• Exception encoded during context initialization


    key word JavaEE JavaWeb eclipse XML AspectJ describe 1. Error report record. Groping. Light spray.2. Section 4.4 “AspectJ development based on XML configuration” report errors Warning: exception encoded during context initialization – canceling refresh attempt: org.springframework.beans.factory.beancreationexception: error creating bean with name ‘testdao’ defined in class path resource [AspectJ / XML / ApplicationContext. XML]: beanpostprocessor before […]

  • Are you right about container image security| IDCF


    Container has become very popular in recent years. When we talk about container, we have to mention image. If container is one of the core contents of cloud computing era, image is the soul of container. So the security of the image is particularly important.But from the following data, we can see that the security […]

  • Dry goods sharing: do you know how to realize AOP through spring?


    Aspect oriented programming, compared with OOP object-oriented programming, AOP is no longer concerned with a class or some methods in program code, but AOP is more concerned with a face-to-face entry, that is, an entry between layers, so it is called aspect. Think of the hamburger you eat. So how can AOP intercept the whole […]

  • Automated testing series (2) | API testing


    In the lastAutomatic test series (1)This paper mainly focuses on the concept of API testing and the practice of API testing in Choerodon. API (Application Programming Interface) testing is a kind of software testing, which can perform verification directly at the API level. It is part of integration testing, which determines whether the API meets […]

  • Some understanding of sequential execution promise


    preface Recently, there is a demand for work. There is a historical record on the page, which stores 10 pictures recently used (probably know the background, don’t go deep into it). After each page refresh, after ready, go to the server to pull the URL of those pictures, so as to display them on the […]

  • Explain the comparison of two deployment methods of nginx and PHP in detail


    This article mainly introduces the detailed explanation of nginx and PHP deployment of the two ways of comparison of related information, need friends can refer to Explain the comparison of two deployment methods of nginx and PHP in detail Introduction of two deployment methods The first kind One nginx server in the front is used […]

  • Unit test framework of python (1): unit test


    By hellogithub-Prodesire Preface When it comes to Python’s unit test framework, I think the first thing that comes to mind of a friend who has been exposed to Python is unittest.Indeed, as a standard library of python, it is excellent and widely used in various projects. But you know what? In fact, in many Python […]

  • Talk about Python’s unit testing framework (2): nose and its successor, nose2


    By hellogithub-Prodesire The sample code involved in this article has been synchronously updated to the hellogithub team warehouse I. nose Nose is a third-party unit testing framework, whichFully compatibleunittest, and is known as a better test framework. thatnoseIn addition to havingunittestIn addition to all the functions of, what are the advantages? 1.1 use case writing […]

  • Transformer converter in gridhome


    TransformerThe converter is used to parse the contents of the file. As long aspackage.jsonInstalled intransformer, gridhome will automatically use this converter. Transformer API Specify MIME type transformer.mimeTypes() A converter must have staticmimeTypes()Method, which returns an array whose value can be parsed by the convertermimeType. Parsing content transformer.parse(source) One converter must also have oneparse()Method, which is […]