• Build a stable SSH tunnel


    background There are tools available onlineautosshIt is specially used to establish stable SSH connection, but the test result is not good, and the failure rate is high (it may be caused by incorrect configuration). On the other hand, it is troublesome to install autossh on windows, so you need to compile it yourself. In Linux, […]

  • Linux nexus installation


    Nexus introduction Nexus is a private library of Maven components in java development, which is an essential support service for team development Nexus installation Let’s go firstNexus websiteFind the latest nexus installation package.nexus-repository-ossdownload [[email protected] nexus3]$ wget https://sonatype-download.global.ssl.fastly.net/repository/repositoryManager/3/nexus-3.16.1-02-unix.tar.gz [[email protected] nexus3]$ tar -zxvf nexus-3.16.1-02-unix.tar.gz [[email protected] nexus3]$ ls nexus-3.16.1-02 nexus-3.16.1-02-unix.tar.gz sonatype-work #Nexus needs JAVA environment. JDK1.8 is recommended […]

  • Ctssecuritytestcases # listening ports test locating TCP port and PID


    Ctssecuritytestcases # listening ports test locating TCP port and PID [problem description] CTS failed armeabi-v7a CtsSecurityTestCases android.security.cts.ListeningPortsTest#testNoListeningLoopbackTcpPortsTools: 9.0_ r11 05-06 17:11:28.649 17375 17391 E TestRunner: android.security.cts.ListeningPortsTest$ListeningPortsAssertionError: 05-06 17:11:28.649 17375 17391 E TestRunner: Found port listening on addr=, port=10100, UID=1000 [com.android.keychain, com.itv.android.iptv, com.android.location.fused, com.android.providers.settings,com.launcher.idn, android, com.itv.android.iptv.tvclient,com.droidlogic, com.android.wallpaperbackup, com.droidlogic.BluetoothRemote, ] in /proc/net/tcp 05-06 17:11:28.649 17375 17391 E […]

  • Simple implementation of HTTPS (1) automatic implementation of SSL


    A series of articles: Simple implementation of HTTPS (1) automatic implementation of SSL Simple implementation of HTTPS (2) self signed certificate As we all know, HTTP protocol is an insecure protocol, and HTTPS protocol is the abbreviation of HTTP over SSL / TLS, which means “use”SSL/TLSHTTP, also known as “hypertext transfer security protocol”. HTTP with […]

  • Raspberry pie intranet penetration construction and maintenance, the use of Intranet penetration without server


    Establishment and maintenance of raspberry pie intranet penetration pi Overview [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter link) Today, we are going to talk about the use of resourcesThe official websiteThe intranet penetration function is provided to access the website of raspberry pie, and remote management through SSH. Raspberry pie(http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter link) Raspberry pie is a micro-computer based on ARM architecture processor […]

  • Phpstorm cooperates with yasd to debug projects in virtual machine


    1. Install yasd seehttps://github.com/swoole/yasd two php.ini Introducing yasd configuration in zend_extension=yasd yasd.debug_mode=remote yasd.remote_ Host = yasd.remote_ Port = 5556 # port 3. Phpstorm configures the ports configured above Fill in the Xdebug debug port in this path: file | settings | Languages & frameworks | PHP | debug with 5556 4. Configure path mapping […]

  • Technology sharing | zookeeper rapidly deploys dble cluster environment


    Author: ye XiaoliThis paper requires readers to master the basic principles of zookeeper and dble.If you want to learn about dble, you can see the dble open class at the end of the article. Zookeeper – distributed coordination technology / dble – distributed database middleware are used to build a cluster, which can provide a […]

  • Configuration of SSH and HTTP in gitlab environment


    After the gitlab environment is deployed, there are two ways to download gitlab code locally or remotely: SSH and HTTP 1) SSH: a relatively secure way, which requires uploading the local public key to gitlab: Profile Settings > SSH keys > add an SSH key SSH mode can be used in three modes of gitlabWindow […]

  • Centos8 uses Apache httpd2.4.37 to install the web server


    Step 1: Yum install httpd – y # install httpd service   Step 2: systemctl start httpd   Step 3: systemctl enable httpd # set httpd service to boot   Step 4: firewall CMD — zone = public — add port = 80 / TCP — permanent ᦇ open port 80 of the firewall and […]

  • Redis personal guide


    Connecting redis through command line 1. First, install the redis client yum install redis 2. Connection redis-cli -h -p 6379 -a password #Host: remote redis server host #Port: remote redis service port $password: remote redis service password (if there is no password, the – a parameter is not required)

  • Redis completes data migration through master-slave replication


    Redis completes data migration through master-slave replication Enter the new server and perform the slave configuration,slaveofCommand to configure the current redis host,infoCommand to view redis information. End of executionslaveofExecute after commandinfoCommand viewmaster_link_statusIf the value of isupIndicates that synchronization is complete. At this time, the role of redis is slave. Execute after synchronizationslaveof no oneDisconnect the […]

  • Explore the truth of reload process in nginx


    Today’s article mainly introduces the reload process of nginx. In fact, in the previous article, when we change the nginx configuration file, we will execute the nginx – s reload command. The reason why we execute this command is that we hope that nginx will not stop the service, and always process new requests while […]