• How is the computer connected to the printer?


    Now most printers are USB interfaces. Plug its connecting cable into the USB interface of the computer, and then install the driver on the random disc. Specifically, in the printer settings in the control panel, there will be a dialog box that guides you step by step to complete the installation. Here is a detailed […]

  • Details of prncnfg.vbs parameters


    Syntax: Cscript Prncnfg {-g | -t | -x | -?} [-S ] [-P ] [-z ] [-u ] [-w ] [-r ] [-l ] [-h ] [-m ] [-f ] [-y ] [-st ] [-ut ] [-I ] [-o ] [shared] [direct] [hidden] [published] [rawonly] [queued] [enablebidi] [keepprintedjobs] [workoffline] [enabledevq] [docompletefirst]Parameters   parameter describe -g Displays configuration information for the printer. -t Configure the printer. -x Rename the printer. -S Specify a name for the remote computer that hosts the printer you want to manage. If you do not specify a computer, the local computer will be used. -P Specify the name of the […]

  • How do computers use virtual printers?


    Two simple ways to save web pages are introduced in the front, and the following is a more convenient way to print web pages into paper version. The method to be introduced below is not only to print web pages, but also other files. Virtual printer is basically equivalent to a physical printer, only to […]

  • Windows Server 2008 configuring printers in a network environment


    Next, learn how to build a printer server in a network environment in Windows Server2008. Printer servers are also very common, especially in large and medium-sized enterprises. For the convenience of management, you can build a printer service. Here, local printers include parallel port Serial Port USB interface network interface printers, and how to configure […]

  • Windows migration printers and print queues


    When you move a printer, the server on which the printer is currently located isSource server, the server to which the printer will be migrated isDestination server。 Steps: 1. Create a printer profile for the source server printbrm -b -s Servername -f SaveFile Where servername is the source server name or IP and savefile is […]

  • How to install and use bar code printer in Linux system?


    Bar code label printers are used more and more widely, such as courier bills, FBA product labels, product traceability, fixed assets management, production process management, etc. Computer systems are not limited to Microsoft Windows, more and more Linux and Mac OS systems need to use bar code printers. As a professional computer peripheral, barcode printer […]

  • Windows Server 2008 Configuring Printers in Network Environment


    Next, learn how to build a printer server in the network environment of Windows Server 2008. Printer servers are also very common. Especially in large and medium-sized enterprises, the number of printers is more convenient for management. We can build a printer service. Here we introduce that local printers include parallel serial USB interface network. […]

  • How does Windows Server 2003 delete the printer and fax buttons in the Start Menu?


    The Windows operating system allows editing the start menu to a certain extent. Today we’ll take a look at the Windows Server 2003 course to delete the printer and fax buttons in the start menu. 1. Open the Windows Server 2003 Operating System Start Menu; 2. Right-click in the blank of the start menu.Property button […]