• IOS interview — the latest IOS development interview questions


    preface The following IOS interview questions are for reference only. After all, the interview is uncontrollable, but the more you know, the greater the chance! Byte content: 1. Self introduction 2. Introduce a project in your resume 3. Three elements of object oriented 4. Polymorphism? 5. Which is more efficient, Java, python or OC? 6. […]

  • Principle of dry cargo flutter and practice of idle fish depth


    Wang Kang (Zhengwu), an official member of flutter, is a technical expert of Alibaba. Previously, he was mainly responsible for the mixed development system of flutter in idle fish. At present, he focuses on the depth and ecological related work of flutter. This article will share three aspects, the principle of flutter, the application of […]

  • 19 rules, teach you to write hot GitHub bad code!


    The ancients said: good code is one in a million, bad code is the same. As a developer, most of other people’s code is “rotten code” in my eyes, except for my own. However, due to the lack of qualifications, there are not many bad codes and no rules. But this project on GitHub has […]

  • Analysis of the concept, principle and usage of UrlRewrite


    URL Rewrite, or URL rewriting, is the process of redirecting incoming requests to other URLs. The most common application of URL Rewrite is pseudo static URL, which is a technology to display dynamic pages as static pages. such as http://www.123.com/news/index.asp?id=123 After using UrlRewrite conversion, it can be displayed as http://www.123.com/news/123.html What’s the use of URL […]

  • Mini Redux implementation principle


    The article first appeared on my bloghttps://github.com/mcuking/bl… Please refer tohttps://github.com/mcuking/bl… First of all, we don’t think about react Redux, but how to realize the function of redux.Redux generates the global state tree store according to the reducer (the new global state is generated according to the old global state and action). Namely store = createStore(reducer) […]

  • 29 days of hematemesis finishing front-end learning route, to those who are self-learning or ready to self-study front-end people!


    preface Recently, some friends often ask meFront end technology is so complicated now, how should I learn。 This topic is too big, a few words can’t be answered well; also because this problem really bothers many front-end developers, so I started to output this article. Although this article has taken a long time, it certainly […]

  • Mini Redux implementation principle Lecture 4


    The article first appeared on my bloghttps://github.com/mcuking/bl… Please refer tohttps://github.com/mcuking/bl… Then we will continue with the middleware mechanism mentioned above.In the previous lecture, we implemented the Redux thunk middleware, which enables the enhanced dispatch to receive not only object type actions, but also function type actions.Here, can we construct a middleware so that the enhanced […]

  • Recruitment + web front-end development engineer + weekend + five insurances and one fund


    Skill requirements: DIV+CSS,Vue.js,HTML,JSON Job requirements1. College degree or above, major in science and engineering, more than 2 years working experience;2. Be familiar with W3C standard and solve the problem of multi browser compatibility;3. Familiar with HTML5 / CSS3 / responsive, proficient in bootstrap and Vue front-end framework;4. Those who are familiar with wechat programs are […]

  • MySQL learning notes: combination index – leftmost principle


    Series articles: MySQL learning notes: combination index – leftmost principle MySQL learning notes: Composite Index – index push down MySQL learning notes: index failure new table CREATE TABLE `user` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_ Increment comment ‘Auto increment primary key’, `Uname ` varchar (100) not null default ‘comment’ name ‘, `Nickname ` varchar (255) […]

  • Maven two principles of dependence


    Two principles of dependence depth principle and order principle 1. The depth is differentIn the end, the shallowest, or shortest, path is used. 2. Same depthIn the order of declaration, the top priority is the highest. The two principles of dependence also take effect on indirect dependence. Why is there a dependency principle and multiple […]

  • IOS development | advanced journey from small company to large factory


    Advanced development of IOS OC source code download address Apple development document How to read Apple development documents GNUstep is one of the projects planned by GNU. It re open source the OC Library of cocoa and realizes the source code address: http://www.gnustep.org/resources/downloads.php Although GNUstep is not Apple’s official source code, it still has some […]

  • Hive acid test


    Before hive 0.14, hive QL did not support insert, update, and delete operations. This is obviously inconvenient. Especially in the process of building a data warehouse, a common example isDimension tableIt is obviously unreasonable to update a column frequently and update all historical data in hive. In hive 0.14, line level acid and transactions are […]