

  • Springboot source code – Custom starter


    Starter is the wing of spring boot. If you insert the wings, you can fly very high~ Students who want to fly, follow me and DIY their own starter step by step~ 1. Create POM project Create a POM project named sayhello spring boot starter and introduce two dependencies, as shown in the figure: 2. […]

  • Discussion on NPM related knowledge


    NPM related knowledge records How to installnpm? NPM is automatically installed when node is installed (recommended)nvmTo install) RecommendedyarnTo manage NPM dependencies (faster, flat structures), and the latestpnpmWorth studying usenrmAdministrationregistry If the company has NPM private server and correspondingscope, you can set the scope to agree to specify the installation source for the packages from the […]

  • Build Maven central warehouse on CentOS


    environment Install Java Use Yum to install the JDK of Java here. You can use the commandyum search java | grep jdkTo see which JDK versions are available under Yum or up2date. Select version 1.8 here, and the installation instructions are:sudo yum install java-1.8.0-openjd After installation, you also need to modify the environment variables. The […]

  • Maven project introduces local jar package method


    If you need to introduce third party packages, such as express birds, Alipay, WeChat and other jar packages (of course, it is possible to directly provide Maven dependence). If you download it locally, how can you integrate it into your Maven project? There are many ways. Here are four ways 1. Upload to Maven central […]