• Using @ autoconfigurebefore to adjust the configuration order doesn’t work?


    The value of a person lies in how many people he can help. If you code well, your value can be well reflected. If you can help others to develop things and greatly reduce the development time, you will have great merits. Pay attention to the official account.Bat’s Utopia】Open column learning, refuse to taste. this […]

  • Front end daily on May 27, 2017


    Front end daily on May 27, 2017 Browser rendering principle in simple languageDeep understanding of JavaScript errors and call stackAn event loop with little knowledgeSource code analysis of underscoreCanvas image rotation and flip pose unlockingJavaScript in depth seriesHorizontal comparison of JavaScript unit testing frameworksNPM 5 released! GitHubAddress, welcome star!Latest update:May 28, 2017

  • Mac mojava install php5.6 correct posture through homebrew


    This paper is transferred from:https://blog.csdn.net/w605283073/article/d… Since php5.6.31 was used in the historical project, the official homebrew2018-01-19When the homebrew / PHP library was removed, the historical version of PHP could not be installed through homebrew. This article with the correct posture was found through Google and shared with you. On a Mac computer, the mojava version […]

  • Figure slam: Guide to simultaneous localization and mapping of noob


    By krunal KshirsagarCompile | FlinSource | medium What is slam? Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) is used for the parallel construction of the environment model (map) and the state estimation of the mobile robots in it. In other words, slam provides you with a way to track the robot’s position in the world in real […]

  • Summary of simple posture of gson


    Summary of simple posture of gson There are many frameworks for JSON serialization, such as Jackson, the default of spring, and fastjson, which are widely used in the domestic Internet. This paper mainly introduces the simple usage posture of gson, and does not involve the performance comparison of different JSON frameworks The main content of […]

  • Yes TensorFlow.js The browser can also estimate human posture in real time


    Translation of the article, the content has been deleted. Original address: https://medium.com/tensorflow/real-time-human-pose-estimation-in-the-browser-with-tensorflow-js-7dd0bc881cd5 Working with Google creative lab, I’m happy to announce the launch TensorFlow.js Posenet, a machine learning model, allows real-time human pose estimation in the browser. You can visit https://storage.googleapis.com/tfjs-models/demos/posenet/camera.html Try an online demo. Posenet can use single pose or multi pose algorithms to […]

  • Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in spring boot series


    Environment configuration of JPA wrong posture in 191218 spring boot series Back to the tutorial of JPA, this article is from a simple project that needs to read and write dB. I thought it would be easier to use JPA directly, but I found many pitfalls in the actual development process. This article is the […]

  • Three splitting postures of microservice


    We know that microservice is an idea, without definite definition and boundary, such as design principle, which belongs to abstract concept. When the definition is not clear, talking about division is also a kind of talking about each other. Specific problems need specific analysis. Therefore, the division mentioned in this article is not an absolute […]

  • Entity mapping of spring boot series JPA wrong posture


    Entity mapping of spring boot series JPA wrong posture This is the second part of JPA error usage posture. Is there any other pit besides hump naming mapping to underline for the mapping relationship between Java POJO class and database table structure? <!– more –> 1. Mapping problem 1. Basic configuration of the project First, […]

  • NPM Error:gyp: No Xcode or CLT version detected!


    problem When NPM is used to install the module in Mac OS Catalina recently, the following errors often occur: > node-gyp rebuild No receipt for ‘com.apple.pkg.CLTools_Executables’ found at ‘/’. No receipt for ‘com.apple.pkg.DeveloperToolsCLILeo’ found at ‘/’. No receipt for ‘com.apple.pkg.DeveloperToolsCLI’ found at ‘/’. gyp: No Xcode or CLT version detected! gyp ERR! configure error gyp […]

  • N postures of custom return HTTP code in spring boot series web articles


    200105 spring boot series of web articles: n postures of custom return HTTP code Although HTTP provides a complete set of well-defined status codes, in the actual business support, the backend does not always abide by this set of rules. More importantly, in the return results, add a code field to define the business status. […]