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  • [actual combat of fluent] six layout components and semicircle menu cases


    Lao Meng’s introduction: the layout components in the shuttle include horizontal / vertical layout components(RowandColumn), overlay layout components(StackandIndexedStack), flow layout components(Wrap)And custom layout components(Flow)。 Horizontal and vertical layout components RowIs a component that lays out sub components horizontally,ColumnIs a component that lays out subcomponents vertically. In the project90%All page layouts can be implemented through row […]

  • Flex web page layout a CSS flexible box syntax tutorial


    Web page layout is a key application of CSS. The traditional solution of layout is based on the box model and depends on the display attribute + position attribute + float attribute. It is very inconvenient for those special layouts. For example, vertical centering is not easy to achieve. In 2009, W3C proposed a new […]

  • Android flexboxlayout streaming layout


    Android flexboxlayout streaming layout Flexboxlayout is a library that brings Android functions similar to CSS flexible box layout.1: Add dependencyIf you migrate to Android x dependencies { implementation ‘com.google.android:flexbox:2.0.1’ } Otherwise: dependencies { implementation ‘com.google.android:flexbox:1.0.0’ } 2: Example:Layout add: <com.google.android.flexbox.FlexboxLayout android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” app:flexWrap=”wrap”> <TextView style=”@style/TextStyle” android:text= “Do you really live in such a world” <TextView […]

  • Simple use of flex and simple scene of swiper


    [TOC] Flex layout Although flex has been used for a long time, I really know a little about some properties of this thing. I just know that it has this effect, but I don’t know why it happens, so I found some information to summarizeFlex is the abbreviation of flexible box, which means “flexible layout”, […]

  • How to use flex layout


    FLex Flex layout learning What is flex layout Flex is the abbreviation of flexible box, which means “flexible layout”, and is used to provide the maximum flexibility for the box model. Any container can be specified as a flex layout..box { display: flex;} Inline elements can also use flex layout..box { display: inline-flex;} The browser […]

  • From misunderstanding flex: 1 to understanding flexbox


    background In some business scenarios, we often need to achieve the effect that the child elements occupy the parent element space equally. So far, I use the most is to useflex: 1To achieve. Until one day I suddenly wanted to use itflex-grow: 1To achieve the same effect, but the browser gave me a different performance, […]

  • Flex layout and scaling calculation


    1、 Introduction to flex layout Flex isFlexible BoxAn abbreviation for“Flexible layout“To provide maximum flexibility for the box model. Any containerCan be specified as flex layout, that is,Inline elements can also be set to flex layout。 //Set block level element div to flex layout div { display: flex; } //Set the in line element span to […]

  • Application of flex layout


    What is flex layout? Flex is the abbreviation of flexible box, which means “flexible layout”. Any container can be specified as flex layout The basic concept of flex? Flex layout elements are called flex containers, or “containers” for short. All its child elements automatically become container elements, or “projects” for short. The container has two […]

  • css display:flex attribute


    1 display:flex layout display:flex It’s a layout. It can be applied to both containers and inline elements. It is a new scheme proposed by W3C, which can realize all kinds of page layout simply, completely and responsibly. At present, it has been supported by all browsers. Flex is the abbreviation for flexible box, meaning “flexible […]

  • Flex layout tutorial, front-end will be the basic skills, interview will be the foundation


    preface Flex is a common CSS3 layout, which can efficiently realize various page layouts with a small amount of code. It is a basic but necessary basic skill, which is often used in interviews. For example, the most basic let you realize the horizontal / vertical center of the elements, or extend it to other […]

  • Flex layout is learning and using


    preface Flex is the abbreviation for flexible box, meaning “flexible layout”, which is used to provide maximum flexibility for the box model. It provides powerful spatial distribution and alignment between the child elements of flexbox. Flex layout is the preferred solution for today’s layout. This article will introduce the basic properties of flexbox and feel […]

  • Summary of CSS flexbox elastic box model


    1. Background Flexible box layout is to provide a more efficient way to arrange, allocate space and layout for items in the container. Elastic means that items can be used even if their size is unknown or dynamic! The idea of this layout is to give the container the ability to adjust the width, height […]