• Login processing of puppeter


    To get a site’s comment data, visit the API and find that you will return to the landing page, that is, you can’t get enough information without logging in.Therefore, we plan to use the method of getting cookie by using the puppeter login to solve the problem.There are two problems navigater.webdriver Online course is mostly […]

  • Elasticsearch — logstash periodically synchronizes MySQL data to elasticsearch


    New address experience:http://www.zhouhong.icu/post/139 1、 Logstash introduction Logstash is a technology in elastic technology stack. It is a data acquisition engine, which can collect data from the database into es. We can control the automatic synchronization of data by setting the self increasing ID primary key or time, which is used to identify logstash ID: suppose […]

  • LeetCode 136^56-I


    Portal:136:https://leetcode-cn.com/probl…56-I:https://leetcode-cn.com/probl…For the second question, the problem seems simple, but there is a mystery that “the time complexity is O (n), and the space complexity is O (1)”. O (n) is easy to implement, but it is much more complicated with the requirement of space complexity.Consider the case of a single numberThat is, question 136, if […]

  • Fbutton & fswitch


    FWidgetsCarefully provide exquisite components to help you build exquisite applications. Hey, developer, stop buildingOld GUI! If you have noticed, you will find that we need more exquisite onesNew GUI! In order to help the developers to build a smartGUIModern applications,[Alibaba Feizhu fliggy Android team technology team]LaunchedFWidgetsSeries components. Just a few days ago, we openedFWidgetsThe first […]

  • Mongodb uses domestic source to accelerate installation


    Mongodb is a very famous document database. According to the installation method described in the official documents, for some reasons, we will be very slow in the installation. Since I use the alicloud server, I happen to see mongodb in the alicloud image source. After configuring it according to the document, I can’t download and […]

  • Electron development – using Vue devtools


    It’s difficult to develop with electron without using the electron module, so we can’t preview the effect in real time in the browser. How to observe the state of Vue in electronic? Integrating Vue devtools in elctron project If you will integrate Vue devtools, then react is no problem. Compile Vue devtools locally 1. GitHub […]

  • An online JavaScript regular expression tester — JRE parser


    I was watching it yesterday《Regular expression 30 minutes tutorial》At the same time, I saw that the blogger had realized one by himselfC#Write regular tester, looks very convenient appearance. But I don’t like to pack things, so I wonder if I can achieve one myselfjavascriptRegular expression tester. So dozens of lines of code to implement such […]

  • Cache design pattern of web application


    Author:@Van Kay Robbin(former JavaEye founder) Published in 2013, but the content is not outdated. Recently, I found this article helpful and enlightening in finding the best practice of caching, so I want to share it with you. Portal:http://robbinfan.com/blog/38/orm-cache-sumup

  • Mongodb tutorial mongodb and robomongo installation configuration and simple combat


    1、 Mongodb 1. Download address Portal of official website(select the appropriate environment and version, click and jump to another registration page. Please wait patiently for about 5S and the download box will pop up.)Cloud disk express portal:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Y5uT…Password: 1ycs 2. Installation Unzip the installation package and select custom to modify the installation path toD:\Program Files\MongoDB, and […]

  • Ten super practical tool websites for hematemesis sorting


    Usually I like to collect some practical and interesting websites. The following are websites that I have kept for a long time. Once I know, I can’t do without them~ 1. Free mind mapping software: gitmind Portal:https://gitmind.cn/ It’s necessary to do brain mapping at work. This website is a completely free brain mapping website. It’s […]

  • How Huawei cloud devcloud meets the test challenge of agile development


    As a member of the test team in agile development, in the process of microservice testing, do you also encounter the same confusion: services do not have the ability of independent verification, and the efficiency of automated use case development is low? Huawei cloud devcloud API full scene testing technology to support ~ around the […]

  • Project practice: QT compiles Qt library and uses C # to call Qt library, and realizes TCP client of C # integrating QT


    If the article is original, please indicate the source of the originalBlog address:https://blog.csdn.net/qq21497936/article/details/109338289Dear readers, knowledge is boundless and manpower is poor. Either change the demand, or find professionals, or do research on your ownRed fat man (red imitation) blog: development technology collection (including QT practical technology, raspberry pie, 3D, opencv, OpenGL, ffmpeg, OSG, SCM, software […]