• Grpc go source code analysis and practical column introduction


    1. Background introduction Whether it is distributed architecture or micro service architecture, how to communicate efficiently and reliably between services is challenging; Then, one of the solutions is to use RPC communication;Grpc go developed by Google is a high-performance, open source and general RPC framework, which is designed for mobile and http2.Grpc go can often […]

  • Performance optimization of composer autoload dump autoload


    The autoload mechanism provided by composer makes it very convenient for us to organize code and introduce new class libraries, but it also reduces the performance of the project. The main reason why composer autoload is slow is that it supports psr-0 and psr-4. When the loader gets a class name, it needs to find […]

  • Automatic loading of classes in PHP


    Previously, we have learned the principle of automatic loading of composer, which actually uses the feature of automatic loading of classes in PHP. There is a link to the series at the end of the article. The automatic loading of classes in PHP mainly depends on__ Autoload() and SPL_ autoload_ Register () these two methods. […]

  • Golang Daily News: a collection of articles beneficial to me


    I’ve always wanted to go deep into the go language, and I’m determined to pay close attention to the go language this year Article name Article link Golang network programming https://www.cnblogs.com/ZhuChangwu/p/13198872.html Debug network pause in kubernetes cluster https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/u5aEQhZTDtLrVdC8AO_ogQ Code design issues https://gocn.vip/topics/10662 Golong thermal renewal principle https://xie.infoq.cn/article/c233ef969f1f86d3f77d92e19 Gin Vue admin, the automated whole station background […]

  • A component splitting method is introduced


    Both react and Vue pay attention to using composition to reuse components in developing components. However, how to decompose components into multiple sub components is sometimes a very difficult problem. Unreasonable splitting can not only improve the reusability of components, but also bring additional maintenance costs. In this articleDesign software that is easy to expand […]

  • Explain the principle and use of Android lint in detail


    Android lint principle and use details Android lint is a new tool introduced in ADT 16 to scan for potential errors in Android project sources. Lint is a powerful utility provided by Android to statically scan the application source code and find out the potential problems. Lint tool can check whether there are potential errors […]

  • IOS class loading principle


    Loading principle of class: IOS class loading principle IOS class loading principle IOS class loading principle The loading principle of classification, supplement and class extension, and introduction to associated objects stayIOS class loading principleWe talked aboutreadClassMethod, which binds and matches the name and address of the class through the address of the class. But we […]

  • Overall execution principle diagram of mybatis


    Last<<<Differences between sharding JDBC and MYCATNext > > >How sqlsessionfactory is created Core components of mybatis: Sqlsession: as the main top-level API of mybatis, it represents the session interacting with the database and completes the necessary database addition, deletion, modification and query functions;Executor: mybatis executor, the core of mybatis scheduling, is responsible for generating SQL […]

  • My advanced IOS interview in 2021


    I have participated in many interviews this year. Let’s see what my interview questions are The interview questions I can remember What’s up, runloop? Briefly describe the execution sequence of runloop and realize a background resident thread with runloop.reference resourceshttps://juejin.cn/post/6868551023439544333 List several methods to implement deferred call? Briefly describe the difference between process oriented and […]

  • 02-25: RNN algorithm


    RNN algorithm 1. Principle of RNN algorithm Single sequence Multiple sequences Overall introduction Working principle of cyclic neural network (1) RNN variant Gru 1 2 3 4 (2) RNN variant LSTM LSTM model architecture 1 2 3 LSTM defect analysis: 4 todo: 1. Residual network principle 2. RNN partially solves the gradient disappearance problem, but […]

  • API design principles


    overview In order to standardize the module and provide reasonable API, the following principles are sorted out: Several principles Author’s responsibility principle The author is responsible for the API. Bear the results of easy use and bad use.Responsible for iterative updates. Author priority principle The API developed by the author should first meet the author’s […]