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    react-native-easy-appIt is a pure JS library that provides basic services for rapid development of react native app(Support IOS & Android)Especially in the initial stage of project construction from 0 to 1, it can reduce the workload of developers by at least 30%. react-native-easy-appThe main tasks are as follows1. Encapsulating asyncstorage, developers only need a few […]

  • OAM k8s standard realizes crossplane project entering CNCF sandbox


    On June 24, 2020, the technical oversight committee (TOC) of cloud native Computing Foundation (hereinafter referred to as CNCF), the world’s top open-source community, has greatly reformed and simplified the sandbox level, and adopted the new process to approve as many as 11 applications for CNCF sandbox projects at one time. Among them, open application […]

  • Using Es5 to realize the class of ES6


    Parasitic combinatorial inheritance of Es5 function parent (age) { this.age = age } parent.prototype.say = function () { console.log(this.age) } function sub (age, value) { parent.call(this, age) this.value = value } sub.prototype = Object.create(parent.prototype, { constructor: { value: sub, enumerable: false, writable: true, configurable: true } }) Class of ES6 Here is a recommended syntax […]

  • 8ks: flexible cloud management experience


    The author is huaiyou and Lin Shi Introduction:Single k8s cluster provides users with the isolation capability at the level of namespace, which theoretically supports no more than 5K nodes and 15W pods. Multi k8s clusters solve the problems of resource isolation and fault isolation of a single cluster, breaking the limits of the number of […]

  • Ubuntu and rancher jointly release kubernetes cloud native platform


    On December 5, local time in Austin, Texas, USA, at kubecon, the top event in kubernetes field, canonical, an affiliated company of Ubuntu, cooperated with rancher labs to announce the launch of cloud native platform (CNP), an application delivery platform based on Ubuntu, kubernetes and rancher 2.0. CNP cloud native platform will enable users to […]

  • Development skills | mpaas applet custom event, how to unregister?


    In the process of developing mpaas applet, if the existing applet API or event can not meet the development requirements, you can also extend it by yourself. Applet calls native custom API 1. The client defines the API and registers. 2. Applet call. 1. let call = my.call(‘tinyToNative’, { 2. param1: ‘p1aaa’, 3. param2: ‘p2bbb’ […]

  • How to implement spark on kubernetes?


    Introduction:In the era of big data, the database middleware represented by Oracle has gradually been unable to meet the needs of enterprise digital transformation. Spark will be a better big data batch processing engine. With kubernetes becoming more and more popular, many digital enterprises have moved their online business to kubernetes, and hope to build […]

  • Source code analysis of DRF apiview and its internal functions / classes


    1、 Knowledge reserve As of apiview_ view -Internally, the closure function view of view is executed -CSRF is disabled -Everything is an object, and a function is also an object. Name = Lili 2 as in native view class_ The closure function view in view -The essence is carried out self.dispatch (request, * args, * […]

  • ES6 (17) — symbol


    catalog brief introduction Why have this data type effect If you want to use the toString method and are afraid of conflict with the native, you can use symbol It is more suitable for private properties, because ordinary traversal is not accessible At present, the most important role is to add unique attribute names to […]

  • How to reinterpret microservices in the cloud native context?


    Recently, O’Reilly published a data survey on the current situation of enterprise micro service market. According to the report, after interviewing 1502 software engineers, system and technology architects, engineers and decision makers around the world, 77% of organizations reported using microservices, and 92% of them successfully used microservices. Based on this report, the penetration rate […]

  • Openkruise: cloud native deployment base of Alibaba double 11 full link application


    Introduction:Kruise is a homonym of cruise, ‘k’ for kubernetes, which means navigation and automatic patrol of applications on kubernetes. It is full of Alibaba’s best practices in large-scale application deployment, release and management for many years, as well as the precipitation of the demand of Alibaba cloud kubernetes for thousands of customers. Source|Alibaba cloud official […]

  • Cross platform development technology year end inventory


    Efficiency has always been the lifeline of Internet enterprises. and“Through technology upgrading, three people can do five people’s work and earn four people’s wages”It is a win-win situation that enterprises and individuals have been eager to achieve. With the fierce competition in the industry, in order to further improve the development efficiency, cross platform development […]