• . Net Maui


    . Net multi platform application UI (. Net Maui) can use a single code base to build native client applications for windows, MacOS, IOS and Android, and provide native containers and controls for the blazor hybrid solution Net Maui is a framework in visual studio, which abstracts the available native UI Frameworks – winui for […]

  • . net 6 preview 5 release


    I’m glad. Net 6 preview 5 finally meets you. We are now in the second half of. Net 6 and are beginning to integrate some important functions. For example, the. Net SDK workload, which is the basis of our unified vision of. Net, can support more types of applications. Like other functions, it is also […]

  • Guanxuan.net Maui preview 6


    Recently, we released the latest development of. Net multi platform application UI (Maui). In this release, we fully support visual studio 2022 preview 2. This also marks the first time that we have installed and released. Net Maui as a workload. Some new features are now available, including gestures, modal pages, view clips, native warnings, […]

  • Microsoft MVP selection. Net 6 preview 7: new features have been completed and will focus on improvement


    “This is the end of another season of. Net preview,” said Richard lander, project manager of the. Net team, when announcing. Net 6 preview 7 Net 6.0 is an important version of Microsoft’s unified. Net platform and the first lts (long-term support) iteration, which aims to replace the. Net framework (now the old version) and. […]

  • Official publicity. Net 6 preview 6


    We are pleased to announce the launch of. Net 6 preview 6. Preview version 6 is the penultimate preview version before the release of our RC version. We will have two RC versions. This version itself is relatively small, while preview 7 will be larger. After that, we will carry out quality repair until the […]

  • Android 12 developer preview has been released, including many highlights


    Google today released a developer preview of Android 12 for pixel devices. According to Google’s practice, the first preview version is often full of many developer oriented changes, including operating system image processing and video and security updates. Google usually keeps some major UI changes at the Google I / O conference in May. Although […]

  • What you don’t know about the new. Net 6 API


    . net 6 is coming soon. In the next article, we will share some amazing new APIs in. Net and asp.net core. They are directly driven by our excellent. Net developer community. Let’s start to understand them one by one! Coming soon:https://devblogs.microsoft.co… Read write file In. Net 6, there is a new API that can […]

  • Harmonyos 3 developer preview release; Chrome 95 release; MySQL 8.0.27 GA release – Sina weekly


    40s News Express Huawei releases harmonyos 3 developer Preview Tencent and other 20 companies promised not to monitor personal privacy Oppo may develop high-end mobile phone chips by itself Apple plans to launch a hole digging screen iPhone next year Intel open source machine programming tool controlflag The “buy” function of Apple’s iTunes Store has […]

  • Windows 11 is coming!!!


    Win11, network wide exposure overnight! Microsoft plans to announce the so-called next-generation windows system at 23 p.m. on June 24, which may be called Windows 11 or windows +. A developer on the domestic platform leaked Microsoft’s new English preview of windows 11 last night. It can be confirmed that windows 11 is indeed the […]

  • Official publicity. Net 6 preview 4


    We are pleased to release. Net 6 preview 4. We are now about halfway through the. Net 6 release. Now is a good time to review the full scope of. Net 6 again. Many features are close to final form, while others will be available soon because the basic building blocks for the release are […]

  • Android 12 first developer Preview


    Author / Dave Burke, vice president of Engineering From mobile phones and laptops to tablets, TVs and even cars, Android applications support the work, entertainment, communication and creation of billions of people on various devices every day. When more and more people begin to rely on the experience you build, people’s expectations rise with the […]

  • C# DirectShow preview camera and screenshot


    C# DirectShow preview camera and screenshot for your reference. The details are as follows In this case, the video of the video capture device connected to the computer is streamed to the designated area through some columns of windows DirectX filtergraph pipes, and the pictures are intercepted through the buffercb callback function of isamplegrabbercb interface.Using […]