• Windows 11 is coming!!!


    Win11, network wide exposure overnight! Microsoft plans to announce the so-called next-generation windows system at 23 p.m. on June 24, which may be called Windows 11 or windows +. A developer on the domestic platform leaked Microsoft’s new English preview of windows 11 last night. It can be confirmed that windows 11 is indeed the […]

  • Official publicity. Net 6 preview 4


    We are pleased to release. Net 6 preview 4. We are now about halfway through the. Net 6 release. Now is a good time to review the full scope of. Net 6 again. Many features are close to final form, while others will be available soon because the basic building blocks for the release are […]

  • Android 12 first developer Preview


    Author / Dave Burke, vice president of Engineering From mobile phones and laptops to tablets, TVs and even cars, Android applications support the work, entertainment, communication and creation of billions of people on various devices every day. When more and more people begin to rely on the experience you build, people’s expectations rise with the […]

  • C# DirectShow preview camera and screenshot


    C# DirectShow preview camera and screenshot for your reference. The details are as follows In this case, the video of the video capture device connected to the computer is streamed to the designated area through some columns of windows DirectX filtergraph pipes, and the pictures are intercepted through the buffercb callback function of isamplegrabbercb interface.Using […]

  • How unity3d prints logs in Preview


    In addition to previewing the model, we can also do other operations in the preview window. Today, let’s write a gadget to display debugging information in the preview window. You can see the following figure, which also prints the logs of health and power. It is much more comfortable to display them in preview than […]

  • Win10 dev preview 20215 officially released (with fix known problems)


    As we all know, Microsoft released windows 10 insider preview build 20215 on dev development channel for internal testing. It house learned that the new update not only brings support for the dark theme in windows search, but also brings a lot of repairs and improvements. Don’t miss it if you are interested. For insiders […]

  • The first 64 bit version of visual studio is coming!


    In April this year, Microsoft developer blog announced that it would release the preview version of visual studio 2022 this summer, which aroused a lot of expectations. Fortunately, Microsoft didn’t let us wait too long,Visual studio 2022 Preview 1 has been released recently, and the first 64 bit visual studio is finally available! Download address: […]

  • Introduction to the latest. Net hot overload


    Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the availability of. Net hot overload experience in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.11 (Preview 1) and dotnet watch command line tool (preview 4) in. Net 6. In this blog post, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to what is. Net hot overload, how […]

  • Welcome to Android 12 developer preview 2


    Author / Dave Burke, vice president of Engineering Last month, we releasedThe first preview of Android 12Let developers experience a new version of Android first. Now we bring you the next milestone version of this year’s release plan: developer preview 2, which contains more new features and changes. You are welcome to experience it through […]

  • How does MAC rotate photos in batches and adjust the direction of pictures again


    After importing the photos to the computer, we found that the directions of the photos were wrong, so we need to adjust the directions again. However, for a large number of photos, it is too troublesome to modify them one by one, so how can we batch rotate these photos? resolvent: Use preview to open […]

  • Mac how to use preview tool to make handwritten signature


    In our daily work, sometimes when we need to sign by hand, how can we solve this problem? Many users use the tablet or PS to solve the problem. However, the preview tool of MAC system can also help us make signatures. Here are the specific steps. Specific production steps: 1. Open preferences in preview; […]

  • Notes on the migration of blazor webassembly candidate


    preface Now I’ve written an article about the preview of webassembly 1, which is quite different from my previous article about the. Blazor net browser. text Main differences from Preview 1. Most of the package names and namespace have been modified in the candidate version, so the upgrade cannot be completed by updating the package. […]