• Military SELinux


    Blog reference http://www.178linux.com/48336 http://www.178linux.com/47812 http://www.178linux.com/49367 SELinux introduction SELinux history SELinux: Secure enhanced Linux is a mandatory access control security module of Linux developed by the U.S. National Security Agency and SCC. It was released as GNU GPL after 2000, and the Linux kernel was integrated into the kernel after version 2.6. DAC: free access control. […]

  • 02select listening client


    #Coding: utf-8import socket # defines a message list. Messages = [‘this is the message’, ‘it will be sent’, ‘in parts’,]# defines a primitive to specify the server to be connected. server_ Address = (‘localhost ‘, 8090) # create atcp / IP socket # initialize two sockets # connect the socket to the port where the […]

  • 03python network programming series server


    #Here is a series of functions that define the server. It is the first example in Chapter 7 of Python Network programming# This is for the latter function to call, and then we will study network single thread programming, multi-threaded programming, asynchronous network programming, etc# Import the network programming socket, time, CMD parameter acquisition module […]

  • 7.6 progress load balancing of routing mesh


    function Load balancing for external access The service port is exposed to each swarm node Internal load balancing through IPVS Port exposure #For the service list, pay attention to the * sign in port forwarding ` *: 8000 – > 8000 / TCP ‘ [[email protected] ~]$ docker service ls ID NAME MODE REPLICAS IMAGE PORTS […]

  • Configure LNMP environment


    The virtual machine environment is Oracle VM VirtualBox ubuntu-16.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso To ensure that you update to the latest package, usesudo apt-get updateCommand update source list Basic dependency Autoconf: a tool for generating configuration scripts (for example, the. / configure file needs to be generated) sudo apt-get install autoconf phpizeUsers can easily add various extensions Zlib: compressed […]

  • Prometheus + alertmanger build monitoring system


    node_exporter Node exporter is used to collect operation indicators at the server level, including basic monitoring such as loadavg, filesystem and meminfo of the machine, which is similar to ZABBIX agent in the traditional host monitoring dimension.Node export is officially provided and maintained by Prometheus and will not be bundled, but it is basically a […]

  • Docker actual deployment


    Series articles: First meet docker Docker installation Run process and docker principle Docker common commands Summary of common docker commands Docker actual deployment visualization Docker image explanation Docker deployment nginx #1. Search image searchit is recommended to search from docker to see the help documents $ docker search nginx #2. Download Image $ docker pull […]

  • Want to be a front-end star? Docker the react / Vue application in one song time


    preface There was always a question that bothered me: everyone was blowingDockerWhat is the relationship between containerization and the front end? However, in the past two years of programming career, in each product iteration, I gradually realized the charm of containerization. Application deployment from slash and burn toDevOpsThe rise is not only the rapid development […]

  • [mongodb] transaction


      summary Mongodb 4.0 supports multi document transactions for replica sets Mongodb 4.2 supports multi document transactions in fragmented clusters A single server does not support transactions, so to learn transactions, you need to build a replica set / fragment cluster In addition, it should be noted that a single document operation is an atomic […]

  • Practice of using container to deploy docker container


    1、 Background Recently, when deploying redis master-slave replication using Ranger 2.5.5, I found that Ranger will generate many iptables rules. These rules make it impossible for us to use redis master-slave replication function on the machine where Ranger is deployed, because my understanding of Ranger and k8s is limited to understanding the network architecture and […]

  • Find the communication port of crash 3


    Install crash 3 in the simulator Find the process ID of the simulator in the task manager. The Mumu simulator I use has multiple processes, of which only one process is related to network communication. Open CMD console netstat -aon|findstr “7408” There are many communication ports related to “7408”. Only ports with status established are […]

  • Nginx instructions 01


    brief introduction The following is Baidu’s introduction:Nginx(engine x) is a high-performanceHTTPandReverse proxyThe web server also provides IMAP / POP3 / SMTP services. Nginx was created by Igor sesoyevRussiaRambler.ru, the second most visited site (Russian: Рамблер) The first public version 0.1.0 was released on October 4, 2004 Nginx can be used as a reverse proxy server […]