• Small programs even develop a diary function need enterprise certification…


    After a dozen days of practice, I can only write a small app for othersI feel that the small program is not as comfortable as the native development such as fluent and RN, nor is it as cool as the H5 hybrid development method (provided that it is not certified by the enterprise). I will […]

  • Video player for Android


    Write it at the front I haven’t written blog for a long time. I’m busy with a lot of miscellaneous things… Work, emotion, future, life Here is the text I’ve always wanted to write a video player, which is easy to practice. This app, written from years ago to now, has finally made its appearance, […]

  • Learning record of mongodb master class (day 22)


    Write it at the front Because I want to design a database to practice, I temporarily decided to skip the operation and maintenance part and directly learn the part about “system architecture” in Chapter 4. Day 22 Today, we are going to learn the Chapter 41 | mongodb application scenarios and selection. Please click here […]

  • CentOS’s Summary and Practical Explanation of quota


    1. Theoretical basis 1.1 Concept of Quota Quota means quota, which is used to limit the space usage of users, groups and folders. 1.2 Use Example – Web Server Controls the Available Space Size of Sites – Mail Server Controls User Available Space Size – File Server Controls User Available Space Size 1.3 Restriction Model […]

  • Consideration of API Design Best Practice


    Ali Mei’s Guide Reading:API is the interface definition of interaction between modules or subsystems. A good system architecture can not be separated from a good API design, and a poorly designed API is bound to lead to the subsequent development and maintenance of the system is very difficult. Next, Alibaba researcher Gu Pu will give […]

  • Mongodb’s Practice 1: Installation


    Mongodb series of tutorials Mongodb’s Practice 1: Installation Mongodb’s Practice II: First Understanding Practice 3 of Mongodb: Mongodb’s Practice IV Practice 5 of Mongodb Practice 6 of Mongodb Practice 7 of Mongodb Practice 8 of Mongodb Preface In fact, Mongodb has been trying to write a tutorial as early as a year ago, because the […]

  • Mongodb’s Practice II: First Understanding


    Mongodb series of tutorials Mongodb’s Practice 1: Installation Mongodb’s Practice II: First Understanding Practice 3 of Mongodb: Practice 4 of Mongodb: Practice 5 of Mongodb: Practice 6 of Mongodb: Practice 7 of Mongodb: Practice 8 of Mongodb: term DB – > DatabaseCollection – > collectionDocument – > DocumentIndex – > indexCluster – > ClusterShard – […]

  • PostgreSQL Practice 1: First Understanding


    Introduction and Cognition pronunciation post-gres-q-l Service (server) Multiple Postgres services can be started in an operating system.Each service consists of multiple processes, with the first process named postmaster.Each service occupies one port, and multiple services cannot share ports.Each service has a data directory for storing data. The directory is not allowed to be modified. Otherwise, […]

  • PostgreSQL Practice 1: Data Types (1)


    data type Type conversion select bit’10101010′; select int4’123′; select CAST(‘123′ as int4); select numeric’123.2352342’; select ‘123’::int4; select true::BOOLEAN; — t select (‘f’ is true)::BOOLEAN; — f value type NUMERICAL TYPE-SEQUENCE TYPE Unlike mysql’s self-growth, Postgres and Oracle are created sequentially # Creating Sequences Using SERIAL testdb=# create table test2 (id SERIAL, title varchar(20)); CREATE TABLE […]

  • PostgreSQL Practice 1: Data Types (2)


    PostgreSQL Practice 1: Data Types (1) data type Composite type # Create a composite type person # Command format: create type XXX AS (); testdb=# create type person AS ( testdb(# name text, testdb(# age int4, testdb(# sex boolean testdb(# ); CREATE TYPE testdb=# \d person; Composite type “public. person” Column | Type | Collation […]

  • PHPUnit Practice II (Life Cycle)


    All PHPUnit tests in this series are based onPHPUnit6.5.9Edition,Lumen 5.5frame PHPUnit Tests the Life Cycle of a File Class Understanding PHPUnit Loading Mechanism (Lumen Edition) PHPUnit automatic test file will automatically load and import (include file) PHPUnit starts the setUp method, and Lumen rewrites setUp and loads bootstrap/app.php. App. PHP loads composer’s autoload, so that […]