• Prometheus + alertmanger build monitoring system


    node_exporter Node exporter is used to collect operation indicators at the server level, including basic monitoring such as loadavg, filesystem and meminfo of the machine, which is similar to ZABBIX agent in the traditional host monitoring dimension.Node export is officially provided and maintained by Prometheus and will not be bundled, but it is basically a […]

  • [open source] enterprise wechat – session content archiving to pull enterprise wechat chat records in real time


    wework-msgaudit Enterprise wechat – session content archivingReal time pull enterprise wechat chat record Java SDK function Multi enterprise Audio transcoding Automatic sub table Open source GitHub portalgithub.com/aa24615/wework-msgaudit This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article

  • Chrome practical plug-in finishing


    FEHelper brief introduction This plug-in supportsChrome、Firefox、MS-EdgeBrowser, the internal tool set continues to increase. At present, it includes JSON automatic / manual formatting, JSON content comparison, code beautification and compression, information codec conversion, QR code generation and decoding, picture Base64 codec conversion, markdown, web oil monkey, web color finder, brain (XMIND) and other intimate tools. Even […]

  • MySQL | Part 2 – download, installation and configuration of MySQL


    Environmental description: WIndows 10 mysql 8.0 Download MySQL Mode 1 Official website address:Portal|Direct interface:Portal Tutorials using this interface:Portal Mode 2 Baidu cloud disk download address 1:download; Extraction code: oj8n | Baidu cloud disk download address 2:download; Extraction code: e39z course:Portal MySQL can be downloaded from this network diskMSI installation package Configure MySQL Global environment variable […]

  • Some understanding and implementation of promise.all


    1、Promise I won’t talk about the basic introduction and usage. See details for detailsPortal 1 Characteristics of promise Two characteristics The state of promise objects is not affected by the outside world >The promise object represents an asynchronous operation with three phases: pending, completed and rejected. That is, only the results of asynchronous operations can […]

  • Figure 1 understand how Huawei cloud devcloud meets the test challenges of agile development


    As a member of the test team in agile development, do you encounter the same confusion in the process of microservice testing: services do not have independent verification ability, and the efficiency of automated use case development is very low? Huawei cloud devcloud API full scenario testing technology to support ~ around the full scenario […]

  • Simulated matrix effect 2 (canvas experiment)


    I saw the effect of a CSS and JS application and practiced it. The demonstration is as follows:This time I played with canvas, and I felt pretty good,GitHub portal:https://github.com/EchoLsx/hackerDemo address:http://codepen.io/echo_lsx/pen/ZOaOyZ <canvas id=”c”></canvas> <!– Open source CDN is recommended to select external JS to be referenced // – > <script></script> /*Javascript code snippet*/ var c = […]

  • Ju Chang said that he can understand the four transaction isolation levels of MySQL


    Database transactions are often mentioned. Do you know that database also has transaction isolation? Transaction isolation also has isolation level. What is transaction isolation and what is the isolation level? Today, we’ll find Ju Chang and ask him to sort out these distinctive isolation levels. Let’s go~~~ Click the fast transfer gate →

  • Login processing of puppeter


    To get a site’s comment data, visit the API and find that you will return to the landing page, that is, you can’t get enough information without logging in.Therefore, we plan to use the method of getting cookie by using the puppeter login to solve the problem.There are two problems navigater.webdriver Online course is mostly […]

  • Elasticsearch — logstash periodically synchronizes MySQL data to elasticsearch


    New address experience:http://www.zhouhong.icu/post/139 1、 Logstash introduction Logstash is a technology in elastic technology stack. It is a data acquisition engine, which can collect data from the database into es. We can control the automatic synchronization of data by setting the self increasing ID primary key or time, which is used to identify logstash ID: suppose […]

  • LeetCode 136^56-I


    Portal:136:https://leetcode-cn.com/probl…56-I:https://leetcode-cn.com/probl…For the second question, the problem seems simple, but there is a mystery that “the time complexity is O (n), and the space complexity is O (1)”. O (n) is easy to implement, but it is much more complicated with the requirement of space complexity.Consider the case of a single numberThat is, question 136, if […]

  • Fbutton & fswitch


    FWidgetsCarefully provide exquisite components to help you build exquisite applications. Hey, developer, stop buildingOld GUI! If you have noticed, you will find that we need more exquisite onesNew GUI! In order to help the developers to build a smartGUIModern applications,[Alibaba Feizhu fliggy Android team technology team]LaunchedFWidgetsSeries components. Just a few days ago, we openedFWidgetsThe first […]