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  • Ownership and privacy of bitcoin – asymmetric encryption application


    This paper was first published inSimple explanation of blockchain communityLink to the original text:Ownership and privacy of bitcoin – asymmetric encryption applicationThe original text has been updated. Please read it How does the bitcoin system determine to whom the bitcoin of an account belongs? Who can pay bitcoin for this account?If you don’t quite understand […]

  • Encryption in spring boot application.properties


    1 Overview What? It’s 2020, and you’re still writing clear text passwords in the configuration file of spring boot?Although it is a small project, no one read the textPlaintext is simple, fast and convenient!!!You see the direct user name root password 123456 how simple!!! …No nonsense. This article mainly talks about how to use jasypt […]

  • 01_ Private key, public key and address


    The private key, public key and address are a string of (almost) impossible to collide.It can be illustrated by four equations = random() (0 < k < n; n = 1.158 * 10^77) =K * g (G is a constant of elliptic curve cryptography) = Hash.ripemd160(Hash.sha256(K)) = base58(0 + a + checksum) The process from […]

  • Bitcoin Trading (1)


    In the bitcoin white paper, there are three key words that explain what transactions are. Although digital signatures partly solve the problem of e-cash system, it still needs the support of the third party to prevent double payment, then the system will lose its value of existence. An electronic currency is defined as a chain […]

  • Alicloud Linux server modifies SSH connection port and sets key login


    Today, I found that someone attacked my alicloud server. Although I used a strong password, I still felt a little uneasy. I decided to restrict access only through key and change the SSH connection port 1. Generate key pair First of all, execute the following command on the login server ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ” […]

  • Personal interpretation of bitcoin white paper


    abstract First of all, Nakamoto pointed out in the abstract that what to establish is a decentralized P2P payment system, and does not introduce a third party to solve the problem of double payment. At the same time, it puts forward the solution ideas, and mentions the technical points such as timestamps and proof of […]

  • IOS — data security and encryption


    reference resources:https://juejin.im/entry/58b93af3ac502e006c0820c9 1. Common encryption methods: Base64, MD5, AES, EDS, RSA HTTPS and SSL / TSL What is SSL?SSL (secure sockets layer), because the original HTTP protocol used on the Internet is plaintext, there are many shortcomings, such as the transmission content will be sniffed (sniffed) and tampered with. The function of SSL protocol is […]

  • Analysis of bitcoin


    Welcome toTencent cloud + community, get more Tencent mass technology practice dry goods~ Author: Shen Xingfan, member fromCloud + community translation agency The purpose of this paper is to make readers have a perceptual understanding of the special currency, and do not require the technical level of the readers. The contents related to this paper […]

  • JWT implements login verification


    Why use JWT Due to the customer’s request to go online as soon as possible, the project temporarily dispatched personnel to complete the project. At the beginning, it only focused on the data, and did not consider the login verification. In addition, at that time, the project was only provided for one customer, so the […]

  • When PHP curl requests, set the client certificate and private key


    It’s a little strange because I haven’t been exposed to the two-way authentication of HTTPS before.Since SSL certificates and private keys are provided by the docking party, my understanding is as follows:The SSL certificate carries the public key of the client,The other server uses the private key of the client to verify, and then encrypts […]

  • GitHub actions automatically deploy hexo


    GitHub actions is GitHub’s official CI tool, which integrates with GitHub seamlessly. Previously, the blog used travisci to implement automatic deployment. Now it uses GitHub actions to deploy. This article records the deployment process. Briefly introduce the terms in GitHub actions: Workflow: represents a continuous integration process Job: build task. A workflow can be composed […]

  • Building blockchain based on Java language (5) — Address (wallet)


    The final content is subject to the original texthttps://wangwei.one/posts/f90… introduction stayLastIn this paper, we began to realize the trading mechanism. You’ve learned some of the non personal characteristics of a transaction: without a user account, your personal data (such as your name, passport number, and SSN) are not required and are not stored anywhere in […]