• Install the latest versions of nodejs and NPM using Yum or apt get


    There are three ways to install software commonly used: Yum (APT get, etc.), RPM (DEB, etc.) package and source code compilation. The most convenient is Yum command installation. Next, we will install it in the most convenient way centos 1. Get the latest version of bash curl –silent –location https://rpm.nodesource.com/setup_8.x | bash – Other versions, […]

  • Apache CN database translation set 20211112 update


    Create your MySQL database Zero. Preface 1、 Introduce MySQL design 2、 Data acquisition 3、 Data naming 4、 Data grouping 5、 Data structure adjustment 6、 Supplementary case study Redis learning manual Zero. Preface 1、 Introduction to NoSQL 2、 Getting started with redis 3、 Data structure and communication protocol in redis 4、 Redis server functions 5、 Data […]

  • C# practice notes 3. Conversion between data types


    preface No matter what language it is, it will always encounter the transformation between different types of data in the process of development. C # is no exception, but C # has helped us do some conversion methods. 1、 Common conversion classes. Encoding BitConverterConvertMarshal namespace SystemStatic methods in space, such as int. parse() 2、 Data […]

  • Solution: failed to start component [standardengine [Catalina]. Standardhost [localhost]


    preface Recently, when setting up the environment, it is found that this error will be reported for each project startup After taking a look, it roughly means that a filter is specified, and then the class information of this filter is not found It does not affect the normal operation of the project. After correcting […]

  • Elasticsearch 7. X reserved characters (qbit)


    preface This article is valid for elasticsearch 7.12 query_ String reserved characters Official documents:https://www.elastic.co/guide/… + – = && || > < ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ ” ~ * ? : \ / Regex reserved characters Official documents:https://www.elastic.co/guide/… . ? + * | { } [ ] ( ) ” \ # […]

  • [translation] – Accelerated database recovery; Instant Rollback and Database Recovery


      Preface: This article is an analysis of this blog accelerated database recovery; For the translation of instant rollback and database recovery, if there is any improper translation, please understand. Please respect the original and translation achievements. Please indicate the source when reprinting. thank you!   Address:https://www.sqlshack.com/accelerated-database-recovery-instant-rollback-and-database-recovery/   Address of translation:Accelerated Database Recovery; Instant Rollback […]

  • Apache CN deep learning translation set 20201218 update


    Four new tutorials have been added: Python artificial intelligence Chinese version 0 Preface 1 Introduction to artificial intelligence Basic use cases of artificial intelligence 3 machine learning pipeline Feature selection and Feature Engineering Classification and regression of supervised learning 6 prediction analysis of ensemble learning 7 through unsupervised learning detection mode 8. Build recommendation system […]

  • Apache CN deep learning translation set 20201229 update


    Seven new tutorials have been added: Introduction to tensorflow and keras application development 0. Preface 1、 Introduction of neural network and deep learning Two, model architecture Three, model evaluation and optimization 4、 Productization Tensorflow image depth learning practical guide 0. Preface 1、 Machine learning Toolkit 2、 Picture data 3、 Classical neural network A practical guide […]

  • Viewing and clearing the cache of Ubuntu system (qbit)


    preface This article is tested in Ubuntu 20.04 View cache fincore See how large a single file is in the cache fincore filename Check the size of all files in the directory in the cache ls ./ | xargs fincore vmtouch See how large a single file is in the cache vmtouch filename Check the […]

  • Apache CN deep learning translation set 20210112 update


    Six new tutorials have been added: Tensorflow 2 and keras advanced deep learning 0. Preface 1、 Advanced deep learning with keras 2、 Deep neural network 3、 Self encoder 4、 Generation countermeasure network (GAN) 5、 Improved Gan 6、 Entanglement representation Gan 7、 Cross domain Gan 8、 Variational self encoder (VAE) 9、 Deep reinforcement learning 10、 Strategy […]

  • Algorithm of handwritten topic


    Breadth traversal of binary tree Binary tree sequence traversal Binary tree depth traversal: preorder, mesorder, postorder Maximum depth of binary tree Binary search Given the path, traverse the tree to find the node with or without the specified path Quick sort The K largest Longest Common Prefix Longest substring without repeating characters There are many […]

  • Python function cache (qbit)


    preface Python 3.8 in this article is applicable As of April 14, 2021,functools.lru_cacheandcachetoolsDoes not support caching of asynchronous functions(async) functools.lru_cache Official standard library:functools.lru_cache tolru_cacheAdd life cycle management:https://stackoverflow.com/que… cachetools pypi: https://pypi.org/project/cach… github: https://github.com/tkem/cache… file:https://cachetools.readthedoc… Cachetools v4.2.1 has implemented caching mechanism FIFO: first in first out LFU: least frequently used LRU: least recently used MRU: most recently […]