• Project practice: QT compiles Qt library and uses C # to call Qt library, and realizes TCP client of C # integrating QT


    If the article is original, please indicate the source of the originalBlog address:https://blog.csdn.net/qq21497936/article/details/109338289Dear readers, knowledge is boundless and manpower is poor. Either change the demand, or find professionals, or do research on your ownRed fat man (red imitation) blog: development technology collection (including QT practical technology, raspberry pie, 3D, opencv, OpenGL, ffmpeg, OSG, SCM, software […]

  • Using go for log analysis and generating excel, we don’t worry about log analysis any more


    preface Hello, everyone. I’m asong. This is my 11th original article. In this week’s work, I received a demand to analyze a log file, analyze the information such as the number of requests and the average time consumed, and sort it into Excel to facilitate analysis and optimization. When I first got this demand, I […]

  • Linux Maven installation and configuration


    PortalMaven official address:http://maven.apache.org/Maven download address:http://maven.apache.org/download.cgiMaven historical version:https://archive.apache.org/dist/maven/maven-3/ Download maven cd /usr/local wget https://archive.apache.org/dist/maven/maven-3/3.2.5/binaries/apache-maven-3.2.5-bin.tar.gz tar -zxvf apache-maven-3.2.5-bin.tar.gz mv apache-maven-3.2.5 ./maven Configuration environment vim /etc/profile to configureexport M2_HOME=/usr/local/mavenexport PATH=…:$M2_HOME/bin:Add after #Refresh configuration source /etc/profile #Create Maven local warehouse: mkdir -p /usr/data/maven/repo Open Maven’s settings.xml Configuration file, configure the corresponding warehouse Path and warehouse address vim /usr/local/maven/conf/settings.xml Modify […]

  • Text unfolding and folding component based on antd


    Recently, due to the demand, we need to develop a function that supports text unfolding and folding. After looking at the official website of antd, the example given only supports unfolding, but does not support folding. After searching, we found an example on stack overflow, the portal, and modified the following example according to the […]

  • VMware 15.5.0 installation Mac OS 10.15.0 system installation steps (Part 2)


    VMware 15.5.0 installation Mac OS 10.15.0 system installation steps (2) super detailed!   If you haven’t read the previous passage, portal:https://www.cnblogs.com/Top-chen/p/12802495.html 6: Configure VMware Tools                                               7: Start installing VMware Tools     […]

  • More sophisticated create react app development environment configuration craco


    background For projects created with CRA scaffolding, if you want to modify the compilation configuration, you may choosenpm run ejectPop up configuration after magic change. However, eject is an irreversible operation. After you pop up the configuration, you will not be able to follow the official steps to upgrade the react script version of the […]

  • For beauty, fbutton & fswitch


    FWidgetsWe provide exquisite components to help you build beautiful applications. Hey, developer, stop buildingOld GUI! If you notice, you’ll find that we need more exquisite onesNew GUI! In order to help developers to build comfortable with exquisiteGUIThe technology team of Alibaba Feizhu fliggy Android team launched its modern applicationFWidgetsSeries components. Just a few days ago, […]

  • [windows] idea + Ruby + gem + SCSS to build CSS development environment


    1. First install the latest version of Ruby: Portal: http://rubyinstaller.org/downloads/ When installing, be sure to allow writing environment variables (add to path)You need to install the corresponding installation package (64 bit or 32 bit) 2. After the installation is completed, open start > Run > CMD 3. Enter the following code: gem sources –remove https://rubygems.org/ […]

  • Ten tool websites for hematemesis


    Usually like to collect some useful and interesting websites, the following are personal long-term private sites, really once you know it is inseparable~ 1. Free mind mapping software: gitmind Portal:https://gitmind.cn/ It is necessary to do brain mapping in work. This website is a completely free brain map making website. It is easy to operate and […]

  • Alibaba senior architecture explains Taobao’s IT technology road in ten years


    I collated advanced Java materials free of charge, covering Java, redis, mongodb, mysql, zookeeper, spring cloud, Dubbo high concurrency distributed course, a total of 30g, you need to get it yourself.Portal: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/osB-BOl6W-ZLTSttTkqMPQ Part I development of Taobao Technology     Part II development of Taobao technology 2     Part 3 development of Taobao Technology […]

  • My personal blog site love style


    This is my first time to write an article here. You can bypass it by yourself! PortalFrom last year’s domain name registration to the deployment of the server, the website has been running for more than 270 days. From the beginning of ignorance to now, I have learned a lot Domain name application:Baidu cloud Virtual […]

  • JQuery $. When works with $. Def to process multiple requests


    Portal: http://fenxianglu.cn/article/201