• Practical and free API recommendation


    All kinds of free API, good things to share with you! Data from: Turing chat robot, baidu open platform, eolinker API shop, face + + 1、 Turing chat robot http://doc.tuling123.com/open… 2、 Baidu map open platform http://lbsyun.baidu.com/index… 3、 Eolinker – API shop Daily use Driving test question bank:https://apistore.eolinker.com…National Weather Forecast:https://apistore.eolinker.com…Hot news todayhttps://apistore.eolinker.com…Zip code inquiry:https://apistore.eolinker.com…Real time air […]

  • Open source backend data verification plug-in Validate.Net , similar Validate.js


    introduce Validate.Net With the help of Validate.js Net server data verification plug-in is developed based on the idea of. Net, which can more conveniently and efficiently verify whether the attribute value in the entity is legal. There are many regular data checking rules in the built-in (length of the string, the maximum and minimum length […]

  • PHP regular expression function parsing and regular expression basic syntax


    1、 PHP regular expression function analysis preg_ match();preg_ match_ All (); form validation, etc //Validity of email address – preg_ Match (), the matching result can be regarded as a bool value preg_ Replace(); filtering of illegal words //f**k 2、 Regular expression basic syntax Tools for testing regular expressions At noon, it’s better to convert […]