• CentOS 7 Jenkins code build synchronization


    The first step is to install the Java version, which is 8 by default 1 Yum list java-1.8 * check whether the image source has java source package 2 Yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk * – y install JDK directly 3 Java – version view java version The second step is to install Jenkins for initial configuration […]

  • Use the CMD command line (. Net core CLI) to start ASP.NET Multiple instances of core applications


    This chapter mainly shares with you how to use the CMD command line (. Net core CLI) to start ASP.NET Multiple instances of the core application to simulate a cluster. The. Net core command line interface (CLI) tool is a cross platform tool chain for developing, building, running and publishing. Net core applications. The CLI […]

  • Micro course lesson 2 Introduction to docker installation method


    Micro course | lesson 2: introduction to docker installation methodhttps://v.youku.com/v_show/id… In the last issue, we introduced the basic overview of dble. Now we will go to the main topic. The main topic is basically divided into these four parts. The structure of the course catalogue 1. Installation demonstration We’ll introduce two ways to get started […]

  • Docker installs the latest version of Jenkins


    1、 Pull the Jenkins image and use the following command to install the latest version. Without the version number, it is not the latest version. Many plug-ins cannot be installed. In docker environment, it is more troublesome to upgrade the Jenkins version. docker pull jenkins/jenkins:lts be careful:If the installation is time-consuming or cannot be pulled down, configuring […]

  • 36. Springboot configures CORS to solve cross domain requests


    CORS (cross origin resource sharing) “cross domain resource sharing” is a W3C standard. It allows the browser to send Ajax requests to cross domain servers, breaking the restriction that Ajax can only access resources in the site. CORS is used in many places. JS payment of wechat payment is to send cross domain request to […]

  • Apache changes the default port


    Apache changes the default port 1. Modify configuration file (1) Modify / etc / apache2/ ports.conf take NameVirtualHost *:80 Listen 80 #Change to the port you need NameVirtualHost *:9000 Listen 9000 (2) Some need to modify default and httpd.conf configuration file #Find configuration file sudo find / -name default sudo find / -name httpd.conf (3) […]

  • 003_ Linux command summary


    003_ Linux command summary 0th 1th firewall Firewall CMD command firewall-cmd –list-ports firewall-cmd –add-port=9092/tcp –permanent –The permanent parameter must be added man firewall-cmd After opening a port number, you must reload it with reload, otherwise it will not take effect firewall-cmd –reload firewall-cmd –remove-port=9092/tcp Close the port 2th netstat -lnpt Ports 2181 and 9092 are […]

  • Build adguard home on Cloud Server


    AdGuardHomeAdguard home is an open source DNS server version of adguard, a famous advertisement interceptor provider. Adguard home blocks advertising and tracking related domain names, and you don’t need to install any client software. Adguard home works by intercepting ads on Web pages during DNS domain name resolution.In short, adguard home is an open source […]

  • Micro course lesson 3 common installation method


    https://v.youku.com/v_show/id… In the last issue, we introduced how to install dble through docker. If it is a normal installation method, what should we do? I also have an installation video demo. In theory, we should build two real MySQL environments, but MySQL is not our focus today, so MySQL is still done in container mode. […]

  • Quickly build java web development environment in centos8


    After recording the learning process, Bi set made a small project, but it was not deployed on the server. Now start building the centos8 server environment. Install JDK 1. Execute the following command to view JDK1.8 version in Yum source. yum list java-1.8* 2. Execute the following command to install JDK1.8 using yum. yum -y […]

  • Using docker to install nginx and vsftpd to build file server


    Seriously, I will never learn docker in my life! It is recommended to refer to the official website tutorial for the installation method of docker in centos7. Otherwise, docker installation of nginx may be wrong. To install docker, you can directly refer to the installation process in my brief bookhttps://www.jianshu.com/p/3b2… <!–more–> We learned a lot […]

  • Raspberry pie intranet penetration construction and maintenance, using intranet penetration without server


    Construction and maintenance of raspberry pie intranet penetration pi Overview [](http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter links) Today, we mainly talk about the use ofNetwork cloud wear officialIt provides the function of Intranet penetration to visit the website of raspberry pie on the Internet, and remote management through SSH. Raspberry pie(http://neiwangchuantou.cn/arc…Chapter links) Raspberry pie is a microcomputer based on ARM […]