• DBASK Question and Answer Collection No. 6


    Introduction Recently, we have newly connected DBASK widget with DB preparedness room, adding more than 60 technical experts. We expect more database experts and public name authors to join the wheel and create an open, mutually supportive and professional database technology community. Question and Answer Collection Next, we share the problems and diagnostic summaries sorted […]

  • DBASK Question and Answer Collection Phase 4


    Link DescriptionIntroduction Recently, our DBASK widget has new public numbers in the fields of operation and maintenance, high-end storage knowledge, Yisen Cafe, operation and maintenance coffee bar, etc. Welcome to read and share. Question and Answer Collection Next, we share the problems and diagnostic summaries sorted out in this issue for your reference. Detailed diagnostic […]

  • Kong Gateway Deployment


    Kong is a Lua application running on Nginx using lua–nginx-module. Kong is a mature API gateway solution. API gateway, API Gateway, is a barrier designed to protect internal services in large distributed systems. It can provide high-performance and high-availability API hosting services, thus helping service developers to provide services conveniently, without considering security control, traffic […]

  • Using Docker to Build Code Quality Platform SonarQube


    I. Pull out two Docker images docker pull sonarqube docker pull postgres II. Operationdata basecontainer docker run –name postgresql -e POSTGRES_USER=sonar -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=sonar -d postgres III. Operationsonarqube docker run –name sonarqube –link postgresql -e SONARQUBE_JDBC_URL=jdbc:postgresql://postgresql:5432/sonar -p 9000:9000 -d sonarqube 4. Open after Successful Operation http://localhost:9000/Default username password:adminadmin

  • Teradata application migration to AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL guidance


    Analytic DB for PostgreSQL (ADB for PG) is very compatible with Teradata grammar. It only needs limited modification to migrate Teradata application to ADB for PG. This article describes the issues that should be noted when migrating Teradata applications to ADB for PG. 1 tabular statement We compare the table statements of ADB for PG […]

  • Connecting AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL data source using Quick BI


    This article describes how to connect AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL database through Aliyun Quick BI. New Analytic DB for PostgreSQL Data Source in Quick BI Log on to the Quick BI console. Single clickworking space>data sourceEnterdata sourceManage pages. Single clickNew Data Source>AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL。 stayAdd AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL data sourcePage parameter configuration. Configuration Items Explain Display […]

  • Developing Advanced Chapter: Writing Efficient SQL Statements


    The survey shows that SQL is the second largest programming language at present. It has been playing an important role for more than 40 years since its birth. 50% of developers are using SQL. Although widely used, the quality level of SQL is not satisfactory. According to experience, 80% of the database problems are caused […]

  • Online Database Diagram Design Tool dbdiagram.io


    Some time ago, when designing a system module, the author needed to add more than a dozen tables. In order to design and define these dozen tables simply and quickly, I found a tool, dbdiagram. io, which can design database relationship diagram online and export DDL SQL. Dbdiagram. IO is a community version of holistics. […]

  • Import data to ADB for PostgreSQL using Kettle


    Summary:This paper introduces the detailed steps and operation flow of using Kettle to import data into Analytic DB for PostgreSQL, including table output (INSERT) and batch loading (COPY) to Analytic DB for PostgreSQL. Introduction to Kettle Kettle (now also known as Pentaho Data Integration, PDI) is a very popular open source ETL tool software, mainly […]

  • Install Postgresql database under Mac


    Preface Before installing the Postgresql database, you need to use it firstbrew listCommand to see if Postgresql has been installed before.For example, the previous version of Postgresql 10.1 was installed, and the second version of Postgresql 11.2 was installed, which would cause the database to fail to start and report errors at the end of […]

  • Order by causes record duplication of paging queries


    scene With such a table, the records on the first page appear again on the second page, in short, each page will appear before the content. The reason is that the sort value is duplicated. Analysis Use query statements in the database (PostgreSQL):First page:SELECT code,name,sort FROM plat_user ORDER BY sort ASC limit 10 offset 0;Page […]

  • Oracle application migration to AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL guidance


    AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL (ADB for PG) is well compatible with Oracle grammar. This paper introduces how to migrate Oracle applications to AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL. 1 PL/SQL PL/SQL (Procedural Language/SQL) is a procedural SQL language. It is an extension of Oracle to SQL statements. It makes the use of SQL have the characteristics of general programming […]