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  • Redis notes – set command (involving distributed locks)


    SET key value [EX seconds] [PX milliseconds] [NX|XX] EX seconds :  Set the expiration time of the key to   seconds   Seconds.   implement   SET   key   value   EX   seconds   The effect is equivalent to execution   SETEX   key   seconds   value  。PX milliseconds :   Set the expiration time of […]

  • The use of Yii redis hash


      The hash of redis allows users to store multiple key value pairs in a redis key. Here are some common commands and their use in Yii. HMGET HMGET:HMGET key-name key [key …]Gets the value of one or more keys from the hash. HMSET HMSET:HMSET key-name key name [key name …]Set values for one or […]