• Remember to use FRP once to complete the whole process of penetration of intranet server


    Write on the front Because before intranet penetration has been usedngrok, usedngrokThe latest version of 1. X1.7.1, and1.7.1There is a serious memory leak, and 1. X is no longer under maintenance,ngrok 2.xIt is no longer open source, so consider changing an intranet penetration tool. 1、 Business scenarios EquipmentAs follows: One alicloud server (Windows Server 2012) […]

  • Common window commands


    Open DOS window Open the run dialog box (Win + R) Enter CMD to open the console command window You can also run the command directly through the CMD / C command and the CMD / K command Note / C means to close the CMD window after executing the command/ K means to keep […]

  • Netstat is not easy to use on Mac. Try lsof


    Here I mainly talk about the use of netstat and lsof, as well as the lack of many functions of netstat in the MAC system. In this scenario, lsof is a good supplement. I prefer lsof, and for netstat, even under Linux, I recommend SS instead netstat Netstat command lists the detailed information about your […]

  • Docker practice


    Docker practice Author: Hackett WeChat official account: overtime ape 1、 Prepare tools Cloud server I use Tencent cloud’s centos7.5 64 bit cloud server, which costs less than 100 yuan a year. You can also use a virtual machine 2、 Login server tool MobaXterm 1. The main reason why we use this as SSH client is […]

  • Modification of SSH login port and simple firewall configuration


    After a remote login, add users and other processes Modify SSH login port The default port is 22. We can change it to a port above 1024. Enter SSH configuration filesudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_configFind the line port 22 in the open file and change it to the new port number. Execute after savingsudo service ssh restart, […]

  • Designing an RPC framework is not easy


    RPC is the abbreviation of remote procedure call, which is a communication technology used by programs and processes running between multitasking operating systems or networked computers. opening Anyone who wants to write code should know that the most commonly used way of communication between systems in modern programming is HTTP call and RPC call. For […]

  • The use of spool-2.1.2 process pool module


    staySwoole-2.1.2In this version, we willServerThe process management module is encapsulated asPHPClass, now available inPHPCodeSwooleProcess manager for. In the actual project, we often need to write some long-term running scripts, such as based onredis、kafka、rabbitmqImplementation of multi process queue consumer, multi process crawler and so on. Programmers need to usepcntlandposixRelated extension library to achieve multi process programming, […]

  • Springcloud Alibaba microservice practice 15 – container deployment of springcloud


    Spring cloud Alibaba has written 16 articles, and the basic framework has been basically completed. Business related logic needs to be sorted and reformed according to the business of the project itself.Today will be the last article in this series – spring cloud containerized deployment (the last article in theory, I don’t rule out that […]

  • Understand HTTP protocol, simple, direct and violent


    HTTP concept HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is an application layer transport protocol based on TCP protocol, which can be understood as a rule of data transmission between client and server. HTTP is a stateless protocol. The HTTP protocol itself does not persist the sent requests and corresponding communication states. In this way, the simplicity of […]

  • Installing mongodb in CentOS


    Mongodb is a document based general distributed database for modern application developers and cloud era. Mongodb is a product between relational database and non relational database, which has the most abundant functions and is most like relational database. Official website document installation tutorial:Install MongoDB Community Edition on Red Hat or CentOS。 Used hereyumThe installation is […]

  • Learn a Linux command every day (91): NC


    Command introduction NC command is a powerful network tool. It is a port scanning tool, a security tool, a monitoring tool, and even a simple TCP proxy. Grammatical format nc  [- Hlnruz] [- G < gateway… >] [- G < number of directors >] [- I < delay seconds >] [- O < output file […]

  • Learning notes of swoole (1)


    catalogue Meet swoole for the first time Create server (Part 1) Creating a server (2) Asynchronous task Continuous update… I’ve been working for some time, and occasionally I’ve heard about spool. Take a rough look at my PHP little whitefileI think it’s awesome. Because of the high cost of learning, I don’t know much about […]