• Linux CentOS installation vsftpd server


    install Check whether vsftpd server exists on the computer rmp -qa|grep vsftpd If yes, remove it. If no, install vsftpd using yum yum -y install vsftpd To configure Create the ftpfile directory in the root directory: CD \ ා back to root MKDIR ftpfile create ftpfile folder Create user for ftpfile sudo useradd ftpuser -d […]

  • Docker builds Jenkins to realize automatic deployment


    Automatic deployment (continuous integration / CI + continuous delivery / CD) can not only improve development efficiency, let programmers focus on product and business development, but also save a lot of operation and maintenance costs and improve operation and maintenance efficiency. Among them, Jenkins is the most popular tool in automatic deployment, especially the perfect […]

  • Centos7 uses nginx + uwsgi to deploy the flash project


    Preface Recently, I was studying the CentOS server environment, and I happened to do Tencent small program design competition. The project needs to use flask and reptile writing backend. This article documented how to deploy the flask project If you use nginx + uwsgi to deploy the flash project on Ubuntu, you can refer to […]

  • Iptables of CentOS firewall


    Today we are going to talk about CentOS system firewall, which I choose to useiptables, then we will start to install, configure and use Closefirewalldfirewall [[email protected] cblog]# systemctl status firewalld.service ● firewalld.service – firewalld – dynamic firewall daemon Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/firewalld.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: inactive (dead) Docs: man:firewalld(1) installiptablesfirewall yum install -y iptables-services […]

  • Deployment of Kafka – zookeeper / Kafka cluster


    Download Kafka with zookeeper. Build zookeeper cluster The zookeeper cluster uses the raft election mode, so at least three nodes are needed (in production, it should be deployed on three different server instances, which is not the case here for demonstration). #Replicate a three node configuration cp config/zookeeper.properties config/zookeeper.2181.properties cp config/zookeeper.properties config/zookeeper.2182.properties cp config/zookeeper.properties config/zookeeper.2183.properties […]

  • The case of raising power (1) infiltrating an asp.net website and sharing the idea of public raising power through SQL Server database


    List the permissions of SQL Server role users first Describe from the lowest level role (bulkadmin) to the highest level role (sysadmin):1.bulkadmin: this role can run the bulk insert statement, which allows data to be imported into the SQL Server 2008 database from a text file and is designed for domain accounts that need to […]

  • Front end interview questions: from URL to page presentation, what happened?


    The format of markdown here is not the same as that of Jane’s book. The typesetting may not be very good. You can transfer it to my Jane’s book We usually input some URLs in the address bar, and the page will appear soon, but what happened in this? It’s a process like this: The […]

  • . NETCORE integrated dapr stepping experience


    This article content by personal blog click jump synchronization update! Reprint please indicate the source Preface Before I had a core2.2 project, I always used surveying as the microservice framework. Later I learned about dapr, and found that it was relatively lightweight, and some functions like microservice, such as fusing and other functions, were not […]

  • Use of NC tools


    Explain:For security reasons, SSH agent forward has been disabled on the server, so you cannot transfer files between servers with SCP command after logging in to the server. NC commands can be used if there is a need for file transfer. Install NC command package: $ sudo apt-get install netcat Sending end:The sender can use […]

  • Letsencrypt generates free certificates


    Add a certificate to your website, which will improve the security of website data transmission. Today, let’s use let’s sencrypt, a free certification agency. Certificate availability is 3 months, more than 3 months need to regenerate the certificate. But! The reissue of this certificate can be done with the script. The project is on GitHub. […]

  • (network learning) 5. Iptables firewall and network attack


    Course: “Building a strong security shield with iptables” Linux system scanning technology and security precautions 1. White environment initialization a. Empty the list and initialize the port Iptables – F // clear the rule settings in each chain table Iptables – X // clears user-defined chains – Tables: input, forward, output iptables -I INPUT -p […]

  • Deployment document of vue.js project under centos7


    1、 Node PM2 environment configuration 1. Use the server to download nodejs //If WGet is not installed, install yum install wget sudo yum -y update sudo yum -y wget //Select the version to download on the official website sudo wget https://nodejs.org/dist/v8.12.0/node-v8.12.0-linux-x64.tar.xz 2. Node NPM environment configuration It is better not to install in / root […]