• Can byte [] in the source code interpretation of arraypool also be pooled?


    1: Background 1. Tell a story Recently, in the process of analyzing a dump, I found that there are many large free arrays on Gen2 and LOH. After a careful look, most of these free arrays were byte [] arrays of HTML fragments generated by the template engine. Of course, this article is not to […]

  • How does the power nap feature of MAC applications turn off


    Mac users are no stranger to powernap. After we use powernap, we can reduce the power consumption of applications or close applications. But sometimes we don’t want to pause or close the application. What should we do? In order to solve this problem, Xiaobian will teach you how to turn off powernap. The method is […]

  • Trust learning — data types


    Each variable has a specific data type in trust, which can be roughly divided into two types: scalar type and compound type. 1、 Scalar class: 1. Integer type(The value range of I is:-2 to the power of n-1 ~ 2 to the power of n-1-1;The value range of u is:The nth power of 0 ~ […]

  • Tips! Judge whether a number is the power of 4?


    Long lost Shuangbai, QAQLeetcode-342 The topic said not to use loops or recursion as much as possible, so I thought of the previous judgment that a number is not a power of 2. Therefore, let’s see if there is any similarity. The power of 4 must be the power of 2, but the reverse is […]

  • ES7 (2) – Pow


    catalog Math: POW power operation How to abbreviate the power in ES7? Es6-es10 learning map Math: POW power operation ES5 pow console.log(Math.pow(2,4)) // 16 How to abbreviate the power in ES7? ES7 ** console.log(2 ** 4) // 16 Es6-es10 learning map

  • Application of tdengine open source version in power operation and maintenance platform


    Small t guide:Shanghai Jiaqi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the integration of online and offline operation and maintenance in the power industry, providing overall solutions for this. Business includes power operation and maintenance, smart street lamp, tunnel integration, etc. Tdengine is used in the database of its power operation and maintenance platform. After […]

  • Primary analog circuit: overview of 5-1 power amplifier


    Back to the catalog All the amplifiers we analyzed in the previous chapters 3 and 4 are signal amplifiers, which are mainly used to amplify small voltage (or current) signals. Generally, we don’t need to consider the power limit too much. But there is another type of amplifier, its purpose is mainly to amplify power, […]

  • Primary analog circuit: 5-2 series fed class a power amplifier


    Back to the catalog According to the access method of load, class a power amplifier can be divided into:Series fed type(serial fed) and ‘transformer coupled’. The series fed type is to transfer the load RLIn this section, we mainly analyze the series fed class a power amplifier. The simplest circuit form is shown in the […]

  • Primary analog circuit: 5-3 transformer coupled class a power amplifier


    Back to the catalog One disadvantage of series fed class a power amplifier is low efficiency. Another disadvantage is that a large number of DC current components pass through the load RLSometimes we only need the amplified AC component on the load, not the DC component (such as loudspeaker). At this time, transformer coupled class […]

  • Golang basic data type


    1、 Details of integer usage The size of int unit depends on the system Var a int = 6 // the symbol of 64 bit operating system a is Int64 Integers are declared int by default Var a = 100 // A is of type int Byte is equivalent to int8, no sign, range 0-255, […]

  • Using PD software (UML tool power designer) to design database


    Download and install power designer Software name: Chinese special edition of power designer v15.1 Software size: 283MB Update time: 2018-05-17Download now I downloaded it from the InternetChinese version of PowerDesigner 15.1The download software is as follows:     The directory after decompression is as follows:     double-clickPowerDesigner15_Evaluation.exeYou can successfully install power designer by clicking […]

  • Front end self taught Java Road (basic data type)


    8 basic data typesInteger: byte short int longFloat doubleCharacter type: charBoolean: Boolean byteByte type1byte == 8bit 0The value range of 128 combinations is – 128 ~ 127 (- 7 power of 2 to 7 power of 2)The first bold bit is used to indicate the positive and negative (0: positive, 1: negative) of the value […]